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Some of the popular 3 wheeler manufacturers in India are Piaggio, Bajaj 3 wheelers, Mahindra 3 wheelers and TVS 3 wheelers
Piaggio Ape, Bajaj RE, Mahindra Treo are some of the popular 3 wheelers available in India for sale
Most updated latest 3 wheeler auto price list in India is available at along with best 3 wheeler price and discount offers
At a broader level, new 3 wheeler / auto richshaw price in India ranges between Rs 2 lacs to 3.5 Lacs
Indian 3 wheelers offer a loading capacity ranging from 350 Kg to 700 Kg
The seating capacity of Indian auto rickshaws generally range between 3 seater to 6 seater
E-rickshaw generally have a seating capacity of 4 passengers
The most recently launched 3 wheeler in India is Mahindra Treo Zor
The most recently launched EV 3 wheeler in India is Euler Hi Load XR
3 wheeler / auto rickshaw mileage depends a lot on factors like load carried, driver habits, road condition, etc. Generally 3 wheeler / auto rickshaw mileage ranges between 18 to 35 KMPL depending on model to model displays the widest range of new 3 wheeler / auto rickshaw available for sale in India with best price offers. With TrucksBuses, you can buy a new 3 wheeler / auto rickshaw at the comfort of your home at best price and discount offer.
Euler HiLoad is the most powerful 3 wheeler in India, with a maximum power of 14.6 HP

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Different Types of 3-Wheelers

3 Wheelers are immensly popular in the Indian market. It is the most affordable and fast mode of transportation in the populated areas In urban cities , 3 wheelers aur popularly used as a prominent mode of passenger transport. Not only passengers , these 3 wheelers can also carry a decent amount of goods and materials. It is quite helpful in the commercial market as it helps the business to run smoothly. TrucksBuses has all these 3 wheelers listed which will clear all your doubts regarding the 3 wheelers. There are two types of 3 wheelers i.e. passenger , loading 3 wheelers.
  1. Passenger 3 wheelers - One of the most popular 3 Wheelers running on the Indian roads are 3 wheelers or auto rickshaws.  These vehicles has motorcycles in the front and some seating capacity at the back. It is also known as tempo traveler in India. These vehicles are specifically designed to carry the passenger to offer them a comfortable ride. These auto rickshaw has open design with no door or window, from which a passenger can easily enter or exit the rickshaw.
  2. Loading 3 wheelers - These vehicles are also used for carrying small amount of goods from one place to another. As a commercial vehicle , it is gaining a lot of popularity in the commercial market. People use 3 Wheelers for carrying goods as it is economical for the customer. It is easy to take 2 wheelers to any remote area without any difficulties. 

Some Features of Passengers 3 Wheelers:

New Auto comes with these basic features which makes it suitable for transporting passengers or carrying goods from different places. 
  • Seating Space - Three-wheeler vehicles have ample space for transporting people from one place to another. It is generally used for transporting passengers within the city.
  • Compact Size - It has a comparatively smaller size as compared to larger trucks. It is easy to move 3 Wheelers in crowded and populated areas which makes it a very popular choice for the customers.
  • Safety Features - Some basic safety features of 3-wheelers are headlights, taillights, turn indicators, rear view mirrors, etc.
  • Transmission - Most passenger and commercial 3-wheelers come with manual transmission which is used for the consumer while driving.

Some Features of Commercial 3 Wheelers

These commercial 3-wheelers are used for transporting goods and material within the city. Some features of commercial vehicles are:
  • Payload Capacity - These vehicles are designed for goods and materials within the city for a shorter distance. According to the payload capacity, the goods are loaded in auto. The storage space is generally at the back behind the driver’s cabin.
  • Durability - Commercial vehicles are known for the transportation of goods, so these vehicles are durable enough to carry the weights.
  • Fuel efficiency - These commercial vehicles are often given preference to better fuel efficiency to reduce the cost of transportation. It leads to more profits for customers. These vehicles are powered by more fuel-efficient engines. Some Electric vehicles also come in the range of commercial vehicles which gives better range to the customers.
  • Safety Features - Generally, the commercial is equipped with the safety features. These vehicles include different features such as headlights , break lights, turn indicators, reflectors to enhance road road visibility. 

Different Fuel Options of 3 Wheelers in TrucksBuses

  1. On TrucksBuses, we will provide you with all information regarding 3-wheelers including the fuel option it is offering. Some popular fuel options for 3 wheelers are:
  2. Diesel - Diesel engine in 3 Wheelers is a popular engine in the Indian market. It is generally known to be very fuel efficient which gives very good running mileage. Diesel gives better fuel efficiency as compared to other fuel options in the market. 
  3. Petrol -  One of the most used engine options in the 3-wheeler segment is the Petrol engine. It is easily accessible to consumers and its maintenance cost is also low as compared to Diesel engines. It also gives good performance in the rural and remote areas.
  4. Electric - Electric or e rickshaws is gaining popularity in the Indian market quite rapidly. As pollution is increasing in India, e rickshaw is the best solution to deal with it. These vehicles consist of rechargeable batteries which users can easily charge and use. It is widely known for its fuel economy and environmental friendliness.
TrucksBuses provides all the related information about all the different fuel options in the market.

Popular 3 Wheeler Models in India  

These are different manufacturers brands that are offering good quality auto or 3 wheelers. Like Mahindra, Greaves, Panther, and Kaptech which provide quality products. These manufacturers offer loading and passenger 3-wheelers. Most popular 3-wheeler models are :

About Passenger 3 wheelers

Models GVW Seating capacity Fuel type
Godawari Eblu Rozee 782 Kg D + 3 Electric
Piaggio Ape Auto DXL 806 Kg D + 3 Diesel
Piaggio Ape Auto DX 792 kg D + 3 CNG

About Commercial 3 Wheelers

Models GVW Payload Fuel type
Piaggio Ape Xtra LDX 975 Kg 496 kg Diesel
Mahindra Alfa Plus Auto 995 Kg 505 kg Diesel
Omega Seiki Rage + RapidEv 960 kg 500 kg Electric
On TrucksBuses, you will find the different categories of 3-wheelers, regarding their fuel options, passenger and loading autos. You can also choose amongst the best manufacturers of 3 wheelers in the market. That offers you a better deal according to your needs and budget. 
We have tie-ups with all the major 3 wheelers manufacturers across the country which will help you to find a better deal