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FAQs on New Bus in India

Some of the popular bus manufacturers in India are Ashok Leyland, Tata Motors, Eicher, Mahindra, SML Isuzu and BharatBenz. In terms of heavy duty intercity and stage carriage buses, Ashok Leyland buses and Tata buses are the market leaders. When it comes to light and medium duty buses, Eicher buses and SML buses also have good acceptance
Ashok Leyland Oyster, Eicher Skyline Pro 3011L, Tata 1315 LPO are the most popular 50 seater buses in India
Tata LP 407 and Eicher 2075 are the most popular LCV buses in India
BharatBenz 1017 staff bus, Ashok Leyland Oyster 4900, Eicher Starline 2090L, Tata LP 912 are the most popular 40 seater buses in India
Tata LP 407 Cityride School bus, SML S7 school bus and Eicher Starline 2090L are the most popular school buses in India
Tata LP 710, Eicher 2075H, SML S7 are some of the high demand buses in the 30 to 34 seater category
Tata LP 909, Eicher 2090L and Ashok Leyland Lynx are the most popular ICV buses in India
Tata Starbus Ultra, Eicher Skyline Pro and SML S7 Staff bus are ideal for all kind of contract carriage and staff bus applications
Tata LPO 1618, LPO 1622, Ashok Leyland Viking and Cheetah are some of the most popular HCV stage carriage and intercity buses in India
Most updated latest new bus price list in India is available at along with best bus price and discount offers
At a broader level, new bus price in India starts from Rs 10 Lacs for 4 tyre bus chassis and goes upwards of Rs 1 Crore for the luxury intercity buses
Indian buses have a wide range of seating options, starting from 12 seater mini buses and going up to 68 seater buses in different seating layouts
The most recently launched bus is fully built up sleeper and intercity coach built on Eicher 6016 LPO bus chassis
Bus mileage depends on a lot of factors like its length, seating capacity, driver behaviour, road condition, etc. At a broader level, bus mileage for LCV buses ranges from 8 to 11 KMPL, ICV buses offer a mileage of around 5 to 8 KMPL and HCV bus mileage around 3 to 5 KMPL.
Tata Starbus Ultra 10.2 School bus has the maximum seating capacity in 3x3 seating layout displays the widest range of new buses available for sale in India with best price offers. With TrucksBuses, you can buy a new bus at the comfort of your home at best price and discount offer.
Volvo 9400 bus is the most powerful bus in India having a maximum power of 370 HP. This Volvo bus gets powered by the 11 Litre D11C engine.
Tata 407, Eicher 2050C and SML Isuzu Std are the most popular 4 wheeler buses in India
Ashok Leyland Viking, BharatBenz 1624 and Tata LP 909 are the most popular 6 wheeler buses in India

About New Buses

Be it school buses you are looking for, staff buses, route permit buses, stage carriage buses, tourist buses or inter city buses, it is easiest to find latest bus options available depending on your application. Explore the range of buses available in the Indian commercial vehicle industry and choose the best from all options of Tata buses, Ashok Leyland buses, Eicher buses, Mahindra buses, Bharat Benz buses, SML Isuzu buses (Swaraj Mazda buses), Volvo buses, Scania buses, Mercedes Benz buses, etc. Get indepth details like bus seating capacity, bus seating layout, bus safety and features, bus specifications, bus warranty, bus service interval, bus price, bus on road price, bus mileage and much more.

School Bus

Choose from a wide variety of Tata school buses, Ashok Leyland school buses, Eicher school buses, Mahindra school buses, Bharat Benz school buses & SML school buses (Swaraj Mazda school buses). School buses are usually defined with Yellow coloured bus body. While Tata Starbus is an established brand in this category, Ashok Leyland Lynx and exclusive Ashok Leyland Sunshine models are also seen on Indian roads now a days. New upcoming brands in the school buses segment are Tata City Ride, Eicher Starline, Eicher Skyline, Mahindra Tourister Excelo, SML S7 buses.

Staff Bus

Choose from a wide variety of standard buses available from different manufacturers, be it Tata staff buses, Ashok Leyland staff buses, Eicher staff buses, Mahindra staff buses, Bharat Benz staff buses & SML staff buses (Swaraj Mazda staff buses). New emerging brands in the staff bus segment are Tata Ultra buses, Eicher Skyline Pro buses, Ashok Leyland Lynx Strong and Ashok Leyland Lynx Smart.

Inter City Buses

Choose from a wide variety of long distance intercity buses available from top bus manufacturers in the Indian Commercial Vehicles industry. While leading mass market manufacturers like Tata Motors & Ashok Leyland sell majority of intercity buses as bare bus chassis on which body is fabricated from outside body builders. Whereas, in the premium high end bus market, luxury bus manufacters like Volvo, Mercedes Benz (Daimler India Commercial Vehicles) & Scania sell fully built up buses that are ready to use from day 1. Fast selling bus models in this segment are Tata 1512 TC, Tata 1515, Tata 1618, Ashok Leyland Viking, Ashok Leyland Cheetah. Offlate, Eicher has also come up very aggressively in the intercity buses market with its Eicher 20.15 model available in both EGR as well as SCR technology enabled variants.