Eicher Pro 3018 CNG: Comes with Maximum Payload Capacity and Profitability

Eicher Pro 3018 CNG truck comes with E494 TCIC 4 cylinder engine, its new generation displacement capacity is 3760 cc with max speed of 80 KMPH.

Eicher Pro 3018 CNG truck is built with a gross weight of 17.8 tonnes and can carry high payload 12-tons which ensures your higher profits and higher earnings.

Eicher Pro 3018 is one of the best trucks in transportation and has different load body options like 20, 22 and 24 ft.

The 6 wheeler Eicher Pro 3018 truck has a tyre size of 295/90R20.

Eicher Pro 3018 truck has a large fuel tank capacity of 190 litres, which provides long distance travel without multiple refuelling breaks.

Eicher Pro 3018 CNG features an ergonomic and semi-spended cabin to provide utmost comfort.

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