Mahindra Commercial Vehicles - Overview

Mahindra group, a USD 19 billion conglomerate offers their customers a wide range of automobile solutions including commercial vehicles starting from Mahindra trucks and buses to pickup, mini trucks and 3 wheelers. Mahindra Pickups, mini trucks and 3 wheelers are sold through through Mahindra small commercial vehicles division, while the light trucks, heavy trucks and Mahindra buses are retailed through the fast growing dealer network of Mahindra Truck & Bus division. The heavy duty range of Mahindra Blazo trucks are equipped with fuelsmart technology for choosing different power options and boosting mileage. The company also recently announced its entry into the ICV trucks segments with a new Mahindra Furio truck range. As far as Mahindra buses are concerned, the company offers 2 ranges. While Mahindra Cruzio bus range caters to mass market appeal and Mahindra Cruzio Grande bus range caters to value seeking segment. Mahindra Commercial vehicles plants are located at Kandiwali near Mumbai, Chakan and Zaheerabad to manufacture different range of trucks, buses and small commercial vehicles.

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