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If you want to buy BharatBenz commercial vehicles in India, TrucksBuses is the right place. BharatBenz specialises in commercial vehicles designed for various transportation needs. Their range includes trucks and buses that are known for reliability and performance. These vehicles are designed to handle tough conditions with ease, offering efficiency and durability. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, BharatBenz vehicles are trusted across industries for their robust construction and adherence to international standards.

History of BharatBenz Commercial Vehicles

BharatBenz entered the commercial vehicle market in India in 2011 in Chennai by Daimler AG Chairman Dieter Zetsche. The first BharatBenz truck was unveiled on 4 January 2012 at the Delhi Auto Expo. The introduction marked a significant step in providing reliable and efficient vehicles adapted for Indian roads and businesses. BharatBenz quickly gained recognition for its robust trucks and buses designed to meet diverse transportation needs. Over the years, the brand has continued to innovate, focusing on durability, safety, and customer satisfaction, establishing itself as a trusted name in the Indian commercial vehicle industry.

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Top FAQ About BharatBenz Commercial Vehicles

BharatBenz is an Indian company that produces commercial vehicles such as heavy-duty trucks, medium-duty trucks, light-duty trucks, and buses for various applications.

The average maintenance cost of a BharatBenz commercial vehicle depends on several factors such as vehicle type, usage, age and condition of the vehicle.

The price range of BharatBenz commercial vehicles varies depending on the model, specifications, and application. However, generally, the price range for BharatBenz trucks and buses can range from around INR 10 lakhs to INR 40 lakhs or more.

BharatBenz commercial vehicles are designed to provide durability, reliability, efficiency, and comfort for various applications.

BharatBenz commercial vehicles come in various models with different specifications to cater to the needs of different applications and industries.

Some of the popular and high demand BharatBenz trucks are BharatBenz 4228R, Bharat Benz Blazo 5528 and Bharat Benz 1917R.

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BharatBenz commercial vehicles prioritize safety and are equipped with various safety features such as Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD), Hill Start Assist (HSA), Airbags, and Reverse Parking Camera to enhance the safety and security of the driver and passengers.

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About BharatBenz Commercial Vehicles

BharatBenz focuses on manufacturing commercial vehicles that meet various transportation needs across India. They produce trucks and buses that are known for reliable, efficient, and robust performance. Safety and driver comfort are key priorities, with advanced technology incorporated into their designs. BharatBenz is committed to delivering high quality and ensuring customer satisfaction, making their vehicles a trusted choice for businesses and industries due to their durability and compliance with international standards.

BharatBenz offers popular commercial models such as a wider range of truck models with different payloads or buses with a wider range of seating capacities. Popular trucks of BharatBenz are BharatBenz 1926C and BharatBenz 2826C. Popular BharatBenz buses are BharatBenz 1624 and BharatBenz 4032T.

Price of BharatBenz Commercial Vehicles

BharatBenz commercial vehicle prices vary depending on the model and specifications. The price range of BharatBenz commercial vehicles starts from Rs. 16.54 lakhs and goes up to Rs 73.54 lakhs. Prices can range from affordable options for small businesses to high-end models with advanced features for large enterprises. Cost factors in vehicle size, engine capacity, technology features, and customization options ensure that a suitable option is available for various commercial transportation needs across India.

Best BharatBenz Commercial Vehicles

  • BharatBenz 1014 Bus: The BharatBenz 1014 is a robust diesel-powered bus offering seating capacities of 35+D or 39+D. It has a 3907 cc engine with 4 cylinders, delivering 147 horsepower and a high-end torque of 460 Nm. With a Gross Vehicle Weight of 10600 kg, it ensures efficient performance for transportation needs. This 1014 bus comes with a warranty covering 3 years/3 lakh kilometers, emphasizing durability and reliability for long-term operations.
  • BharatBenz 2823R Truck: This BharatBenz 2823R truck comes with a gross vehicle weight of 28 tons and a payload capacity of 20.5 tons. This is a heavy commercial BharatBenz truck used for large commercial transportation purposes. BharatBenz 10 tyres truck offers an OM 926 engine with a displacement of 7200 cc and produces a power of 241 HP. The power transmission of the new BharatBenz 2823R is managed by a 6-speed gearbox. It provides a good mileage range of 4 kilometres per litre to 5 kilometres per litre. The ex-showroom price of the new BharatBenz 2823R truck starts from Rs 28.32 lakhs to Rs 40.76 lakhs.

BharatBenz Commercial Vehicles Features and Specifications

BharatBenz commercial vehicles are known for their robust features and specifications to suit various transportation needs. They offer:
  • Reliable Performance: Equipped with powerful diesel engines with capacities suitable for various load requirements.
  • Safety: Prioritizes driver and passenger safety with advanced braking systems and robust build quality.
  • Comfort: Ergonomic designs ensure comfortable travel, especially for long distances.
  • Variety: Available in various configurations including trucks and buses with options for cargo and passenger transportation.
  • Warranty: Generous warranty period covering driveline and vehicle components, ensuring long-term reliability.

BharatBenz vehicles are designed to meet stringent performance standards and are trusted by businesses across India for their durability and efficiency in commercial operations.

BharatBenz Commercial Vehicle Nearest Dealers

The vast dealership network of BharatBenz commercial vehicles is spread across India and delivers its services in different commercial sectors. The BharatBenz commercial vehicle dealers help you in choosing a suitable vehicle as per your requirements and budget. They also make available detailed quotations from your nearby showrooms. TrucksBuses is the best platform to get connected with the authorised dealership that supports you till the end of the purchasing process. The comprehensive dealer network ensures vehicle productivity and customer satisfaction. 

Users Review for BharatBenz Commercial Vehicles

BharatBenz commercial vehicles are admired by customers because of their efficient engine performance and high power ability. The powerful engine of the latest BharatBenz commercial vehicles provides a consistent performance with average fuel efficiency. Customer reviews enlighten the available features, specific power ability, and fuel efficiency. Users praise its optional body length which helps in carrying multiple loads.

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Mileage Range of the BharatBenz Commercial Vehicles

BharatBenz commercial vehicles offer varying mileage ranges depending on the model and usage conditions. BharatBenz commercial vehicle mileage ranges between 3 and 7 kilometres per litre. Generally, these vehicles are designed to offer suitable fuel efficiency for long-distance transportation and urban deliveries. Mileage can range from economical figures for city operations to optimised efficiency on highways, ensuring cost-effective operations for businesses. All these trucks and bus models from BharatBenz run on diesel fuel and emphasize fuel efficiency as a key feature in its range of trucks and buses, supporting operational savings and sustainability in commercial transportation.