Top Commercial Vehicle Manufacturers in India

When we talk about the leading commercial vehicle manufacturers in India, the list is a handful of OEMs. For better understanding, the overall commercial vehicle industry in India consists of major segments like MHCV trucks, ILCV trucks, small commercial vehicles, and passenger buses.

While MHCV trucks (medium & heavy commercial vehicles) include trucks with gross vehicle weight (GVW) above 16.2 tons, ILCV trucks (intermediate & light commercial vehicles) start from sub 5 ton GVW and goes right up to 16 tons. Similarly small commercial vehicles include pickups and mini trucks segment up to 3.5 tons gross weight. So, here is the list as on date.

List of Best Commercial Vehicle Manufacturers in India

  • Tata Motors

The flag bearer and undoubted leader of commercial vehicles in India, Tata Motors represents close to half of the entire commercial vehicle industry in India today. The company has a complete portfolio of trucks and buses segment right from 500 Kg micro truck to right up to 55-ton GCW tractor-trailers in the cargo segment and 4 seater people mover to right up to 68 seater buses. While the company leads the industry in heavy trucks (MHCV trucks) used for the long haul, Tata small commercial vehicles are also the leader in its category with mini trucks like Tata Ace. Tata Motors has several manufacturing plants located across the country including Pune, Jamshedpur, Lucknow, Dharwad, Pantnagar & Goa. Popular Tata trucks in MHCV category include models like LPT 4823, LPT 3718 (now LPT 4223 after increased axle load norms), LPT 3118 (now LPT 3518), LPT 2518 (now LPT 2818), LPT 1615 (now LPT 1618) and tractor-trailers like Signa 4923 (now Signa 5523) and Signa 4018 (now Signa 4623). The company took the SCR route of emission control in HCV trucks post the BSIV regime w.e.f. 1st April 2017. Popular Tata trucks in the ILCV range includes Tata 1109, Tata 1512, Ultra 1518, Tata 909 and the flagship Tata 407 (SFC 407 as well as LPT 407). Tata Ace now has a complete family of vehicles including brand names like Tata Mega, Tata Ace XL, Tata Super Ace Mint & the recently introduced Tata Ace Gold. The company is also trying all possible ways to have a significant presence in pickup trucks segment with its focus on Tata Yodha and Tata 207.

  • Mahindra & Mahindra

The leader in pickups segment, Mahindra Auto has 2 different divisions to cater to the commercial vehicles segment. While Mahindra Auto operates in the sub 3.5 tons segment with its flagship models like Mahindra Bolero Pickup (now rechristened as Mahindra Bolero Pickup Extra Strong & Mahindra Bolero Pickup Extra Long), Supro Maxi truck, Supro Mini truck, and Supro Vans, the Mahindra Truck And Bus division caters to the LCV and above cargo and passenger mover portfolio. The company still holds almost 2/3rds of the pickup market in India. Mahindra Trucks though are yet to create its foothold in the segment with its portfolio of Mahindra Blazo X trucks (HCV trucks), Furio trucks (ICV trucks) and Jayo, Loading Optiomo range of light trucks. Mahindra buses though have good acceptance with Tourister Excello and Tourister Cosmo range of buses. The company also recently showcased Mahindra Comfio and Cruzio, which are yet to see on the Indian roads.

Commercial Vehicles Sales for FY 2018-19

  • Ashok Leyland

The flagship company of the Hinduja Group, Ashok Leyland is the leader of buses in India and holds the runner up position in MHCV trucks, just after Tata Trucks. Not only the heavy trucks and the buses segment, but the company is also evolving very aggressively in the ICV & LCV trucks. While passenger portfolio has popular models like Viking and Cheetah bus, Ashok Leyland MHCV trucks portfolio has popular models like 3118, 3718 and 4923. The company has 2 popular cabin options, namely the U truck and Captain cabin in MHCV trucks segment and made quite a buzz in the market with its iEGR technology that doesn't require urea-based solution called ad blue. Popular Ashok Leyland trucks in ICV range includes Ecomet 1214, Ecomet 1212, Boss 1413, Guru 1111 and LCV range has Partner. The company LCV division, with a seperate dealership network caters to Partner, pickups segment with models like Ashok Leyland Dost Plus, Dost Strong, Dost Lite and LCV buses with models like Mitr & Sunshine.

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  • Eicher Trucks & Buses

VE Commercial Vehicles (VECV) was formed under the joint venture of Swedish Volvo Group and Eicher Motors. Eicher Trucks are the first choice of transporters when it comes to ICV and LCV trucks with popular models like Eicher 1110 XP Pro, Eicher 1110 Pro, Eicher 1114 XP Pro, Eicher 3015, Eicher 1049 & Eicher 1095XP . Popularly known as mileage ka badshah, Eicher truck mileage is admired by one and all. The company recently also introduced Pro 2049 and Pro 2095 XP. Whereas the heavy-duty trucks portfolio of Eicher trucks is still struggling to make its mark on the Indian roads even despite having 3 range of products under the Pro 5000 Series, Pro 6000 Series & the premium Pro 8000 Series. Popular Eicher MHCV trucks include Pro 6048, Pro 6037 (now Pro 6042), Pro 6031 (now Pro 6035), Pro 5031, Pro 5025 (now Pro 5028) and the highest-selling Pro 5016 (now Pro 5019). The company also has a significant presence in LMD buses (the equivalent of Intermediate and Light Commercial Vehicles in Eicher's terminology) with popular Starline bus range and Skyline Pro range of premium buses. Similar to trucks, the heavy-duty buses segment too is struggling for its share of presence on the roads with 20.15 as the model in different wheelbase options. Popular Eicher buses include 10.90L, 10.75H and 10.50. All these Eicher Trucks and Buses are manufactured out of its plants based in Madhya Pradesh at Pithampur and Bagged.   

  • BharatBenz

Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV) is growing month on month in the Indian Commercial Vehicles space with BharatBenz brand. Popular BharatBenz trucks in the MHCV space includes BharatBenz 3723R, BharatBenz 3123R, BharatBenz 2523R, BharatBenz 1617R and 5528. ICV trucks like 1414R, 1214R and 1014R haven't been able to make a significant mark so far and BharatBenz buses like 1623 have quickly grasped a share for itself in the long-distance intercity travel application.

  • SML Isuzu

Popularly referred to as Swaraj Mazda in the market, SML Isuzu manufactures ICV & LCV range of trucks and buses. SML Isuzu trucks have a significant presence in the value segment range and especially CNG fuel. The company has recently introduced the Global Series of ICV & LCV trucks with new improved cabin exteriors and interiors. Popular Swaraj Mazda trucks include SML Samrat GS, Sartaj, Supreme, Super & Prestige. Popular Swaraj Mazda buses include SML S7 and SML Executive range.

  • Force Motors

Manufacturers of the famous tourist van Traveller, Force Motors has plants located at Pithampur and Pune. Force Traveller, widely referred to as Tempo Traveller, is a unique monocoque van & quite popular in the tourist segment. Main variants include Force Traveller 3350, Force Traveller Super 3700 and Force Traveller 26. The company has other popular vehicles like Trax Cruiser and Toofan in the passenger range and Kargo King Grand, Kargo King Star, Shaktiman 200 & Shaktiman 400 in the cargo range.

  • Maruti Suzuki

Soon after announcing its foray in the small commercial vehicles space in India, Maruti Suzuki the country's biggest carmaker has grasped a significant share of the mini trucks TIV. The company operates in the space with Maruti Suzuki Super Carry diesel and Super Carry CNG which competes against the popular Tata Ace and Mahindra Supro Mini truck.

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