The Tata Ultra Ex 1918.T: A Heavy Commercial Truck with Impressive Features


Tata Ultra Ex 1918.T 6 Wheeler Truck 5L Turbotronn engine, which produces maximum power of 177 HP and torque of 700 Nm.

New Generation Telematic

Tata Ultra Ex 1918.T truck comes with advanced features for Fleet, trip & business management.

World Class Tata Ultra Cabin

Tata Ultra Ex 1918.T 6 wheeler truck has walk through cabin, wider door opening angles for easy ingress and egress, car like exterior and interior design & built in Aero Kit.

Tata Front Axle

Tata Ultra Ex 1918.T comes with 7T reverse Elliot front axle and 11.5T banjo type single reduction rear axle.

Price Range

Tata Ultra Ex 1918.T price in India starts from Rs. 26.83 to Rs. 27.18 lakh.

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