Used Eicher Trucks for Sale

Frequently Asked Questions on Used Eicher Trucks

The highest selling used eicher truck models are Pro 1110, 1114XP, Pro 5016, 1059XP and Pro 2059 XP.

Yes, you can contact the seller if you like any particular vehicle by clicking on the contact seller button.

Yes, you can avail the finance facility on used second hand Eicher trucks through with good rate of interest, minimum documentation and maximum loan amount.

The buyer can directly contact the seller of any second hand Eicher truck available for sale and it is purely the buyer's choice to accept or reject the seller's offer after checking the vehicle physically, due diligence of vehicle history and document check up. It is purely up to the buyer to co-ordinate directly with the used Eicher truck seller whose details are available. TrucksBuses dose not take any responsibility for any dealing directly between the buyer and seller.

The price of any used Eicher truck depends on its year of manufacturing, kilometer running, body type, vehicle condition, document validity and tyres. Therefore, second hand Eicher truck price varies a lot from vehicle to vehicle but it can start from as low as Rs 80000 and can go as high as Rs 30 lacs.

As far as the old model Eicher second hand trucks for online sale is concerned, is the best online platform to check all the used trucks across the country.

You can find a lot of second hand Eicher trucks at Old Eicher truck dealers and brokers who can offer a lot of old second hand Eicher truck options are available at

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About Used Eicher Trucks for Sale in India

Buyers can find a wide variety of used Eicher trucks at TrucksBuses. Used Eicher truck prices are available from their respective vehicles. Make a physical inspection of the 2nd-hand Eicher truck properly and check the body condition, owner serial, and document condition of your desired vehicle from the above list.

Old Eicher Trucks Price in India

The price of old Eicher trucks available at TrucksBuses is given against each vehicle and may vary depending on several factors such as:
  • Model Year: Older models may be more affordable compared to newer ones.
  • Condition: The overall condition of the truck, including the engine, body, and interior, significantly affects its price.
  • Mileage: Lower mileage trucks typically command a higher price as they are considered to have less wear and tear.
  • Features and Specifications: Trucks with additional features or specifications may be priced higher than base models.
  • Market Demand: The demand for a particular model or configuration can influence its price in the used truck market.

Second Hand Eicher Truck Dealers Nearby

You can find a dealer in your nearest cities and get vehicle details for second-hand Eicher trucks. The dealer will suggest valuable options for different used Eicher truck old models. Buyers should try to avoid multiple brokerage and other expenses. After choosing your desired second-hand truck, you can proceed for the deal price.

Noticeable Components Before Buying Used Eicher Trucks

Before buying a used Eicher truck, it is important to inspect several noticeable components to ensure that you are making a good investment. Here are some of the key components to check:
  • Engine condition: Assess engine performance, listen for unusual sounds and check for any signs of leakage or excessive smoke from the exhaust.
  • Body and frame: Inspect the body and frame for signs of rust, corrosion, dents or damage. Make sure the structure of the truck is sturdy and free of major defects.
  • Transmission: Test the transmission by shifting all gears smoothly. Note any signs of slipping, grinding, or difficulty shifting.
  • Tyres: Inspect the tyres for tread wear, uneven wear patterns, and signs of damage. Ensure they are in good condition and have sufficient tread depth.
  • Interior: Check the condition of the interior, including the seats, dashboard, controls, and electronics. Make sure everything is in working condition and free from excessive wear and tear.
  • Documentation: Verify all the required documents including registration papers, service records and insurance. Make sure there are no discrepancies or missing paperwork.

Popular Second Hand  Models Truck of the Eicher Brand

1. Eicher 1059: Known for its versatility and reliability, the 1059 model is often preferred for light to medium-duty applications such as intra-city transportation and small-scale logistics.
2. Eicher 1110: Renowned for its fuel efficiency and durability, the 1110 is a popular choice for urban delivery and distribution operations.
3. Eicher 1114: With its robust build and high payload capacity, the 1114 model is widely used for medium-duty applications such as construction, agriculture and goods transport.
4. Eicher 2114: The 2114 series is known for its power and performance, making it suitable for heavy-duty tasks such as long-distance transportation and bulk cargo delivery.