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Eicher Trucks & Buses has a complete range of commercial trucks from light commercial vehicles to right up to heavy duty MHCV trucks. The LMD range of Eicher trucks are very popular in the market owing to superior LMD Eicher truck mileage and better payload. Whereas heavy duty range of Eicher trucks are in the right direction to be the preferred choice of transporters. Eicher trucks and buses has been successful in swiftly transitioning to BSVI standards of emission norms. Eicher truck mileage is touted to be class leading. Stay tuned with TrucksBuses to check detailed specifications and comparisons of different Eicher Trucks.

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FAQs about Eicher Trucks

Some of the popular and high demand Eicher trucks are Eicher 2049, Eicher 2110, Eicher 2114 XP and Eicher 6042 Pro which is a 14 wheeler truck
Eicher Pro 2049 is the cheapest LMD Eicher mini truck, whose price starts from Rs 10.27 Lacs and Eicher Pro 3019 is the least priced Eicher HD truck starting from Rs 25.2 Lacs
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Eicher has a wide range of GVW trucks, starting from 5 ton Pro 2049 truck in the LMD truck range and going up to 55 tons tractor trailers in the heavy duty trucks
The most recently launched Eicher truck in India is Eicher Pro 2114XP CNG
The most expensive Eicher truck model in terms of pricing is Eicher Pro 8035 XM which is a 12 wheeler tipper truck in the heavy duty range. This Eicher truck price starts from a whopping Rs 62 Lacs
Eicher Trucks and Buses in India manufactures a wide range of commercial vehicles like Eicher LMD or ILCV trucks, Eicher HD or MHCV trucks, Eicher tippers, tractor trailers and Eicher buses.
The biggest Eicher truck with maximum loading capacity is Eicher 6055 tractor trailer truck. This Eicher truck has a gross combination weight (GCW) of 55 tons.
The smallest Eicher truck with minimum loading capacity is Eicher Pro 2049. This Eicher mini truck has a gross weight of 5 ton and in Eicher HD trucks range, Pro 3019 is the lowest GVW truck.
The mileage of any Eicher truck depends on its gross weight, engine technology used, driver behaviour, load in the vehicle, road condition, etc. None the less Eicher Pro 2049 offers maximum mileage owing to its light 2 litre 3 cylinder BS6 engine.
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Multiple axle and wheel configurations are available in Eicher trucks starting from 4 wheeler to 6 wheeler, 10 wheeler, 12 wheeler, 14 wheeler, 16 wheeler, 18 wheeler and 22 wheeler Eicher trucks
Eicher Pro 8055 is the most powerful Eicher truck with a maximum power of 350 HP
Eicher truck plant is located at Pithampur in Madhya Pradesh

Eicher Trucks in India

Widely referred to as mileage ka badshah, today Eicher truck range is segregated into below categories as per their build. Eicher trucks are manufactured at Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh.

Eicher Trucks

Starting from 5 ton to 48 ton GVW 16 wheeler trucks, the company has an Eicher truck at every payload node with different body length options. Eicher Pro 2000 series BS6 trucks in LMD range, Pro 3000 Series in ICV trucks range and Pro 6000 series of trucks in MHCV range take care of different tonnage points. Eicher truck price in India starts from Rs 9.71 Lacs for the BS6 range. Eicher truck mileage is class leading with its new technology engine and features like multi drive modes.

Eicher Tippers

Eicher tippers come in Pro 2000 series LMD range, Pro 6000 series MHCV trucks range as well Pro 8000 series of premium heavy duty tippers. Eicher tipper price in India starts from 13.64 Lakhs ex-showroom.

Eicher Tractor Trailers

Starting with 40 ton GVW, Eicher tractor trailer price in India starts from 29.5 Lakhs ex showroom. The company has recently also introduced Pro 6054, India’s first 2 axle tractor with segment leading 54 tons GCW.

Eicher trucks are available from 4 wheeler LCV trucks to up to 22 wheeler tractor trailers to carry heavy loads over long distances. Eicher trucks and buses offers a wide range of rigid haulage trucks, tippers and tractor trailers. Eicher truck prices and the discount offers make the purchase very reasonable for Indian customers. These Eicher trucks are available in a wide range of body variants, cabin and cowl options and also color option with optional accessories, which allows the Indian truck buyers to choose accordingly. With an increasing dealers and workshop network, Eicher trucks provides good after sales experience in terms of service and spare parts availability. Eicher truck prices are so reasonable that it’s a very big achievement in itself. The well known brand is establishing its presence in the kingdom of trucks by providing best in class features like MBooster technology multi drive modes, fuel coaching, Eicher Live telematics, etc. 

Eicher Haulage Trucks

The most popular Eicher trucks are Eicher Pro 2049, Eicher Pro 2110, Eicher Pro 2114XP and Eicher Pro 6042. All these Eicher trucks provide class leading payload and best in class Eicher truck mileage. Price of Eicher LMD trucks starts from Rs 10.27 Lacs for Eicher Pro 2049, whereas the price of heavy duty Eicher trucks starts from Rs 25.2 Lacs for Eicher Pro 3019.

Eicher Tippers

Eicher tipper range is very impressive and recommendable for transportation of construction aggregates, sand and stone as well as mining. Fitted with hydraulic kit for dumping, Eicher tippers reduce the labor cost used to unload the material. Eicher Trucks and Buses has a range of tippers in different price slots with well designed body and engine for optimum fuel mileage. Lowest price of Eicher tipper starts from Rs 16 Lacs for Pro 2055T whereas the most expensive Eicher tipper price is beyond Rs 62 Lacs for Pro 8035XM. Some famous Eicher tippers are Eicher Pro 2055T, Eicher Pro 6028T, Eicher Pro 6019 and Eicher Pro 8028 XC tipper. 

Eicher Tractor Trailers

VE Commercial Vehicles came up with Eicher Pro 6055, a 55 ton gross weight tractor trailer priced between Rs. 35.37 Lakh to Rs. 35.47 Lakh, carrying a highly powered engine. The company has a range of tractor trailers from 14 wheels to 22 wheel trucks like Eicher Pro 6040, Pro 6046 and the powerful Eicher Pro 8055. Eicher tractor trailer price starts from Rs 30.55 Lacs for Eicher Pro 6040 and the most expensive eicher tractor trailer is Pro 8055 costing Rs 44.7 Lacs.

Eicher Truck Advantages

Eicher trucks never compromises with the safety and comfort of driver, offering driver cabin with loaded features and controls for superior driver comfort on every long journey. Check out TrucksBuses.com website for all specification and details of Eicher trucks, Eicher truck price and comparing the prices of all different  models you can get best Eicher trucks which suits your transportation requirement. Some of the main advantages for Eicher trucks are as under:

  1. Eicher trucks offer best in class payload
  2. Eicher truck mileage is class leading in respective segment
  3. Light and medium duty range of Eicher trucks offer superior resale value