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Eicher is another important domestic bus manufacturer who’s Pro Series line of light, medium and has redefined the overall domestic bus market. Eicher has built a reputation and leadership in the light and medium-duty bis categories by producing dependable and fuel-efficient vehicles, and the company is now aggressively expanding into the MHCV categories. Volvo bus, its joint venture partner, is teaching it best global manufacturing and product development practises in order to bring them to Indian bus buyers. Eicher has introduced a new modern bus is range based on EUTECH6 that is BS6 compliant and is powered by productive and efficient engines and powertrain.

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Some of the popular and high demand Eicher Buses are Eicher 10.90L which has been upgraded to 2090L in BS6 now and Eicher 1075 which has been rechristened as Eicher 2075 bus
Eicher 2050C bus chassis is the lowest priced bus model from Eicher Trucks and Buses
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Eicher has a wide range of buses, starting from entry level 5 ton LCV buses and going up to 16.2 tons GVW HD buses used for stage carriage and intercity applications
The most recently launched Eicher Bus in India is Skyline Pro 3011L
The most expensive Eicher Bus model in terms of pricing is Eicher 6016N Skyline Pro Executive which is used for staff and stage carriage applications
Eicher Trucks and Buses in India manufactures a wide range of commercial vehicles like Eicher HCV trucks, LMD trucks and Eicher buses
The biggest Eicher Bus with maximum seating capacity is Eicher 6016N Skyline Pro Executive 62 Seater bus
The smallest Eicher Bus with minimum seating capacity is Eicher 2050C
The mileage of any Eicher Bus depends on its gross weight, engine technology used, driver behaviour, passenger load in the vehicle, road condition, etc. None the less, 4 wheeler Eicher 2050C bus offers maximum mileage
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Eicher Buses are available in 4 wheel and 6 wheeler options with 4x2 axle configuration
Eicher 6016M LPO is the most powerful Eicher Bus with a maximum power of 210 HP
Eicher bus chassis plant is located at Pithampur in Madhya Pradesh whereas the bus bodies are fabricated at nearby Baggad plant

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Eicher bus price

Eicher bus are priced between 12.16 Lakh and 64.99 Lakh. Eicher Pro 2049 price is one of the top three Eicher commercial vehicle model prices. Eicher Pro 3015 price ranges between 25.01 and 27.05 lakh, and Eicher Pro 3019 price ranges between 25.15 and 28.17 lakh.

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Eicher's bus line retails 5-55T GVW vans are suitable for key applications. To effectively serve its customers, the company has also built an extensive service network across India. Eicher is promising 24x7 services, live tracking of vans, and the establishment of an Uptime centre to assist customers in running an efficient fleet and earning more revenue. Eicher aims to transform the Indian industry by providing global van solutions and assisting customers in accelerating their transportation businesses. Eicher Trucks & Buses offers a comprehensive line of commercial vehicles.

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Eicher has 6 authorised dealers/showrooms. Look for the closest Eicher dealer in New Delhi. In New Delhi, there are 6 Eicher Showrooms. TrucksBuses connects you with authorised Eicher Showrooms and dealers in New Delhi complete with address and contact information at trucksbuses.com.

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In 2008, Eicher Motors Limited and the Volvo Group of Sweden formed VE Commercial Vehicles Limited as a joint venture (VECV). Since then, the company has sold a variety of Eicher-branded buses as well as VE Powertrain and eicher components, as well as Volvo bus sales and distribution and after-sales support in India.

In addition, the company has a strong presence in the tipper and tractor markets. In India, the company has quickly transitioned to BS-VI compliant vehicle manufacturing. The Eicher Pro 2049 CNG is the most affordable bus in the Eicher lineup, starting at Rs. 10.68 lakhs, and the Eicher Pro 8035XM is the most expensive, starting at Rs. 60 lakhs.

Eicher bus models and price in india

In India, Eicher has bus models available. The most expensive Eicher bus model is the Skyline 2112 M, which costs Rs. 31.49 Lakh. On the low end, the Skyline Pro 3010 L bus model is the most affordable, costing Rs. 13.70 Lakh.
The Pro 2049, the most affordable model in the Eicher Bus lineup, starts at 12.16 Lakh. The Pro 8035XM is Eicher's most expensive truck, costing 64.99 Lakh and including a bus, tipper, trailer, and Transit Mixer. Among its most popular models are the Pro 2049, Pro 3015, Pro 3019, Pro 2110, and Pro 2059. These products, along with a few others, have carved out their own market niche due to their best-in-class features and powerful performance.