Power and Performance: Tata Prima 5530.S Overview


Tata Prima 5530.S 10 wheeler tractor trailer is powered by Cummins ISBE 6.7L 6 cylinder engine, which produces maximum power of 300 HP and torque of 1100 Nm.


The 10 wheeler Tata Prima 5530.S offers you features like 3 mode fuel economy fuel, anti fuel thrift, gear shift advisor and new generation telematic.

Fuel tank

The fuel tank capacity of 10 wheel Tata Prima 5530.S tractor trailer is 365 litres, however the driver can drive without refilling.


Tata Prima 5530.S 10 wheeler tractor trailer offers an advanced safety which is hill start assist, truck hub unit, overspeed alert.


Tata Prima 5530.S offers a world-class cabin with high utility space in the cabin, world-class driver safety, Prima's ride comfort and drive ergonomics, front and side proximity mirrors and strong metal bumper for enhanced safety.

Price range

Tata Prima 5530.S price in India starts from Rs. 38.71 to Rs. 40.24 Lakh, which may vary from location to location, state to state, tax to tax.

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