Eicher Commercial Vehicles - Overview

VE Commercial Vehicles (VECV) is a joint venture between Eicher Motors & the sweedish Volvo Group. Eicher Trucks and Buses is one of the leading commercial vehicle manufacturers in India especially in the light and medium duty trucks (LMD trucks). The products from Eicher trucks & Buses portfolio are designed for superior performance with best in class truck fuel efficiency, higher payload and faster turnaround time. Eicher Truck & Buses has a diversified range of commercial vehicles to meet the needs and expectations of all kinds of customers. The light & medium duty segment of VE Commercial Vehicles incorporates the trucks and buses from 4.9 Ton to 16.2 ton GVW. Eicher truck mileage is synonymous with best in class fuel efficiency. Starting with Pro 2000 series of entire range LMD trucks for the value segment, Eicher Pro 3000 series trucks boast a range of medium and intermediate commercial vehicles with 12-16 tonnes GVW. Eicher Pro 5000 Series trucks was a evolved version of erstwhile VE Series heavy trucks. The Eicher Pro 6000 series trucks is a range of heavy trucks from 25 Ton to 55 Ton GVW, powered by VEDX engine with SCR technology. The range comes with advanced features like fuel coaching system, intelligent driver information system, Cruise control, MBooster+ technology and variety of load body options. Eicher Pro 8000 series has a wide range of premium next generation heavy trucks from 25 Ton to 55 Ton GVW and boasts advanced features like high HP engine. Eicher Starline Bus Series is the range for mass market while Eicher Skyline Bus Series being for the premium segment. The recently introduced Eicher Skyline Pro Buses range is a step ahead in the premium category. Eicher Trucks & Buses has manufacturing facilities in Pithampur (M.P.) & a newly setup bus body manufacturing plant at Baggad.

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