Key Details of Tata Signa 2821.T Truck

28000 Kg
5005 cc

Key Overview of Tata Signa 2821.T Truck

  • GVW (Kg)
    28000 Kg
  • Engine
    5L Turbotronn
  • Power
    197 HP@2300 rpm
  • Torque
    850 Nm@1000-1600 rpm
  • Axle Configuration
  • Variants
    Cabin and chassis
    Cabin with load body
  • Load Body Options
    Fixed Side Deck
    High Side Deck
  • Body Length
    22 ft
    24 ft
    28 ft
    32 ft
  • Warranty
    6 Years / 6 Lakh km on driveline
    3 Years / 3 Lakh km on vehicle
  • Service Interval
    80,000 Km (Oil change)
  • Additional
    Gear Shift Advisor
    3 mode Fuel Economy Switch

Tata Signa 2821.T Truck Highlights

Tata Signa 2821.T is the first 4 cylinder engine powered 10 wheel truck from Tata Motors. Offering a GVW of 28 tons with all tube type tyres also, this 10 tyre Tata truck gets powered by new 5 litres turbotronn engine which offers superior power to weight ratio. The 4 cylinder engine shall also ensure Tata 2821 mileage to be the best in class in 28 ton GVW category. Tata 2821 is currently offered with Signa cabin that offers superior riding comfort with its state of the art interiors and ergonomic dashbaord. 6 speed gearbox with cable shift mechanism reduces the gear changing effort, coupled with a 380 mm organic clutch. Tata Signa 2821.T comes with a standard driveline warranty of 6 years / 6 lakh kilometers. This Tata 10 wheeler will compete with the likes of Ashok Leyland 2820, Eicher Pro 6028 and BharatBenz 2823R. Submit your interest below to get latest price and discount offers.

Frequently Asked Questions on Tata Signa 2821.T Truck

The tyre size of Tata Signa 2821.T is 295/90R20 (Tube)# 10+1 tyres
Tata Signa 2821.T comes with Diesel fuel option and its fuel tank capacity is 365 Litres# 365+200 Litres (Optional)# Polymer tank# With anti-fuel theft
The monthly EMI of any truck depends on the interest rate offered by bank, down payment made by the buyer and the loan tenure. Considering a 10% down payment and 9.5% rate of interest, the EMI of Tata Signa 2821.T is expected to be around Rs 64081 for a 5 year period
Tata Signa 2821.T price starts from Rs 33.91-33.96 Lakh* . The 2023 price of Tata Signa 2821.T can vary slightly from state to state and city to city.
In terms of performance, Tata Signa 2821.T produces a maximum power of 197 HP@2300 rpm and a maximum torque of 850 Nm@1000-1600 rpm
Tata Signa 2821.T comes with a 6 speed (6F+1R) transmission along with a 380 mm dia# Organic clutch
Tata Signa 2821.T is available in multiple body options of 9264 mm (4880 wb)# 9635 mm (5505 wb)
Tata Signa 2821.T comes with Air brakes
Tata Signa 2821.T truck comes with a standard warranty of 6 Years / 6 Lakh km on driveline# 3 Years / 3 Lakh km on vehicle
GVW of any truck is the sum total of empty kerb weight and the payload it can carry. Tata Signa 2821.T GVW is 28000 Kg
Tata Signa 2821.T comes with 4 cylinder 5L Turbotronn engine and the engine displacement is 5005 cc

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