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Compare trucks in India and find best truck comparisons, only at TrucksBuses. Welcome to the world of Indian truck comparisons - be it cargo truck comparison, tipper comparison or tractor trailer comparisons. Buying a new truck in India is not easy with so many choices available along with huge difference in truck price and varying discounts from manufacturer to manufacturer. We are TrucksBuses try to give you a fair comparison of trucks in your consideration so that you can take a judicious call.

We recommend that before you decide to buy new truck in India, you must do an indepth truck comparison at this page which gives you insights into the power rating, the truck load body length options available, the difference in features, truck warranty compairson and much more. You can also compare the truck engine as to which technology of emission control is being used by the new trucks under consideration.

If we talk about heavy commercial vehicles in India (MHCV trucks segment), which are used for long distance inter-city transportation of goods, the fight is usually between Tata trucks vs Ashok Leyland trucks.These heavy duty cargo trucks are used for varied application like market load, industrial goods, agri commodities, 2 wheeler carriers, petroleum tankers, etc. The entrance of new commercial vehicle manufacturers in heavy trucks segment like BharatBenz trucks, Eicher trucks, Mahindra trucks, etc has also widened the range of options available for the transporter to buy. Prominent models in the heavy trucks space are Tata 2518 (Tata 10 wheeler truck), Tata 3118 (Tata 12 wheeler truck), Tata 3718 (Tata 14 wheeler truck), Tata Signa range of haulage trucks, Tata Prima range, Ashok Leyland 2518 (Ashok Leyland 10 wheeler truck), Ashok Leyland 3118 (Ashok Leyland 12 wheeler truck), Ashok Leyland 3718 (Ashok Leyland 14 wheeler truck), Ashok Leyland Captain series, Eicher Pro 6000 Series, Mahindra Blazo, BharatBenz 3723.

When it comes to ICV trucks segment (Intermediate Commercial Vehicles in India), the trucks used for long distance inter-city application as well as short distance inter state application, the prominent players in the consideration set are Tata Trucks Vs Eicher Trucks Vs Ashok Leyland trucks. BharatBenz trucks cater to the next gen segment but not very prominent in this GVW space. SML Isuzu Trucks (Swaraj Mazda trucks) cater to the price sensitive customers. The recent introduction of SML Global Series (GS Series) range of trucks with state of the art features will take some time to prove their mark in the segment. Prominent models in the ICV trucks segment are Tata 1109, Tata 1518 Ultra, Tata LPT 1512 (my truck), Tata 1212, Tata 909, Eicher 1110, Eicher 1110XP, Eicher 3015, Eicher 1114XP, Eicher 1095, Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1214, Ashok Leyland Guru 1111, Ashok Leyland Boss 1413, BharatBenz 1414 and BharatBenz 1214. Mahindra Truck and Bus, Mahindra & Mahindra's trucking division, has also announced their entry in this segment with Mahindra Furio range of trucks, designed by Pininfarina (Italy). The recent commercial vehicle sales trend reflect a shift from conventional medium duty trucks to above ICV trucks for 9 ton to 10 ton rated payload application, owing to their small & frugal engine, better mileage, productivity and cost economics.

As far as LCV trucks (Light Commercial Vehicles in India) are concerned, which are used for short distance inter-city applications, the comparsons are usually between Tata trucks vs Eicher trucks. Tata 407 is the biggest brand name in light commercial vehicles segment and has already completed 30 years of its supremacy. Eicher trucks are also very popular in this segment owing to the better Eicher truck mileage and higher payload. Ashok Leyland Partner series is trying to make serious inroads in the segment, being a late entry. Once you have compared the trucks and found out your choice for new purchase, you can also check out the latest truck price in India for any new truck.

For those of you looking to compare tippers, the same can be done in the middle section of this page. You may compare upto 3 tipper trucks from your desktop or laptop and can compare 2 tipper trucks from your smartphone. Tipper comparisons at this page gives you indepth detailing right from body options to engine specifications to features to safety. The complexities of rock body tipper, scoop body, box body, hyva body and varied suitable applications like mining, quarries, surface transportation, etc all get cleared through comparisons on this page.

Tractor trailers whch are used for long haul transportation can also be compared on this page. Tractor trailers are used for various heavy and light duty applications like bulkers, cement transportation, industrial goods, car carriers, etc. We suggest you to compare tractor trucks and be confident of the final product that you decide to buy. Popular tractor trucks in India are Tata 3518, Tata 4018, Tata 4923, Ashok Leyland 4019, Ashok Leyland 4923, BharatBenz 4023, BharatBenz 4928, Mahindra Blazo 49 and Eicher 6049. By knowing the advantages and shortcomings in a product, it gives you better leverage to negotiate the truck price with the dealer or manufacturer.

Once you have shortlisted the truck you wish to buy, you can also get the latest truck price in India. Be it Tata truck price, Tata trucks price list, Ashok Leyland truck price, Ashok Leyland trucks price list, Eicher truck price, Eicher trucks price list, BharatBenz truck price, BharatBenz trucks price list, Mahindra truck price or any other commercial vehicle price, we let you find out the latest price at your location and also help you with best offers and discounts on new trucks. All you have to do is submit your interest to buy a new truck and we will arrange the truck price as well as the nearest truck dealer to visit your office.

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