BharatBenz Top 5 Most Popular Trucks In India with Specifications

BharatBenz 4028T Truck

BharatBenz 4028T Horse is powered by OM 926 engine delivering a class leading 281 HP of power and comes equipped with all next generation features housed in the beautiful sleeper cabin.

BharatBenz 2623R – 6x2 Truck

BharatBenz 2623R – 6x2 truck offers 25500 Kg of GVW and 16-18 tons of loading capacity. This truck is available in 24, 28, 31, and 32 feet of load body length options.

BharatBenz 3828R Truck

BharatBenz 3828R is a 8x2 axel configuration truck. It comes with 26 feet of load body options with OM 926 engine producing 281 HP of power and 1100 Nm of torque.

BharatBenz 5428T trailer truck

BharatBenz 5428T trailer truck has a wheelbase of 3600 mm. This trailer truck offers 54000 Kg of GVW with approx. mileage range between 3 to 4 KMPL*.

BharatBenz 3123R – 6x2 Truck

BharatBenz 3123R – 6x2 axel configuration truck comes with fuel tank capacity of 380/200 litres and Ad blue 60/ 51 litres with diesel anti-theft strain. This truck offers 80 KMPH of maximum speed.

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