10 Wheeler / Tyre Trucks in India

There are variety of 10 wheeler trucks available in India from different truck manufacturers. These 10 tyre trucks from different brands are available for sale in multiple configurations, body and cabin options. To check details of latest 10 wheeler truck price, specifications, loading capacity, mileage and more, click on your desired 10 wheel truck model from the list below.

10 Wheeler Truck Models

Top FAQs About 10 Wheeler Truck

You can find best 10 wheeler trucks at TrucksBuses.com. There are tons of options here to find new and used trucks.
BharatBenz 3123R 6x2 is one of the highest-priced 10 wheeler trucks.
Eicher Pro 6028 is one of the lowest-priced 10 wheeler trucks.
Tata LPT 2818 is one of the most popular 10 wheeler trucks in India.
The price of a 10 wheeler truck ranges from Rs 20 to Rs 40 lakhs in India.
The fuel efficiency of a 10 wheeler truck varies between 4-5 km per liter.
10 wheeler trucks are used for market load, construction, mining, transportation and logistics purposes.
Popular brands that offer 10 wheeler trucks in India are Ashok Leyland, Tata Motors, Mahindra, BharatBenz, and Eicher.
10 wheeler truck has ten wheels and usually comes with a GVW of 28 tons.

About 10 Wheeler Trucks

In the world of commercial transportation, 10 wheeler trucks have emerged as true powerhouses on wheels. These heavy-duty vehicles offer exceptional performance, reliability, and versatility, making them an indispensable asset for a wide range of industries. At TrucksBuses.com, we are committed to providing you with accurate and up-to-date information on 10 wheeler trucks, including their features, specifications, pricing, and dealership options. Let's delve into the world of 10 wheeler trucks and explore the latest offerings in this segment.

Price of 10 Wheeler Trucks in India

When it comes to pricing, 10 wheeler trucks offer a variety of options to suit different budgets and requirements. The prices of these 10 tyre trucks in India range from Rs. 28 lakhs to Rs. 46 lakhs, depending on the brand, model, and specifications. It is important to consult your local dealership for specific pricing details and offers, which can be easily found on our website TrucksBuses.

Features of 10 Tyre Trucks

10 wheeler trucks come packed with a plethora of features that enhance their performance, safety, and comfort. These 10 tyre trucks are designed to tackle demanding applications and challenging terrains, ensuring smooth and efficient operations. Some notable features of 10 wheeler trucks include:

1. Powerful Engine: Equipped with robust engines, these 10 wheeler trucks deliver exceptional power and torque, enabling them to handle heavy loads with ease.

2. Sturdy Chassis: These 10 tyre trucks boast a durable chassis construction that ensures maximum strength and durability, even in rugged conditions.

3. Spacious Cabin: The driver-centric cabins are ergonomically designed, offering comfort and convenience during long hauls. They are equipped with modern amenities and ample storage space.

4. Advanced Safety: These 10 wheeler trucks prioritize safety with features such as ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution), airbags, and advanced braking systems, ensuring the well-being of the driver and cargo.

5. Fuel Efficiency: With advanced engine technology and aerodynamic design, these 10 chakka  trucks provide impressive fuel efficiency, helping businesses reduce operational costs.

Specifications of 10 Chakka Trucks

The specifications of 10 wheeler trucks vary across different models and brands. Here is a general overview of the specifications you can expect:

1. Engine: Powerful engines ranging from 250 HP to 280 HP, delivering optimal performance and fuel efficiency.

2. Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW): The GVW of these 10 wheeler trucks typically ranges from 28,000 kg to 31,000 kg, depending on the model and configuration.

3. Wheelbase: The wheelbase can range from 4,700 mm to 6,800 mm, providing stability and maneuverability for different applications.

4. Transmission: Manual and automatic transmission options are available, providing smooth and efficient gear shifts.

5. Suspension: These 10 chakka trucks feature robust suspension systems, ensuring a comfortable ride and enhanced stability.

6. Tyres: High-quality tubeless tyres are employed for improved traction and durability, allowing for safe and reliable operations.

Latest 10 Wheeler Trucks Models

The trucking industry constantly witnesses advancements and innovations, leading to the introduction of new and improved models. Here are three of the latest models in the 10 wheeler truck segment:

1. Tata Ultra 2823.T - 10 Chakka trucks:

The Tata Ultra 2823.T is a formidable 10 wheeler truck that combines power, performance, and versatility. Designed for heavy-duty applications, this truck is built to deliver exceptional results in various industries. With a robust chassis and advanced features, the Tata Ultra 2823.T stands out as a reliable choice for businesses seeking a dependable transportation solution. Some key features of this model include a powerful engine, spacious cabin, advanced safety features, and impressive fuel efficiency. Whether its long hauls or challenging terrains, the Tata Ultra 2823.T is ready to take on the toughest tasks with ease.

2. Tata LPT 2823 - 10 wheeler trucks:

The Tata LPT 2823 is a trusted name in the 10 wheeler truck segment, known for its durability and performance. This truck offers a perfect blend of power, reliability, and efficiency, making it a preferred choice for various applications. With a sturdy chassis and a range of advanced features, the Tata LPT 2823 can handle heavy loads with ease while ensuring driver comfort and safety. Some notable features of this model include a powerful engine, spacious cabin with ergonomic design, advanced braking system, and fuel-efficient operation. Whether it's construction, logistics, or other demanding industries, the Tata LPT 2823 is built to deliver results.

10 Tyre Truck Dealers Near Me

At TrucksBuses.com, we connect you with the best 10 Wheeler Truck dealers near your location. Our extensive network ensures that you can find reliable dealers offering a wide selection of heavy-duty trucks suitable for various commercial purposes. Whether you need robust transportation solutions for construction, logistics, or any other business, our dealers have you covered. Browse through our platform to discover top-notch 10 Wheeler Trucks and experience a seamless buying process with trustworthy dealers at TrucksBuses.com.