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Mahindra & Mahindra, a renowned Indian multinational automaker, offers a diverse lineup of vehicles, including 3 wheeler, utility vehicles, commercial vehicles, and 3 wheelers.

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Top FAQs About Mahindra 3 Wheelers

You can bought Mahindra 3 wheeler at TrucksBuses in India with the best price offer.
The warranty period for a Mahindra 3 wheeler is generally one year or a certain number of kilometers, whichever comes first.
Mahindra 3 wheeler price varies depending on the model and location, but it generally ranges from Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 3 lakhs.
Mahindra 3 wheelers are available in various models such as passenger, goods carrier, and auto rickshaw.
The load capacity of a Mahindra 3 wheeler varies depending on the model, but it generally ranges from 500 to 1000 kg.
The top speed of a Mahindra 3 wheeler is around 50 to 60 kmph.
The mileage of a Mahindra 3 wheeler depends on the engine capacity and driving conditions, but it generally ranges from 25 to 35 kmpl.
Mahindra 3 wheelers come with a range of engine capacities from 436cc to 599cc.
Mahindra Zor Grand and Mahindra Treo Zor are most popular Mahindra 3 wheeler in India.

About Mahindra 3 Wheelers

Mahindra's 3 wheelers are an integral part of the company's diverse automotive portfolio, finding significant relevance in India's transportation landscape. These compact and fuel-efficient vehicles are favored for short-distance commutes, particularly in congested urban areas. Mahindra's foray into the 3 wheeler segment began in 1999 with the introduction of the Alfa range, known for its robust build and longevity. Subsequently, the Champion series further solidified Mahindra's reputation for fuel efficiency and reliability. One of the key strengths of Mahindra's 3 wheelers lies in their ability to cater to diverse market segments. Whether it's cargo carriers, passenger carriers, or electric variants, Mahindra has developed a comprehensive lineup to meet these distinct needs. This adaptability and versatility have played a pivotal role in the enduring popularity of Mahindra 3 wheelers across India.

Two noteworthy models in Mahindra's 3 wheeler lineup include the Mahindra Alfa DX and the Mahindra Alfa Plus CNG. The Alfa DX boasts a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 835 Kg and is powered by a reliable 1-cylinder diesel engine, making it suitable for various applications, from cargo transport to passenger services. On the other hand, the Alfa Plus CNG offers a GVW of 995 Kg and runs on a 9.5 HP engine powered by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). This eco-friendly and versatile option combines clean-burning fuel with the capacity to handle heavier loads. Mahindra's commitment to innovation, quality, and meeting the evolving needs of consumers is evident in its 3 wheelers. These vehicles continue to enhance mobility and transportation infrastructure in India, contributing significantly to Mahindra's esteemed position in the country's automotive industry.

Mahindra 3 wheeler Price in India 

The starting price of Mahindra 3 wheelers in India, at just Rs. 1.69 lakhs, underscores their affordability and accessibility in the Indian market. This competitive pricing makes them an attractive choice for a wide range of consumers, from small business owners looking for cargo solutions to individuals seeking an economical mode of transportation for daily commutes. Mahindra's commitment to offering quality 3 wheelers at such competitive price points is a testament to their dedication to meeting the diverse needs of the Indian population. Whether it's the Alfa DX or Alfa Plus CNG models, Mahindra aims to provide cost-effective and reliable mobility solutions that cater to the budget-conscious Indian consumer. In a country where affordability often plays a crucial role in vehicle purchases, Mahindra's 3 wheelers serve as an accessible and dependable option, contributing to their enduring popularity and widespread usage in India's bustling transportation ecosystem.

Mahindra 3 wheeler Features & Specifications 

One of the standout characteristics of Mahindra 3 wheelers is the diverse range of fuel options available. This flexibility caters to various preferences and environmental concerns. For instance, the Alfa DX boasts a dependable 1-cylinder diesel engine, while the Alfa Plus CNG model offers a clean and sustainable Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) alternative, addressing eco-conscious concerns. These vehicles are built to last, reflecting Mahindra's commitment to durability. They can withstand the rigours of India's diverse road conditions, ensuring consistent and reliable performance over an extended period. Safety is also a priority, with robust frames, efficient braking systems, and comfortable seating arrangements contributing to secure and comfortable rides. Furthermore, Mahindra's competitive pricing strategy, starting at just Rs. 1.69 lakhs, positions their 3 wheelers as an accessible and dependable choice for a broad spectrum of consumers, including small business owners looking for cargo solutions and individuals seeking an economical daily commute option. 

Popular Mahindra 3 wheeler

Mahindra's trio of popular 3 wheeler models exemplifies the brand's dedication to providing versatile transportation solutions for the diverse needs of Indian consumers. The Mahindra Alfa DX, known for its reliability and efficiency, boasts a sturdy 1-cylinder diesel engine and a compact design, making it an ideal choice for navigating congested city streets while offering efficient cargo and passenger services. For those inclined towards an eco-friendly alternative, the Mahindra Alfa DX CNG steps in with its clean Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) power, offering a sustainable option without compromising on load capacity. Finally, the Mahindra Alfa Plus CNG elevates both power and capacity, catering to businesses and individuals seeking a robust, eco-conscious 3 wheeler capable of handling heavier loads while reducing environmental impact. Together, these models showcase Mahindra's commitment to meeting the evolving transportation demands in India by offering reliable, efficient, and environmentally responsible solutions.

Customer reviews for Mahindra 3 wheeler

I recently purchased a Mahindra 3 wheeler, and I must say, it has exceeded my expectations in every way. The Mahindra Alfa DX model, with its compact design and powerful 1-cylinder diesel engine, has proven to be a reliable and efficient workhorse for my small business. Navigating through the busy streets of my city is a breeze, thanks to its nimble handling. One of the standout features for me is its fuel efficiency. It's easy on my pocket, and I can cover more ground with less fuel, which is crucial for my daily operations. Additionally, the comfortable seating arrangement ensures a pleasant driving experience, even during long hours on the road. What truly impressed me was the competitive pricing offered by Mahindra. Starting at just Rs. 1.69 lakhs, it's an incredible value for the quality and performance you get. It's not just a vehicle; it's an investment in the success of my business.

Mahindra 3 Wheelers dealer in India

Mahindra boasts an extensive array of dealerships and service centres throughout India, ensuring convenient access for customers. Whether individuals seek to acquire a Mahindra 3-wheeler or require top-notch after-sales service and maintenance, they can readily visit their nearest Mahindra dealership and you can also find nearest Mahindra 3 wheeler dealer at

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