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When we talk about trucks in India, it is synonymous with Tata trucks. Tata Motors is the biggest truck maker in India and one of the leading truck manufacturers in the world.Tata Motors has cargo trucks and tippers to cater to all kinds of loading requirements. Be it
Tata trucks in LCV range for small distance transportation, be it Tata trucks in ICV range for long distance intra state or the M&HCV range of Tata trucks for long haul, there is a truck for every load and road.The LCV range of Tata trucks starts from sub 5 ton GVW , Tata 407 Pickup, while the ICV range of Tata trucks starts from 9 ton GVW like Tata 909 (LPT or SFC) and goes right up to recently introduced Tata Ultra 1518T. The famous Tata 407 has stood the times and recently completed 30 years of ruling the Indian roads. Today, Tata 407 has become a brand name in itself and is available in both SFC as well as LPT cabin versions. The M&HCV range of Tata trucks starts from 16.2 Ton GVW with models like Tata 1613 or Tata 1615 and goes right up to 55ton GCW tractor trailers like Tata Signa 5523.Basis application, Tata trucks can be categorized as:Cargo range of Tata Trucks :Starting from SFC 407 to right upto LPT 4923, haulage trucks are used for moving goods from one place to other. Tata truck price starts from Rs 8.3 Lakhs onwards for 407 Pickup. These are futher classified as LCV, ICV and MHCVtrucks as per the GVW category.Tata Tippers :Starting fromfrom LPK 407 to the 14 wheeler Tata Signa3718.TK to the heavy duty tip trailers,andalso referred to as Tata dumper or Tata Hyva in the marketplace, Tata Tippers are the market leaders in their segment. Tata Tipper price starts from Rs 22.9 Lakhs.Tata Tractor Trucks : With a huge range of articulated trucks, Tata tractor trailer range starts from LPS 3518 and goes right upto 55 tonner Signa 5523 and Prima 5530. Tata tractor trailer price starts from Rs 27.8 Lacs.Tata trucks portfolio has several type of cabins and drivelines, with similar feature list in each range. Some of the popular tata truck brands are as under:Tata Ultra trucks : There are modern next generation ICV range of Tata trucks with modern cabin, best in class payload and a new 4 cylinder turbotron engine for best in class mileage. Some prominent trucks in this range are Tata Ultra 1518T, Tata Ultra 1518, Tata Ultra 1014, Tata Ultra T.7,Ultra T.16 and Ultra 1918.Tata Signa trucks : These M&HCV range of Tata trucks, Tata tippers and Tata tractor trailers boast of a modern cabin with best in class cabin comfort. Some prominent trucks in this range are Tata 3718, Tata 3118, Tata 2518, Tata 4923, Tata 4018 and the recently introduced trucks after increased axle load norms like Tata LPT3518.T, Tata4223.T, Tata Signa 4623.S, Tata Signa 4823.T, Tata Signa 4923.T, Tata Signa 5523.S.Tata Prima trucks : Also called as the world truck, Tata Prima series is a range of modern cargo trucks, tippers and tractors in the premium segment. Prima LX series is a trimmed down version of the original Prima series, to cater to price sensitive customers with comparable features.Tata LPT Trucks :These are the heart of Indias trucking community, with basic features and value for money quotient. While the LCV and ICV trucks come with factory built up cabin versions, the MHCV trucks range has both cowl chassis option as well as company built up cabin chassis option.

tata Trucks Price List (2020) in India

Tata Prima 2825.TK 9S Bogie   39.08 Lakh* Onwards
Tata Prima 2825.K 9S Bogie   38.6-43.42 Lakh*
Tata Signa 2825.K 9S Ultimaxx   38.55 Lakh* Onwards
Tata Signa 3523.TK Lift Axle   40.1 Lakh* Onwards
Tata Signa 2823.K 9S Bogie   37.4-41.72 Lakh*
Tata Signa 2818.T   29.45 Lakh* Onwards
Tata Signa 1918.K   26.15 Lakh* Onwards
Tata Signa 1923.K   27.5-30.12 Lakh*
Tata Signa 2823.TK 9S Bogie   38 Lakh* Onwards
Tata Signa 2823.K   34.3-41.85 Lakh*
Tata Signa 2825.TK Bogie   38.48-42.82 Lakh*
Tata Signa 2825.K 9S Bogie   37.85-44.62 Lakh*
Tata Prima 2830.K 9S   40.35-44.1 Lakh*
Tata Signa 3523.TK   41.55-46.68 Lakh*
Tata Signa 3523.K   41.1 Lakh* Onwards
Tata Signa 3525.TK Bogie   43.15-48.43 Lakh*
Tata Prima 3525.TK Bogie   43.75 Lakh* Onwards
Tata Signa 3525.K Bogie   42.7-47.97 Lakh*
Tata Prima 3525.K Bogie   43.75 Lakh* Onwards
Tata Signa 4225.TK   44.05-52.67 Lakh*
Tata Signa 4225.TK Bogie   44.05-52.67 Lakh*
Tata Signa 4825.TK   52.67 Lakh* Onwards
Tata Signa 4825.TK Bogie   52.67 Lakh* Onwards
Tata Signa 5530.S   36.75-38.6 Lakh*
Tata Signa 4625.S   31.15 Lakh* Onwards
Tata Signa 4825.T   42.36 Lakh* Onwards
Tata LPT 4825   42.36 Lakh* Onwards
Tata Signa 4225.T   38.37 Lakh* Onwards
Tata Prima 3530.K   44.6-48.45 Lakh*
Tata Signa 2821.T   29.1 Lakh* Onwards
Tata Signa 3521.T   35.55 Lakh* Onwards
Tata LPT 4823   40.5 Lakh* Onwards
Tata Signa 4823.T   40.5 Lakh* Onwards
Tata Ultra Ex 1918.T   23.3 Lakh* Onwards
Tata Signa 2823.TK   35.45-39.68 Lakh*
Tata LPT 3518   34.95 Lakh* Onwards
Tata LPT 1918 Turbotronn 5L   21.65 Lakh* Onwards
Tata LPT 1918 TC CRe   21.95 Lakh* Onwards
Tata Signa 4623.S CRe   29.22 Lakh* Onwards
Tata Signa 5523.S CRe   34.64 Lakh* Onwards
Tata LPT 2818   28.35-28.5 Lakh*
Tata Signa 4223.T   36.95 Lakh* Onwards
Tata LPT 4223   36.95 Lakh* Onwards
Tata Signa 4018.S   29 Lakh* Onwards
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