BharatBenz 1217R Truck: Reliable & Efficient for Commercial Transport

6 wheeler BharatBenz 1217R truck is equipped with 4D34i BS6 Phase 2 engine that makes 170 HP and 520 Nm torque. Its engine capacity is 3900 cc to ensure heavy as well as long distance haulage.

The BharatBenz 1217R truck's gross weight of 11990 kg makes it an ideal intermediate commercial vehicle for carrying medium loads on the roads.

BharatBenz 1217R truck wheelbase options are 3360 mm, 3760 mm, 4250 mm, 4800 mm & 5050 mm, offering a balanced drive with 6 tyres.

Bringing fuel efficiency, the BharatBenz 1217R truck mileage is 6-7.5 KMPL.

BharatBenz 1217R truck has a massive fuel tank capacity of 160/200 liters which provides long distance travelling with ease without multiple fuel breaks.

BharatBenz 1217R truck price in India ranges from Rs. 24.27 Lakh to Rs 25.79 Lakh, which is its ex-showroom price. Its on-road price may vary slightly from state to state.

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