Tata LPT 4221: The Mileage King in Tata 14 Wheeler Trucks

Tata LPT 4221 truck is powered by a 5L Turbotronn 4 cylinder engine with a displacement of 5005 cc which generates a power of 197 HP & delivers a maximum torque of 850 Nm.

Tata LPT 4221 14 wheeler truck GVW is 42 tonnes for heavy load application.

Tata LPT 4221 truck dimension helps in the even distribution of weight. Its wheelbase is 6800 & length is 8534 mm.

14 wheeler Tata LPT 4221 truck has a tyre size of 295/90R20.

14 wheeler Tata LPT 4221 truck comes with different load body option that is 28.5 ft & 30.5 ft

Tata LPT 4221 truck has a big fuel tank of 300 litres, which will give you a long distance running ability without refuelling brakes.

14 wheeler Tata LPT 4221 truck price in India start from Rs. 43.16 lakh*. This truck has different on-road prices in different states.

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