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In the 3 wheeler segment, the organization occupies the 4th largest chunk in terms of market share. Mahindra 3 Wheeler portfolio caters to both the cargo and passenger requirements.

Mahindra Alfa is the umbrella brand that is home to both sets of 3 wheelers in India apart from the recently launched Treo brand. The cargo segment comprises Mahindra 3 wheeler models like Alfa, Alfa Plus Alfa CNG and Treo Zor. In contrast, the passenger segment of Mahindra 3 wheeler auto rickshaws includes Alfa DX, Alfa Champ, Alfa Comfy and Treo. Mahindra 3 wheelers are manufactured at the company’s Haridwar and Zaheerabad plants. The Price of Mahindra 3 wheelers in India starts from Rs. 1.25 Lac only, customers can buy their electric three wheeler passenger vehicle, Mahindra E Alfa Mini auto rickshaw at the starting price of Rs. 1.25 Lac. In cargo segment Mahindra Alfa plus diesel auto price starts from Rs 2.75 Lac. The company has recently launched Mahindra Treo brand which is available in both passenger and cargo segment. The passenger three wheeler model Mahindra Treo auto price in India starts from 1.69 Lac whereas the cargo model Mahindra Treo Zor at the starting price of Rs 3.09 Lac.In a very short period the electric three wheeler cargo auto of the company, Mahindra Treo Zor has become the India’s largest selling Lithium-ion electric auto. The company claims that the Treo Zor saves more than Rs. 60,000 per year compared to existing diesel cargo auto and Mahindra Treo Zor auto mileage range is 125 Km in a single charge & per liter running cost is only 40 paise. The cheapest 3 wheeler auto of the company, Mahindra E Alfa Mini passenger auto mileage range is 85 Km. Apart from these electric vehicles of the company the most popular brand Mahindra Alfa cargo diesel also gives the superior mileage of 29.4 Kmpl.