New Trucks in India 2024

FAQs on New Trucks in India

Some of the popular truck manufacturers in India are Tata Motors, Ashok Leyland, Mahindra, Eicher Trucks and Buses, BharatBenz and SML Isuzu
Tata 407 SFC and Eicher Pro 2049 are the most popular LCV trucks in India
Eicher 2110 XP, Tata 1109, Tata LPT 1512 and Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1615 are the most popular ICV trucks in India
Tata LPT 3718 (now available as LPT 4225), Ashok Leyland 3118 (now available as 3520), Eicher Pro 6042 and Mahindra Blazo 42 are some of the most popular HCV trucks in India
Tata LPK 2518 is the most popular 10 wheel tipper in India, which is now available as Signa 2523.K. Besides this Ashok Leyland 3118 (now available as 3520 tipper) and Bharat Benz 2823 are some other popular tippers in India.
Tata Signa 4923 (now available as Signa 5530), Tata 4018, Ashok Leyland 5525 and Mahindra Blazo 55 are some of the most popular tractor trailers in India
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At a broader level, new truck price in India starts from Rs 4 Lacs for popular Tata Ace mini truck and goes up to Rs 65 Lacs for the economy range and further crossing Rs 1 Crore for premium high performance trucks.
Indian trucks have a wide range of payload, starting from 650 Kg mini trucks and going up to 55 ton gross weight 22 wheeler tractor trailer trucks
The most recently launched ILCV Tata truck in India is Tata LPT 1512 Sleeper cabin, in the MHCV trucks category it is Ashok Leyland 4120 with 8x2 axle configuration.
Truck mileage depends on a lot of factors like its loading capacity, driver behaviour, road condition, etc. At a broader level, truck mileage for LCV trucks hovers around 8 to 12 KMPL, ICV trucks offer a mileage of around 5 to 9 KMPL and HCV truck mileage around 2.5 to 5 KMPL.
Tractor trailer trucks like Tata Signa 5530, Ashok Leyland 5525, Bharat Benz 5528T, Eicher Pro 6055 and Mahindra Blazo 55 offer the highest gross combination weight of 55 tons displays the widest range of new trucks available for sale in India with best price offers. With TrucksBuses, you can buy a new truck at the comfort of your home at best price and discount offer.
Tata Prima T1 race truck is the most powerful truck in India with a maximum power of 1040 HP
Tata 407 SFC, Eicher Pro 2059 XP and Pro 2049 are the most popular 4 wheeler trucks in India
Eicher Pro 2110 XP, Pro 2114XP, Pro 3015, Tata LPT 1109, LPT 1512, LPT 1918, Ashok Leyland Ecomet, 1920, Mahindra Furio 17, Bharat Benz 1917R are the most popular 6 tyre trucks in India
Tata LPT 2818 (earlier LPT 2518) and Ashok Leyland 2820 are the most popular multi axle 10 wheeler trucks in India
Tata LPT 3518 (earlier LPT 3118), Ashok Leyland 3518 and Bharat Benz 3523 are the most popular 12 wheeler trucks in India
Tata LPT 4225 (earlier LPT 3718), Ashok Leyland 4220 and Bharat Benz 4228 are the most popular 14 wheeler trucks in India
Tata LPT 4825 and Ashok Leyland 4825 are the most popular 16 wheeler trucks in India
Tata Signa 5525, Signa 4625, Ashok Leyland 4620 and Eicher Pro 6046 are the most popular 18 wheeler trucks in India
Tata Signa 5530, Ashok Leyland 5525 and Mahindra Blazo 55 are the most popular 22 wheeler trucks in India

