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Some of the latest bus models in India include the Tata Motors Ultra Urban 9/12m, Ashok Leyland Oyster and Eicher Skyline Pro 6016 in the BS6 category, and the Tata Motors Starbus Skool 20, Ashok Leyland Lynx Smart and Eicher Skyline Pro E in the non-BS6 category.
It's difficult to determine the latest bus brand in India, as different manufacturers launch new models at different times. However, some newer brands in the market include MG Group and Foton PMI.
The most expensive bus among the newly launched buses in India may vary depending on the model and manufacturer, but some options include the Volvo B11R and the Scania Metrolink HD. offers a range of benefits for customers looking for the latest buses in India, including access to a wide range of models from various manufacturers, competitive prices, and expert guidance and support throughout the buying process.
To buy the latest buses in India, you can approach authorized dealerships of the relevant manufacturers, visit online marketplaces such as, or engage with third-party brokers or consultants who specialize in bus procurement.