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In India's vast and diverse environment, fast and dependable public transit is not only a luxury; it is a need. The busy streets of India's cities and the winding highways through its rural heartlands necessitate a transport infrastructure capable of serving millions of passengers on a daily basis.

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FAQs about Bharat Benz Buses

Some of the popular and high demand Bharat Benz Buses are Bharat Benz 1624 and Bharat Benz 1017
Bharat Benz 1014 bus chassis is the lowest priced bus model from Diamler India Commercial Vehicles
You can check the most updated Bharat Benz Bus price list in India at along with best price offer
Bharat Benz operates in a very narrow range of buses, starting from 10 ton ICV buses and going up to 16.2 tons GVW HD buses used for intercity applications
The most recently launched Bharat Benz Bus in India is 1017
The most expensive Bharat Benz Bus model in terms of pricing is Bharat Benz 1624
Diamler India Commercial Vehicles manufactures a wide range of commercial vehicles like Bharat Benz trucks and buses
The biggest Bharat Benz Bus with maximum seating capacity is Bharat Benz 1017 with a seating capacity of 49 seats in 3x2 layout
The smallest Bharat Benz Bus with minimum seating capacity is Bharat Benz 1017 offering 26 seats in 2x1 push back seating layout
The mileage of any Bharat Benz Bus depends on its gross weight, engine technology used, driver behaviour, passenger load in the vehicle, road condition, etc. None the less, 6 wheeler Bharat Benz 1014 bus offers maximum mileage displays the widest range of Bharat Benz Buses available for sale in India with best price offers. With TrucksBuses, you can buy a new Bharat Benz Bus at the comfort of your home and at best price.
Bharat Benz Buses are available in 6 wheeler options with 4x2 axle configuration
Bharat Benz 1624 LPO is the most powerful Bharat Benz Bus with a maximum power of 240 HP
Bharat Benz bus plant is located at Oragadam in Tamil Nadu near Chennai

About BharatBenz Buses

BharatBenz, a trademark of Daimler AG, the German automobile conglomerate, entered the Indian market in 2012. This was a huge step forward for the country's commercial vehicle sector. The company's goal in launching BharatBenz buses was to provide a dependable and cost-effective transportation alternative to India's expanding population. BharatBenz buses have transformed Indian public transit.

They are a harmonic combination of cutting-edge technology, dependability, and cost-effectiveness. These buses have not only made millions of commuters' lives easier, but they have also helped the nation's economic growth by improving connectivity and lowering environmental effects. BharatBenz is anticipated to be an important participant as India progresses towards a more sustainable and efficient transportation system, always pushing the frontiers of innovation and creating new industry standards. BharatBenz, with its focus on safety, comfort, and environmental responsibility, is not simply building buses; it is spearheading a wheel revolution that is redefining the way India moves.

BharatBenz Bus price in India

With costs ranging from Rs 16 lakhs and goes up to Rs 40 lakhs, the BharatBenz bus lineup provides an appealing selection of vehicles, making them a highly competitive and affordable option in the Indian commercial vehicle market. BharatBenz offers a broad range of price options to meet the demands of its customers, from cheaper choices for small and medium-sized businesses to more sophisticated and feature-rich models for big firms and fleet operators. Despite this variety, the brand's dedication to quality, performance, and safety remains constant. These buses are renowned for their strong engineering, dependable powertrains, and attention to the comfort of the passengers and the driver. BharatBenz buses are a well-liked option for companies and transportation because they provide a reliable and affordable alternative for urban transit, long-haul trips, or specialized applications.

BharatBenz Bus Mileage

With a range of 4 to 8 KMPL, the BharatBenz bus fleet exhibits an amazing variety of mileage. This diversity in mileage is evidence of BharatBenz's dedication to offering affordable and effective transportation options to a wide range of clients. On the other end of the scale, buses with 8 KMPL exhibit outstanding fuel efficiency, making them perfect for long-distance routes and companies aiming to reduce operating expenses. For heavy-duty applications like intercity transit or industrial use, where power and load-bearing capability are paramount, those attaining 4 KMPL provide reliable performance. Due to their broad range of available mileage, BharatBenz buses may be customized to fulfil the unique requirements of a variety of sectors, demonstrating their versatility and compatibility with the changing needs of the Indian commercial vehicle market.

