Optimized for Medical Emergencies: The Eicher Skyline Ambulance D-Type

Eicher Skyline Ambulance D-Type is powered by E366 engine. This 1999 cc engine churns out 110 HP of power and 285 Nm of peak torque which delivers superior performance.

Skyline Ambulance is loaded with class leading safety features like all wheel disc brakes to reduce stopping distance, crash test certified cabin for added safety, DRL headlamps, front and rear anti roll bars.

Stronger aggregates for longer life, better suspension and corrosion free HDPE adblue tank, offers complete peace of mind.

New three spoke, easy to adjust steering wheel, new instrument cluster with intelligent display for better drive assistance, cruise control are some of the latest features.

The seating capacity of Eicher Skyline Ambulance is 1 patient and 8 attendants.

Eicher Skyline Ambulance D-Type offers advanced life support capabilities including specialized equipment, medicines and trained medical professionals to provide critical care during emergency situations.

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