Mahindra Supro Mini Van 10 seater: Best solution for big family

Mahindra Supro Mini Van has a Direct injection technology engine. It delivers a moderate power of 26 HP & 58 Nm of torque.

Mahindra Supro Mini van offers ample seating capacity for up to 10 passengers including driver, making it an ideal option for group travel or commercial transportation needs.

From strong structural integrity to advanced safety technologies like disc brakes at the front, Mahindra Supro mini van provides a safe and secure environment for all passengers, ensuring peace of mind during your journey.

Mahindra Supro Mini Van comes with low operating cost, thereby saving a lot of money. It gives a mileage of 22 to 23 Kilometers per litre of diesel, which helps in reducing your fuel expenses.

Mahindra Supro Mini Van price in India starts from Rs. 7.01 to Rs. 7.13 lacs*. This is the ex-showroom price of this Mahindra van.

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