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Some of the popular tyre manufacturers in India are Apollo tyres, MRF tyres, Ceat tyres, JK Tyres, Continental tyres, Michelin and Birla tyres
At a broader level, new truck tyre price starts from Rs 4000 for small mini trucks and goes upto Rs 25000 per tyre for 10R20 bigger size radial tyres. 
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TrucksBuses.com offers tyre sizes right from 4.00-8 to small commercial vehicle tyres like 165/80D12, LCV tyres like 7.50x15 or 8.25x16 and HCV truck tyres like 10x20
For example tyre size 10.00R20-18PR denotes that the tyre can fix on a rim with diameter 20 inches, tyre has a track width of 10 inches and 18PR denotes the ply rating of the tyre
Depending on the tyre tread pattern, tyres are classified as rib tyre or lug tyres. While rib tyres are generally used on front steer axle and have a linear tread pattern, lug tyres are usually fitted on rear axle and have chunks of rubber in criss-cross pattern on the tread. These lug tyres can carry large amounts of loads
Radial tyres compared to bias or nylon tyres offer more tyre mileage, higher load carrying capacity. Raidal tyres are also more flexible and offer superior ride comfort compared to nylon tyres
Good radial tyres of 10.00R20 size offer a very high tyre mileage of as high as 1 Lac kilometer also if the vehicle plies on good roads, with normal braking, when proper tyre alignment and wheel balancing is done regularly. Nylong tyres of the same size yield slightly lower tyre life compared to their radial counterparts. Likewise, smaller tyres offer slightly less tyre life
In general, ply rating denotes the load carrying capacity of the tyres. The higher the ply rating the more is the load carrying capacity of tyre
While the commercial vehicle industry is slowly slowly migrating towards tubeless tyres, a large proportion of transporters still prefer tube type tyres. As far as buses are concerned, the migration towards tubeless tyres is faster compared to trucks