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Mahindra Commercial Vehicles is a leading brand in the automobile industry, known for its quality and reliability. Mahindra has been a trusted name in India for over seven decades and has a strong presence in the commercial vehicle segment. In this page, you will find all the information you need to know about Mahindra Commercial Vehicles, its history, products, and services.

Mahindra group, a USD 19 billion conglomerate offers their customers a wide range of automobile solutions including commercial vehicles starting from Mahindra trucks and buses to pickup, mini trucks and 3 wheelers. Mahindra Pickups, mini trucks and 3 wheelers are sold through Mahindra small commercial vehicles division, while the light trucks, heavy trucks and Mahindra buses are retailed through the fast growing dealer network of Mahindra Truck and Bus division. Mahindra Commercial vehicles plants are located at Kandiwali near Mumbai, Chakan and Zaheerabad to manufacture different ranges of trucks, buses and small commercial vehicles.

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Top FAQ about Mahindra Commercial Vehicles

The price range of mahindra commercial vehicles in rupees varies depending on the model and configuration. The price for the mahindra jeeto mini-truck starts at around rs. 2.92 lakhs, while the higher-end mahindra blazo x 55 tractor-trailer can cost upwards of rs. 45 lakhs.
Mahindra commercial vehicles come with various features such as fuel-efficient engines, spacious cabins, sturdy build quality, comfortable seats, air-conditioning, power steering, advanced safety features, and low maintenance costs. Some models also offer features like gps navigation, bluetooth connectivity, and music systems.
The specifications of mahindra commercial vehicles vary depending on the model and configuration. They typically come with engine capacities ranging from 600cc to 7,200cc, power outputs from 16hp to 276hp, and torque ranging from 38nm to 950nm. They also have payload capacities ranging from 550kg to 49,000kg and offer different types of transmissions, including manual and automatic.
One of the popular mahindra commercial vehicles is the bolero pik-up, known for its rugged build quality, high fuel efficiency, and versatility. It comes in different variants, including a single-cabin and double-cabin pickup truck, with a payload capacity of up to 1,700 kg.
To find a mahindra commercial vehicle dealer, you can visit truckbuses.Com.
Mahindra commercial vehicles come with various safety features such as airbags, abs (anti-lock braking system), ebd (electronic brakeforce distribution), seat belts, engine immobilizer, reverse parking sensors, and a sturdy build quality to ensure driver and passenger safety. Some models also offer additional safety features such as hill assist and vehicle stability control.
The right place to find mahindra commercial vehicles is at an authorized mahindra dealership or showroom. Mahindra has a vast network of dealerships and showrooms located across india, where you can find their entire range of commercial vehicles, along with expert advice and after-sales support. You can visit trucksbuses.Com website or use their dealer locator tool to find the nearest authorized dealership or showroom in your area.
Mahindra vehicles come with different wheel configurations depending on the model and type. Some mahindra commercial vehicles, such as the bolero pik-up, have two wheels (4x2 configuration), while others, like the blazo x 55 tractor-trailer, have up to ten wheels (6x4 and 10x2 configurations).
Mahindra manufactures a range of commercial vehicles, including trucks, buses, pickups, and vans. Their lineup includes models like the bolero maxitruck plus, jeeto, supro, and alfa load, among others.
The average maintenance cost for mahindra commercial vehicles can vary depending on the model, usage, and maintenance schedule. However, on average, the maintenance cost can range from rs. 5,000 to rs. 10,000 per service.

About Mahindra Commercial Vehicles

History of Mahindra commercial Vehicles

Mahindra has a rich history in the automobile industry, dating back to 1945 when it started as a steel trading company. Over the years, Mahindra diversified into various businesses, including automotive, agriculture, and aerospace. In 1947, Mahindra entered the automotive industry and has since then been a trusted name in the Indian market.

Products of Mahindra commercial Vehicles

Mahindra Commercial Vehicles offers a wide range of products to cater to the diverse needs of its customers. From light commercial vehicles to heavy commercial vehicles, Mahindra has got you covered. Some of the popular models of Mahindra Commercial Vehicles are Mahindra Bolero Pickup, Mahindra Supro, Mahindra Jeeto, Mahindra Imperio, Mahindra Furio, and Mahindra Blazo.

Quality and Reliability

Mahindra Commercial Vehicles are known for their quality and reliability. The company uses advanced technology and materials to manufacture its vehicles, ensuring that they are built to last. Mahindra also conducts rigorous testing on its vehicles to ensure that they meet the highest standards of safety and performance.

Mahindra and Mahindra commercial vehicles  

Mahindra & Mahindra is India's leading truck manufacturer, manufacturing everything from three-wheelers to massive 55T trucks. The company has established a formidable presence in the cargo light truck market, assuming strong leadership in the industry's high-growth segments. M&M has a strong SCV and LCV Mahindra lineup, including India's most popular pikup Bolero, which is available in a variety of variants. Mahindra has multiple popular trucks in the cargo market, including the sub 1T payload Jeeto, and the Supro, which is available in multiple variants, at the higher end of the small truck market.

Mahindra LCV

The JAYO truck line is another sub-5T GVW cargo truck for today's dynamic transportation needs. Mahindra has emerged as a challenger to Mahindra in the vital segments, attempting to replicate the LCV success in the high margin and profitable ICV and MHCV segments. It competes with traditional rivals with new generations of modern, fully-loaded ICVs Furio and highly efficient, powerful, and dependable Blazo X HCVs.

Mahindra small commercial vehicles

India's largest selection of small commercial vehicles. Every step of the way, to meet the needs of a growing business. One size does not fit all when it comes to business. As a result, Mahindra offers the most diverse range of commercial vehicles in India for your cargo transport requirements. Mahindra vehicles can handle rough rural terrain as easily as smooth city roads due to the latest engine technology and strong aggregates used. Speak with Mahindra and let your expanding business benefit from India's widest range of commercial vehicles.

Mahindra heavy commercial vehicles

The haulage segment truck has the highest power to weight ratio, which means that each trip will take the least amount of time. It outlasts other trucks because it is made of tough aggregates. Above all, it includes unbeatable service and spare guarantees, making Blazo X the best choice in the HCV.

Mahindra commercial vehicle price range

The price range for Mahindra commercial vehicles is 1.45 Lakh to 52.00 Lakh. the most affordable model in its lineup, the E-Alfa mini. The Blazo X 35 8x4 Tipper is the most expensive truck in the Mahindra lineup, priced at 52.00 Lakh. Other models include E Rickshaw, Mini Trucks, Pickup Trucks, Auto Rickshaw, 3 Wheeler, Truck, trailer, tipper, and Transit Mixer. Treo, Jeeto, Bolero Pikup 4x4, E-Alfa mini, and Bolero Maxi truck Plus are among its most popular models. With their best-in-class features and powerful performance, these products, along with a few others, have carved out their own market niche.