BharatBenz adopts strict measures Post Opening

BharatBenz, a brand of Daimler India Commercial Vehicles, resumed operations on the 7th of May in just 24 hours after gaining approval from local authorities. The re-opening is scheduled to take place in a phased manner and a Crisis Management Team (CMT) has been formulated to specifically look into and manage the concerns surrounding COVID-19 and employee well-being.

Mass cleansing was initialized and social distancing is to be strictly followed to curb the spread. A communication campaign highlighting the safe practices to be followed during work is being conducted to prepare the workforce.


Courtesy Daimler Trucks and Buses

Bharat Benz Trucks

Bharat Benz trucks have made their mark in the heavy duty trucks segment as one of the premium offerings. The next generation BharatBenz trucks and buses are admired by its owners for superior productivity owing to better driver comfort, state of the art features, best in class BharatBenz truck mileage and faster turn around time. Bharat Benz tippers are also known for their superior performance and power. Some of the popular BS6 Bharat Benz trucks are 1617R, 2823R. 3523R. 4228R and 5528T. The company has also recently introduced a new unique tractor trailer 5028T. BS6 Bharat Benz truck price in India starts from 16.34 Lakhs for 1015R and upwards for other models.

BharatBenz Buses

Bharat Benz buses are liked by everyone when it comes to comfortable journeys. Especially models like 1623 made their mark in intercity bus application. Now this model has been upgraded in BS6 as Bharat Benz 1624. Popular buses in light duty segment include Bharat Benz 1017 and 1014. These buses provide superior aesthetics and ride comfort. Bharat benz bus price in India starts from Rs 16.54 Lakhs for 1014 bus chassis and goes upwards for other models.

BharatBenz is doing its bit to ensure that their labor force stays in the best of their healths, and with restrictions being lifted across dealerships in the country, the company expects to run its business at full capacity, gradually.