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Eicher Trucks offers a comprehensive lineup of commercial vehicles spanning the spectrum from light commercial vehicles to heavy-duty MHCV trucks. Eicher manufacturer comes with top quality truck models are Eicher Pro 6055, Eicher Pro 6035 and Eicher Pro 6054. The cheapest Eicher truck is Eicher Pro 2049 price starts form 10.27 Lakh* and the most expensive truck goes up to 78.59 Lakh* in India.

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Some of the popular and high demand Eicher trucks are Eicher 2049, Eicher 2110, Eicher 2114 XP and Eicher 6042 Pro which is a 14 wheeler truck
Eicher Pro 2049 is the cheapest LMD Eicher mini truck, whose price starts from Rs 10.27 Lacs and Eicher Pro 3019 is the least priced Eicher HD truck starting from Rs 25.2 Lacs
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Eicher has a wide range of GVW trucks, starting from 5 ton Pro 2049 truck in the LMD truck range and going up to 55 tons tractor trailers in the heavy duty trucks
The most recently launched Eicher truck in India is Eicher Pro 2114XP CNG
The most expensive Eicher truck model in terms of pricing is Eicher Pro 8035 XM which is a 12 wheeler tipper truck in the heavy duty range. This Eicher truck price starts from a whopping Rs 62 Lacs
Eicher Trucks and Buses in India manufactures a wide range of commercial vehicles like Eicher LMD or ILCV trucks, Eicher HD or MHCV trucks, Eicher tippers, tractor trailers and Eicher buses.
The biggest Eicher truck with maximum loading capacity is Eicher 6055 tractor trailer truck. This Eicher truck has a gross combination weight (GCW) of 55 tons.
The smallest Eicher truck with minimum loading capacity is Eicher Pro 2049. This Eicher mini truck has a gross weight of 5 ton and in Eicher HD trucks range, Pro 3019 is the lowest GVW truck.
The mileage of any Eicher truck depends on its gross weight, engine technology used, driver behaviour, load in the vehicle, road condition, etc. None the less Eicher Pro 2049 offers maximum mileage owing to its light 2 litre 3 cylinder BS6 engine.
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Multiple axle and wheel configurations are available in Eicher trucks starting from 4 wheeler to 6 wheeler, 10 wheeler, 12 wheeler, 14 wheeler, 16 wheeler, 18 wheeler and 22 wheeler Eicher trucks
Eicher Pro 8055 is the most powerful Eicher truck with a maximum power of 350 HP
Eicher truck plant is located at Pithampur in Madhya Pradesh

Eicher Trucks in India

In India, If you are looking for sustainable trucks then you can trust on Eicher truck models because Eicher truck Models are known for pushing the boundaries of extraordinary technology and offers a fresh perspective on the trucking industry. Eicher Trucks weight are start from 4.9 tonnes TO 55 tonnes. In the world of conventional trucking, the concept of perplexity arises when examining Eicher's approach. 

Eicher truck manufacturer offers a wide Powerful and productive Models in India, These vehicles, Helps the users to make there fuel management easy & conventional.  Eicher Trucks currently move many steps towards acquiring the most of trucking industries parts. Eicher manufacturer commitment to environmental responsibility is an example of perplexity within the automotive landscape. Their commitment to sustainability, technological innovation, and attractive design choices sets them apart in the Commercial vehicle industry. Their rapid adaptation to BSVI emission standards underscores their dedication to cleaner air and reduced emissions.

Eicher Trucks Price in India 2023

Eicher truck models are starts from the 10.27 Lakh* and the most expensive truck is Eicher Pro 8035 XM goes up to 78.59 Lakh* in India. Commencing at an enticing price threshold of Rs. 12 lakhs, Eicher Trucks on road price may vary according to state by state and city. These truck models comes with cutting-edge technologies, advance features, and a comfortable driving experience. 

In the transportation field Eicher Trucks is very well known brand because of It’s Extra working capacity that helps to increase productivity.

Eicher trucks price range is start from 10.27 Lakh* and the top Eicher truck model  Eicher Pro 8035 XM comes in price range of  71.30-78.59 Lakh* in India. At TrucksBuses.com you can get the Latest Eicher trucks model on available offers 2023.

Eicher Trucks Model

Latest Eicher truck models are Eicher Pro 2049, Eicher Pro 2110, Eicher Pro 2114XP and Eicher Pro 6042. The entire range of Eicher trucks offers exceptional payload capacity and unrivaled fuel efficiency, setting new standards in the industry. Price of Eicher LMD trucks starts from Rs 10.27 Lacs for Eicher Pro 2049, whereas the price of heavy duty Eicher trucks starts from Rs 25.2 Lacs for Eicher Pro 3019.

Eicher Tippers/ Tractor Trailers


Eicher tipper range is very impressive and recommendable for transportation of construction aggregates, sand and stone as well as mining. Fitted with a hydraulic kit for dumping, Eicher tippers reduce the labor cost used to unload the material. Eicher Trucks and Buses has a range of tippers in different price slots with well designed body and engine for optimum fuel mileage. The Eicher tipper range offers a diverse selection of models, catering to various budgets and requirements. With prices starting at a modest Rs 16 Lacs, the Eicher Pro 2055T presents an affordable option for those seeking a reliable tipper. On the other end of the spectrum, the top-tier Eicher Pro 8035XM surpasses expectations with a price exceeding Rs 62 Lacs. Among the notable Eicher tippers are the Eicher Pro 2055T, Eicher Pro 6028T, Eicher Pro 6019, and Eicher Pro 8028 XC tipper, each recognized for their quality and performance.

Tractor Trailers

VE Commercial Vehicles has introduced the Eicher Pro 6055, an advanced 55-ton gross weight tractor trailer with an attractive price range starting at Rs. 35.37 Lakh to Rs. 35.47 Lakh, carrying a highly powered engine. The company has a range of tractor trailers from 14 wheels to 22 wheel trucks like Eicher Pro 6040, Pro 6046 and the powerful Eicher Pro 8055. The price range for Eicher tractor trailers begins at Rs 30.55 Lacs with the Eicher Pro 6040, while the highest-priced option is the Pro 8055, which comes at Rs 44.7 Lacs.

Popular Eicher Trucks

Among the popular Eicher truck models, three standout choices encompass a spectrum of transportation requirements. The Eicher Pro 3018 CNG Truck, with its commanding 135 HP power and a substantial GVW of 17,750 Kg, emerges as a versatile workhorse, operating on CNG fuel and featuring a potent 3760 cc engine with four cylinders. On the other hand, the Eicher 2055 EV Truck is a harbinger of eco-consciousness, boasting a GVW of 5500 Kg and relying on electric power to revolutionize sustainable transport solutions. Lastly, the Eicher Pro 3018 Sleeper CNG Truck masterfully harmonizes power and comfort, striking a fine balance with its 135 HP engine, 17,750 Kg GVW, and CNG operation, facilitated by a 3760 cc engine with four cylinders. These models exemplify Eicher's commitment to innovation and excellence, catering to a diverse range of transport needs in the modern landscape.

These Eicher truck models are not just vehicles; they represent a testament to Eicher truck unwavering dedication to meeting the dynamic demands of the commercial transportation sector.

Eicher Trucks Dealership In India

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Customer Reviews for Eicher Trucks

As a satisfied customer of Eicher Trucks, I can't help but express my admiration for these remarkable vehicles. My experience with Eicher trucks has been nothing short of exceptional. From the moment I got behind the wheel, I could feel the power and reliability that these trucks are renowned for. One of the standout features for me has been the fuel efficiency. I know that both my cargo and I are well-protected with Eicher Truck models.

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