4 Wheeler / Chakka Trucks in India

If you're in the market for a commercial vehicle that can haul goods, a four-wheel truck is an excellent choice. These 4 tyre trucks are designed to be strong and reliable, making them the perfect choice for businesses that need a dependable vehicle to transport their goods.

The top 4-wheeler truck manufacturers are Tata, Eicher, and SML Isuzu in India. The starting price of 4 tyre truck ranges between Rs 9.77 lacs and goes up to Rs 18.53 lacs. The cheapest 4-tyre truck is the Tata 407 Gold SFC pickup ranging between Rs 9.77 lakhs to Rs 10.28 lakhs. We shall be discussing everything you need to know about 4-wheel trucks in India including their prices, models, features, specifications and dealers.

4 Wheeler Truck Models

Top FAQ on Best 4 Wheeler / Chakka truck

4-wheeler trucks are commonly used for intra-city transportation of goods, such as fruits and vegetables, consumer goods, and construction materials.
Different types of 4-wheeler trucks include mini trucks, pick-up trucks, and light commercial vehicles (LCVs).
The fuel efficiency of a 4-wheeler truck varies based on factors such as engine capacity, load, and terrain.
The price of a 4-wheeler truck in India ranges from INR 3.5 lakhs to INR 10 lakhs depending on the brand, type, and features.
The most popular 4-wheeler trucks in India are Tata Ace, Mahindra Bolero Maxi Truck, and Ashok Leyland Dost.
The lowest-priced 4-wheeler truck in India is the Tata Ace with a starting price of around INR 3.5 lakhs.
The highest-priced 4-wheeler truck in India is the Mahindra Bolero Maxi Truck Plus with a starting price of around INR 10 lakhs.
A 4-wheeler truck is a small commercial vehicle with four wheels used for transporting goods over short distances..
Popular brands that offer 4-wheeler trucks in India include Tata Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra, and Ashok Leyland.

4 Wheeler / Tyre Trucks in India

The 4-wheeler truck is often referred to as a 4x2 axle configuration truck. And it is the lightweight master in transportation. These 4 tyre trucks come in various body configurations, offering different load capacities and specifications. That it meets multiple industries and transportation needs. In the 4-wheeler truck category, there is a wide range of offerings in India at an affordable price range. But the most selling 4-wheeler truck models are Tata 407 Gold SFC and Eicher Pro 2059 XP in India.

In the world of light and heavy-duty transportation, the 4-wheeler truck marks its place in lightweight transportation. It is great at handling big cargo, tough terrain, and reliable performance and works across many industries. As technology advances, these trucks are set to become more efficient and, in line with the growing demand for sustainable transportation solutions. Be it construction, logistics, agriculture, or waste management, 4-tyre trucks remain an essential and dependable asset for businesses and industries around the world.

4 Tyre Truck Price in India

The price of these 4-wheeler trucks generally varies from Rs 9 lacs to Rs 19 lacs. The price of these tough trucks shows their ability for businesses looking for cheap, reliable transportation will find affordable options. It will be at the low end of the price range. Expensive ones offer more features, better performance, and customization. These 4 tyre trucks will meet the diverse demands of sectors like logistics, parcels, and agriculture. It offers a cheap and effective solution for heavy-duty and light-duty transportation.

Top 4 Wheeler Truck Price List

Following are the top 4 tyre truck models' price list:

  • Eicher Pro 2059: Rs 14.11 lakhs to Rs 15.05 lakhs
  • Tata 407 Gold SFC: Rs 10.75 lakhs to Rs 13.26 lakhs
  • Eicher Pro 2059 CNG: Rs 15.27 lakhs to Rs 17.12 lakhs

4 Tyre Truck Mileage

The fuel efficiency of a 4-Chakka truck varies depending on factors such as engine size, load, and terrain. These 4 chakka diesel trucks' mileage range lies between 8 kilometers per litre to 10 kilometers per litre. For the CNG variant of the 4-wheel truck mileage range lies between 8 kilometers per kilogram to 10 kilometers per kilogram. These trucks prioritise power and performance over fuel economy due to their large size and the large loads are intended to deliver. The 4 tyre truck models are optimized for high-weight capacity and durability. These 4-wheeler trucks are used in parcels and logistics. The upper part of the mileage range is made up of more advanced trucks with better engine technology. That is meant for long-distance travel and local logistics, where striking a balance between power and fuel efficiency is important. These vehicles are essential in sectors that rely on their great load-carrying capacity and adaptability.

4 Tyres Truck Dealers

TrucksBuses has listed large 4-chakka truck dealership network in India. It includes well-known brands like Tata, Mahindra, and other manufacturers which provide a vast and easy-to-access distribution network. Both current and potential customers may get information and services at these dealerships. The truck dealerships cater to their needs. These accredited dealerships offer more than information but also reliability and trustworthiness. They also provide test drives, professional advice, and extensive after-sales services. Other services include more things such as maintenance, accessible replacement parts, and efficient repair facilities. The 4-wheeler truck dealership network, with its educated dealers and TrucksBuses.com dedication, is the perfect destination for anyone looking for reliable and effective solutions in commercial transportation.

4 Chakka Truck Specifications and Features

In the below section we are going to showcase 4 chakka truck features and specifications:

Gearbox: These 4-Chakka trucks often have multiple speeds and a manual or automatic gearbox with the ability to adapt to different driving conditions. For greater economy, some contemporary models may also include automatic or semi-automatic gearboxes.
Body Types: 4 chakka trucks are adaptable and may be equipped with a range of bodywork to meet various transportation needs. Flatbeds, dump trucks, and other body styles are typical.
Gross Vehicle Weight: 4-tyre trucks are designed with significant gross vehicle weight, often ranging between 4450 kilograms to 7490 kilograms. And these trucks efficiently carry heavy loads.
Power and Torque: These heavy-duty 4 tyre trucks are equipped with powerful engines that deliver a power of 80 HP and 101 HP and a torque of 250 Nm to 300 Nm. This gives them the power needed to handle and lift large objects with ease.
Body Length: The 4 tyre trucks come in different body length options to carry various loads. The load body options are 8.3 feet 10 feet, 10.07 feet, 12.3 feet, 14 feet and more.
Payload Capacity: Commercial vehicle manufacturers are delivering the best payloads to various business owners. The 4-wheeler trucks offer a payload capacity of 2100 kilograms to 4075 kilograms depending upon requirements.

Customer Reviews for 4-Tyre Truck

The 4 tyre trucks frequently receive high praise from customers for their superior performance and constant dependability. These vehicles are appreciated for their durable design, excellent fuel economy and powerful engines. These 4-wheeler trucks adapt easily to many conditions,  excel in urban mobility and overcome difficult rural terrain. The overwhelming majority of buyer reviews are favorable, emphasising their deep happiness and confidence in selecting a trustworthy and effective form of transportation. 4 chakka trucks, like the well-known ones, are the picture of adaptability and stand out as strong competitors in the heavy-duty transport market. These testimonials highlight customer satisfaction and emphasise the important role that reliable and fast transportation plays in supporting successful travel and efficient business operations.

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