Tata Intra: The Future of Intra-City Logistics

Redefining urban logistics, this compact pickup truck offers a winning combination of versatility, efficiency and reliability. Tata Intra is the ideal solution for businesses seeking optimum performance and cost-effective urban transport.

The Tata Intra V10 is powered by a 0.8L DI, 2 cylinder engine with common rail and SCR technology, which produces 44 HP of max power and 110 Nm of peak torque.

Tata Intra V20 Bi Fuel Pickup has been launched in 2 fuel options of CNG as well as Petrol. The Tata Intra V20 CNG bi-fuel pickup offers a high loading capacity of 1000 kg and an 8.5 feet long body to haul multiple loads.

Tata Intra V30 comes with 1.5L DI 4 cylinder engine, payload capacity of 1300 HP and gross weight of 2565 kg.

Tata Intra V50 has an engine displacement of 1496 cc giving a maximum payload capacity of 1500 kg and a gross weight of 2960 kg.

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