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Tata Motors is one of the leading commercial vehicle companies which helps you to increase the overall productivity. If we talk about the price then Tata bus price range starts from Rs 12.23 lacs and goes up to Rs 34.58 lacs in India, And the top 3 Tata bus models are Tata Starbus Prime LP 716/45, Tata LP 916/52 and Tata Starbus LP 410/33 build with advanced technologies and robotics.

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FAQs on Popular Tata Buses

Some of the popular and high demand Tata Buses are Tata LP 407, Tata LP 912, Tata Ultra bus range and Tata LPO 1618 which is used for intercity application.
Tata LP 410 is the cheapest Tata Bus chassis, whose price starts from Rs 12.2 Lacs in India.
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Tata has a wide range of buses, starting from 5 ton gross weight and going up to 16.2 tons GVW.
The most recently launched Tata Bus in India is LPO 1622.
The most expensive Tata bus model in terms of pricing is Tata Magna 1622. This Tata bus is priced at over Rs 50 Lacs.
Tata Motors in India manufactures a wide range of commercial vehicles like Tata trucks, Tata buses, Tata pickups, Tata mini trucks, vans, maxi cabs and ambulances.
The biggest Tata Bus with maximum seating capacity is Tata Starbus Ultra 10.2 school bus which offers 59 seats to ferry school kids.
The smallest Tata Bus with minimum seating capacity is Tata Starbus LP 410/29 with offers 12 seater bus option also.
The mileage of any Tata Bus depends on its gross weight, engine technology used, driver behaviour, passenger load in the vehicle, road condition, etc. None the less 4 wheel Tata LP 410/29 bus offers maximum mileage.
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Tata LPO 1622 is the most powerful Tata Bus with a maximum power of 220 HP.
Tata bus plant is located at Dharwad in Karnataka and Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh.

About Tata Buses

In 1945, Tata Motors, a subsidiary of the Tata Group, a corporation noted for its dedication to quality and innovation, entered the bus manufacturing industry. They have since carved out a niche for themselves in the Indian and worldwide bus markets. Tata buses have come to represent durability, dependability, and affordability. Tata Motors was a pioneer in incorporating safety elements into their buses. They were among the first to install anti-lock braking systems (ABS), electronic stability control (ESC), and airbags on their buses, making them safer for both passengers and drivers. This emphasis on safety has not only saved lives but has also established a standard for the whole business.

Tata buses have been instrumental in defining India's public transportation scene. Their dedication to innovation, safety, and sustainability has benefited not just passengers but also the nation's entire growth.

BS6 Tata Bus Price 2024

Tata buses are priced between Rs 12.23 lakhs and Rs 35 lakhs in India, providing a wide range of alternatives for consumers with varying transportation demands. This Product list includes numerous Tata bus types, each customized to unique needs, such as urban commuting, interstate travel, or luxury coach services. Tata buses are noted for their cost-effectiveness, dependability, and performance, making them an appealing alternative for people, corporations, and institutions looking for efficient and cost-effective passenger transportation solutions. This pricing range demonstrates Tata's dedication to providing high-quality buses that are not only accessible but also offer outstanding value for money, solidifying the company's position as a leader in the Indian bus manufacturing business.

Tata Bus Mileage

Tata buses have garnered a reputation for their better mileage performance, reflecting the brand's dedication to efficiency and innovation. Known for their economic fuel consumption, Tata buses incorporate advanced technologies to optimize mileage and reduce operational costs. The brand's commitment to sustainability and practicality is evident in its range of buses that prioritize fuel efficiency without compromising on performance.
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Tata Bus Dealers Near Me

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Tata Bus Specifications and Features

  • Gross Vehicle Weight Range: Tata buses have an impressive Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) range that ranges from 4500 kg to a massive 135,00 kg, making them appropriate for a variety of purposes, from light-duty transportation to heavy-duty logistics.
  • Excellence in Power and Torque: Tata buses feature engines with power outputs ranging from 85 to 160 HP, giving them the strength to efficiently handle a variety of loads and terrains. Additionally, these engines provide a strong 1040 Nm of torque at 2800 rpm, guaranteeing great pulling ability.
  • Efficiency and Performance: Tata's dedication to power and torque not only provides great performance but also helps buses run more economically and sustainably by reducing fuel consumption.
  • Reliability and Durability: Tata is known for producing reliable, strong vehicles, and this reputation extends to its buses, guaranteeing that they can endure the rigours of regular operation and a variety of operating situations.

Latest Tata Buses

Introducing the 29-seat masterpiece that will revolutionize school transport, the newest member of the Tata Bus family, the Tata Cityride School LP 412/36 CX. This sturdy bus has a 125 HP engine that produces outstanding power at 2800 rpm, guaranteeing a comfortable and effective trip for both staff and kids. It provides the strength and stability required for safe transportation with a GVW of 7000 kg.

The 2956 cc, 4-cylinder Diesel engine at the centre of this bus complies with BS6 OBD2 emission criteria and is in line with contemporary environmental standards. Its cable shift GB400 gearbox enables precise control while driving, increasing safety. It's perfect for school routes since the roomy cabin can accommodate 29 passengers and a driver comfortably. It guarantees lengthy trips without the need for frequent fuel stops thanks to its enormous 90-liter diesel tank capacity. The Tata Cityride School LP 412/36 CX, which combines power, efficiency, and eco-friendliness in one outstanding package, is a tribute to Tata's dedication to excellence in the field of school transport.

Best Tata Buses

The Tata Cityride Prime LPO 1316/54 and the Tata Cityride Prime LPO 1613/54 are the newest additions to Tata's excellent bus range. These buses raise the bar for performance, capacity, and efficiency. These buses have a strong Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 13,500 kg, making them durable and adaptable. A powerful 160 HP diesel engine is included in both versions, delivering great performance and fuel economy. Whether you select the 45-seater LPO 1613/54 or the 55 seater LPO 1316/54, a comfortable and roomy trip for passengers is ensured.

Tata continues to set the standard for trustworthy, powerful buses that meet a range of transportation requirements. Tata's dedication to excellence in the passenger transport industry reaches its apex with the Cityride Prime series. You can depend on these buses to provide safe, effective, and comfortable transportation.

Customer Reviews for Tata Bus

Customers have been overwhelmingly pleased with Tata buses, with users indicating high levels of satisfaction with the vehicles' performance, dependability, and passenger comfort. Tata buses have won praise for their roomy interiors and important safety features, making them suited for a broad range of transportation needs, including school trips, college commutes, tourist excursions and business travel. Tata buses, despite their bigger size, have competitive fuel efficiency due to their powerful engines and solid structure. Tata's long-standing reputation as a dependable brand ensures customers that their feedback is acknowledged and that ongoing efforts are made to improve the overall user experience.

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