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When we talk about the commercial vehicles in India, Tata Motors is the first name that comes to our minds. Tata Motors is ranked as the 4th largest truck manufacturer and 4th largest bus manufacturer in the world. Headquartered in Mumbai, Tata Motors Limited was formerly known as TELCO in collaboration with Daimler-Benz. Tata Motors has a range of commercial vehicles to cater to every segment and GVW node, be it Small Commercial Vehicles (SCV), Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV), Intermediate Commercial Vehicles (ICV), Medium & Heavy Commercial vehicles (M&HCV), mini trucks, pickups or even buses and ambulances. Tata Motors Commercial Vehicles division has sold 20 Lakh Tata Mini trucks till date.

Despite so many Commercial Vehicles manufacturers, Tata Trucks still rule the roads of India and 1 out of every 2 trucks sold in India is a Tata truck. Tata mini trucks (Small Commercial Vehicles) are again the market leaders holding over 3/4th of the industry volumes. In the buses space, Tata Motors Commercial Vehicles division has a range of vehicles to cater to each segment and application. Tata Marcopolo Motors Ltd. (TMML) is the joint venture between Tata Motors and Marcopolo S.A. (Brazil). Under this joint venture, 2 plants have been setup at Dharwad & Lucknow for manufacturing Tata Starbus Marcopolo range of Diesel & CNG buses respectively. Widest service network, ease of reparability and best in class resale value make Tata Motors Commercial Vehicles the leaders in every segment that they operate in. The company has manufacturing facilities at Jamshedpur, Pantnagar, Lucknow, Pune, and Dharwad.  

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Top FAQ About Tata Commercial Vehicles

Tata Motors manufactures a range of commercial vehicles including tata trucks, buses, vans, pickups, and construction equipment such as excavators, loaders and dump trucks.
The price range of Tata commercial vehicles can vary greatly depending on the specific model, configuration and location. Tata commercial vehicles price range from Rs 4.5 lakh to 50 lakhs. However, please note that prices may have changed since then and may vary by location and other factors.
Tata commercial vehicles come with a range of features, including fuel-efficient engines, advanced safety features, comfortable cabins, modern styling, and connectivity options. They are also designed for versatility and durability, making them suitable for a wide range of applications, from cargo transportation to construction and mining.
The specifications of Tata commercial vehicles vary depending on the model and configuration. However, they generally include engine power ranging from 37 hp to 400 hp, gross vehicle weight (GVW) ranging from 1.5 tons to 55 tons, and payload capacity ranging from 600 kg to 30 tons. They also come with a range of transmission options, from manual to automatic and semi-automatic, depending on the model.
Tata Ace is a popular commercial vehicle in India known for its compact size and heavy load carrying capacity.
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Tata commercial vehicles are equipped with a range of safety features including airbags, seat belts, anti-lock braking system (ABS), electronic stability control (ESC), hill hold control, reverse parking sensors, and fire-resistant wiring harnesses.
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Tata vehicles come in different configurations and sizes, but most of their commercial vehicles have either 4 or 6 wheels. Some of their heavy-duty trucks may have up to 10 wheels depending on the application and load capacity.

About Tata Commercial Vehicles

The Tata Motors commercial vehicle range has emerged as a cost-effective transportation solution that assists businesses in increasing profitability and saving money. Tata Motors' CNG CV range is the most extensive, with a wide range of tonnages, deck lengths, and cabin configurations to meet every business need. The deck lengths range from 3048 mm to 7315.2 mm and are available in 4T to 28T. This enables transporters to carry loads with ease while making the most of their vehicle. Owners can also select from four cabin configurations based on their business needs: SFC, LPT, Ultra, and Signa. The range includes superior and dependable 3.8L SGI and 5.7L SGI engines with skip fire mode comes with superior and dependable 3.8L SGI and 5.7L SGI engines with skip fire mode for best-in-class mileage. Tata Motors also offers a modular platform for the segment's largest CNG portfolio. The range also includes features such as a dual filling nozzle, tilt and telescopic power steering, gear shift advisor, Fleet edge Telematics System, and live fuel monitoring. The Advance New Generation Infotainment system provides best-in-class drivability and comfort.

Tata Commercial Vehicle specifications

Tata Motors' commercial vehicle's range, you can expect heavy duty performance that boosts productivity and profitability. Tata Motors has the most extensive ILCV Tipper portfolio, with 3 cabins, 2 engines, and GVW ranging from 6.2T to 14.25T, as well as body sizes ranging from 2.86 cubic metre to 7 cubic metre, to meet the demands of all tipper applications across a wide range of business needs. The commercial vehicles range from Tata Motors offers a trusted and proven drive line with stronger chassis and build quality for dependable, long-lasting performance. It also provides improved driving comfort with AC available in the Ultra Cabin to reduce driving fatigue and enable more trips for better returns. The Tipper ILCV range also includes unique productivity-enhancing features. Tipper ILCV models also include unique productivity-enhancing features such as Gear Shift Advisor, Power steering, Music System with fast USB charger, Electric tipping Switch, and FE mode in Ultra variants.

New Tata Commercial Vehicles

When the transportation industry requires light commercial vehicles, they turn to Tata Motors. Tata Motors is the most trusted name in the industry for expertly designed trucks with cutting-edge technology and quality features that lower the cost of ownership. The new BS6 Tata 407g CNG is one such light truck. This truck is designed to power a profitable business, with best-in-class mileage and drivability. Here's everything you need to know about the Tata 407g CNG, including why it's a customer favourite.

Tata small commercial vehicles

This new Tata 407g truck is powered by a 3.8 SGI NA BS6 Engine, delivering enhanced, greener performance that meets emission standards. It produces 62 KW at 2500 RPM and 285 Nm of torque at 1200-1600 RPM, resulting in higher mileage and lower fuel costs. The Tata 407g CNG has a number of features that make it appealing to truck drivers, including power steering for added convenience.

Tata lcv

The BS6 range of Tata LCV tippers reflects Tata's unwavering commitment to evolving and adapting in order to provide its customers with the most dependable, efficient, and powerful business aids. These light tipper trucks, enhanced by the "Power of 6," are a combination of superior technology and cutting-edge design, making them a valuable asset for all of your transportation needs.

Tata Commercial Vehicle price

The Tata Commercial Vehicle price starts at Rs 10.75 Lakh. The model with the lowest price is 2955/CBC. The Tata Commercial Vehicle is a commercial vehicle with four wheels. It comes in three different flavours. The BS-VI emission standards are met by the 407 Gold SFC Truck. The wheel base is 2955 mm, the fuel capacity is 60 litres, and the power is 134.