About New Trucks 2024

We also let you know the latest trucks price list in India. All you have to do is to submit your interest for us to get back to you with the latest new truck price prevailing at your location. You can also check out the complete list of new truck models sold by different commercial vehicle manufacturers in India. We try our level best to keep the portal updated with latest trucks in India so that you can choose the best truck. At TrucksBuses, you can explore indepth details of every new truck launched in India. Truck buyers can check out the details of any new truck under 5 major sections. These sections give you enough and sufficient information related to truck engine and performance related parameters, truck configuration and design related parameters as well as the truck features and safety related aspects. As far as the latest trucks price is concerned, whether it is Tata truck price, Tata trucks price list, Ashok Leyland truck price, Eicher truck price, BharatBenz truck price, Mahindra truck price, SML Isuzu truck price (Swaraj Mazda truck) or any other truck price in India, we maintain the latest trucks price in India for all truck brands and all truck models, available at the click of a button. This new trucks page is divided into 3 sections for the ease of choosing new trucks depending on the application

New Loading Trucks in India

Also referred to as haulage trucks or loading trucks usually, Cargo trucks are rigid trucks used for carrying goods from one place to another. Cargo trucks as a segment contributes the highest volumes to new truck sales in India. Available at the top section of this new trucks page, you can find out the lastest LCV (Light Commercial Vehicles), ICV (Intermediate Commercial Vehicles), MHCV trucks (Medium & Heavy Commercial Vehicles) launched in the Indian Commercial Vehicles industry, right from 4 wheeler trucks to multi axle trucks like 10 wheeler trucks or 12 wheeler trucks or 14 wheeler trucks or the recent introduction of 16 wheeler trucks. Be it Tata trucks, Ashok Leyland trucks, Eicher trucks, BharatBenz trucks, Mahindra trucks, SML Isuzu trucks (Swaraj Mazda trucks) or any other truck, at TrucksBuses you can find all models of new trucks manufactured by any commercial vehicle manufacturer in India. Plus, you can find the latest trucks price list 2019, right from 4 wheeler truck price to 12 wheeler truck price to right upto 14 wheeler truck price and 16 wheeler truck price. Some of the prominent MHCV, ICV & LCV trucks from Tata Motors Commercial Vehicles' stable are Tata 407, Tata 1109, Tata 2518, Tata 3118, Tata 3718, Tata 4018, Tata Signa, Tata Prima & Tata 709. Prominent Indian truck models from Ashok Leyland trucks stable are Ashok Leyland 2518, Ashok Leyland 3118, Ashok Leyland 3718, Ashok Leyland 4123, Ashok Leyland Ecomet, Ashok Leyland Boss and Ashok Leyland Partner. Eicher 1110 & Eicher 1095 from the Pro 1000 Series are the flagship truck models of Eicher trucks and buses (VE Commercial Vehicles). At the same time, Eicher Trucks and Buses is trying to make a mark in the heavy trucks space with its Pro 5000 series, Pro 6000 series and Pro 8000 series trucks. Mahindra trucks, especially Mahindra Blazo trucks are also becoming a talk of the town with powerful engine and mileage guarantee. SML Isuzu trucks (Swaraj Mazda trucks) are currently restricted to the LCV and ICV segment

New Tipper Trucks in India

Widely reffered to as dumpers or dump trucks, tipper trucks come with different type of load bodies as per the requirement. Box body tippers, scoop body tippers or rock body tippers are commonly heard terms when it comes to tipper trucks. Tata tippers are the most popular as far as tippers are concerned and are also called as Tata Hyva truck in the marketplace, owing to the Hyva body in the rear. Be it Tata Tippers, Ashok Leyland tippers, Eicher Tippers, BharatBenz tippers or any other brand's tippers, you can find them all on this new trucks page. Check out this page to know the nuances of every tipper truck available for sale in India, like the SCR or EGR engine technology powering these tipper trucks or the truck warranty to the truck service interval.

New Tractor Trailers in India

Tractors are the prime movers making the tractor trailer assembly move. As against the GVW term followed for cargo trucks and tipper trucks, GCW (Gross Combination Weight) is the term which defines the capacity of a tractor trailer combination. Check out latest tractor trailers from all top commercial vehicle manufacturers in India at this page.