BharatBenz Bus Dealer

A trustworthy BharatBenz bus dealer is essential for a smooth and trouble-free purchasing experience. has formed alliances with authorized dealers across India to guarantee that you have access to reliable sellers. Our platform has a section dedicated to locating authorized BharatBenz bus dealers in your area. You will discover important contact information, dealership information, and useful consumer feedback here, allowing you to make educated judgments. Count on our large network of authorized dealers to provide a seamless shopping experience and outstanding after-sales assistance. Trust for a reliable source of authorized dealerships and a stress-free purchasing experience.

BharatBenz Bus Specifications and Features

Mileage: With a range of 4 to 8 KMPL, BharatBenz buses offer a balance between performance and fuel efficiency, catering to varying transportation needs while optimizing fuel consumption.

Price: Ranging from Rs. 16 to Rs. 40 lakhs, BharatBenz buses provide options across different budget ranges, ensuring accessibility without compromising quality.

GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight): With a range of 10600 to 16700 kg, these buses are designed to accommodate diverse payloads, making them versatile for various passenger and cargo applications.

Power: Delivering 147 to 240HP, BharatBenz buses offer a spectrum of power outputs, allowing customers to choose the appropriate level of performance for their specific requirements.

Advanced Safety Systems: Equipped with advanced safety features like ABS brakes, electronic stability control, and lane departure warning, BharatBenz buses prioritize passenger and driver safety. These systems enhance vehicle control and provide warnings to mitigate accident risks and ensure a safer journey for all.

The comprehensive package of mileage options, flexible pricing, varied GVW capacities, power choices, and advanced safety systems underscores BharatBenz buses' commitment to delivering reliable, efficient, and secure transportation solutions.

Latest BharatBenz Bus

Introducing the BharatBenz 1014, the newest member of the BharatBenz bus family and a flexible, durable bus designed to meet staff and passenger transportation demands. With a 147 HP diesel engine that generates an astonishing 460 Nm of torque at just 1500 rpm, this bus is a monster. Its 10,600 kg GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) provides the perfect amount of power and load-carrying capacity, assuring a smooth and economical ride for up to 35 to 39 people.

The 3907 cc, 4-cylinder engine under the hood demonstrates BharatBenz's constant dedication to environmental sustainability and complies with BS6 emission standards. It offers accurate control and flawless gear changes thanks to its 6-speed gearbox, overdrive gear, Synchromesh-type gearbox, and cable shift system. The BharatBenz 1014, with a top speed of 80 kmph, seamlessly mixes power and agility, making it a practical option for a range of uses, from intercity travel to urban transportation. Its large 160-litre diesel tank capacity guarantees that long distances may be travelled without needing to often stop for refuelling, improving operational efficiency overall. This bus demonstrates BharatBenz's commitment to providing dependable, powerful, and environmentally friendly buses, reiterating its leadership in the commercial vehicle sector.

Best BharatBenz Bus

Discover the imposing BharatBenz 1624 Bus Chassis, a real powerhouse and one of the best products available in the BharatBenz bus portfolio. This bus chassis delivers unparalleled performance for a wide range of applications thanks to its powerful 240 HP diesel engine. The BharatBenz 1624 provides the power and dependability you want, whether you need it for urban transit, long-distance travel, or specialized transport demands. It has a strong Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 16,700 kg and is made to easily transport huge goods. A powerful 850 Nm of torque is produced by the 7200 cc engine between 1200 and 1600 rpm, providing remarkable pulling power and road economy. It finds the ideal combination between speed and control with a top speed of 80 kmph.

The BharatBenz 1624 stands out because of its sizable 380-litre diesel tank capacity, which enables you to travel long distances without making frequent fuel stops. This bus chassis is a prime example of BharatBenz's dedication to providing dependable, high-performing vehicles that meet the various requirements of the commercial vehicle sector. The BharatBenz 1624 Bus Chassis is your reliable on-road partner whether you're in the business of moving people or things.

Customer Reviews for BharatBenz Bus

Customers have consistently praised BharatBenz buses for their remarkable load-carrying capacities, impressive fuel efficiency, and sturdy structure. These characteristics provide consistent performance across a wide range of applications. What distinguishes BharatBenz is its steadfast dedication to safety. The incorporation of innovative safety systems within well-designed cabins has gained the praise of both drivers and passengers, highlighting the brand's commitment to both comfort and cargo security. These buses have become vital assets in a variety of industries, ranging from construction to logistics, efficiently meeting heavy-duty transportation demands with astonishing simplicity. The overwhelming favorable reaction from consumers demonstrates BharatBenz's constant commitment to providing dependable solutions that seamlessly integrate power, durability, and innovation. This level of client satisfaction demonstrates BharatBenz's importance in the transportation business.

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