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Volvo Buses was founded in 1928 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The company's first bus, the B1, was introduced in 1934. Since then, Volvo Buses has consistently led the way in bus technology, innovation, and design. Throughout its illustrious history, the company has continuously pioneered the development of cutting-edge technologies and solutions aimed at enhancing the safety, comfort, and efficiency of its buses. The brand new Volvo Bus price in India starts from Rs 90 lac and goes up to Rs 2 crore including the top volvo bus models.

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FAQs of Volvo Buses in India

Volvo buses can be purchased from authorized dealerships at with best price offer.
Volvo buses can be purchased from authorized dealerships at with best price offer.
The warranty period for a Volvo bus is generally two years or a certain number of kilometers, whichever comes first.
The price of a Volvo bus varies depending on the model and the interior layout, but it generally ranges from Rs. 1 crore to Rs. 2.5 crores.
Volvo buses are available in various models such as coach, city bus, intercity bus, and articulated bus. These are available in single axle 6 wheel Volvo bus as well as multi axle 8 wheel Volvo bus.
Volvo buses are equipped with various safety features such as air brakes, electronic stability control, anti-lock braking system, lane departure warning, and adaptive cruise control. These days ADAS is also a good feature equipped in some Volvo buses.
The top speed of a Volvo bus is around 80 to 100 kmph depending on the model, but limited to 80 kilometers per hour as per government regulations with the help of speed governor.
The mileage of a Volvo bus depends on the model and driving conditions, but it generally ranges from 3 to 5 kmpl for mix of city driving and highway cruising.
The engine capacity of a Volvo bus ranges from 7 to 13 liters depending on the model.
The seating capacity of a Volvo bus ranges from 35 to 55 seats depending on the model and configuration. It comes in 2x2 seating layout.

About Volvo Buses

Volvo Buses is a global company that operates in over 130 countries. The company produces a wide range of buses and coaches, including city buses, intercity buses, tourist coaches, and school buses. Volvo Buses is committed to sustainable and environmentally-friendly transportation solutions, and the company has introduced a range of hybrid and electric buses to reduce emissions and improve air quality.

Best Volvo Buses

The Volvo brand manufactures luxury buses to increase productivity. Volvo offers a wide range of high-quality buses, and finding the best one depends on your specific features requirements and needs. Some of the latest Volvo buses include the Volvo 9600 15m, Volvo 9600 13.5m, and Volvo 9400 14.5M. The Volvo 9600 15m is a premium coach that offers exceptional comfort and luxury, while the Volvo 9900 is designed for long distance travel and has various safety features. The 7900 Electric is a zero-emission bus that is perfect for urban transportation. Volvo Motors has decades of expertise in the development and production of commercial vehicles, and the company regularly sets standards for quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. The lowest price range Volvo bus models is Volvo 9400 12M which is priced at 1.15 crore.

What does Volvo Bus offer for us?

Volvo Buses offers a different selection of state-of-the-art features, taking their buses to the pinnacle of safety, comfort and efficiency within the industry. Some of the features that Volvo buses provide include:
  • Advanced safety systems, including forward collision warning with emergency braking and lane keeping support
  • Comfortable seating arrangement and climate control systems ensure a comfortable and enjoyable ride
  • High-performance engines that deliver outstanding fuel efficiency and low emissions
  • Advanced driver assistance systems that help drivers remain alert and focused on the road
  • Innovative hybrid and electric powertrains that lower emissions and improve air quality

Volvo Bus Features and specification

Volvo buses give a wide range of features and specifications depending on model and configuration. Some of the most common characteristics include:

  • Engine Specifications Including Power Output and Fuel Efficiency
  • Seating capacity and layout, including wheelchair access options
  • Safety features include advanced driver assistance systems, forward collision warning, and emergency braking.
  • Climate control system including heating and air conditioning
  • Entertainment systems, including audio and video options
  • Lighting including indoor and outdoor lighting

Volvo Buses in India

Volvo Buses has gained a significant foothold in India having started operations in the country in 2001. The company produces a wide range of buses for the Indian market, which includes intercity buses, city buses and school buses. Volvo Buses is dedicated to promoting sustainable transportation solutions in India, and as part of its efforts, it has unveiled a diverse lineup of hybrid and electric buses. These innovative vehicles aim to reduce emissions and improve air quality in the region.

Volvo Bus Price 2024

The brand new Volvo bus on road price depends on the model and configuration. Latest Volvo Bus models price in India starts from Rs 90 lac and goes upto 2 crore depending on features of bus models. The cost of a Volvo bus can be affected by several factors, including engine, seating capacity, safety features and entertainment options. This wide range of offerings ensures that educational institutions can find the ideal Volvo bus that not only meets their capacity requirements but also falls within their budget.

How to Choose the Right Volvo Bus

TrucksBuses helps you in selecting the right Volvo Bus depends on your specific needs and requirements. Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing a Volvo bus:
Intended Use: Decide what the bus will be used for. Will it be used for intercity travel, urban transport, or school transport? 
Seating Capacity: Decide how many passengers the bus needs to accommodate. Volvo Buses offer seating capacities ranging from small city buses to large coaches.  
Safety features: Look for buses that offer advanced safety features such as forward collision warning with emergency braking, lane keeping support, and adaptive cruise control. 
Comfort and facilities: Consider the comfort and facilities provided by the bus. Look for features such as climate control systems, comfortable seating, and entertainment systems.
Fuel efficiency and emissions: Consider the fuel efficiency and emissions of a bus. Volvo Buses offer a range of innovative hybrid and electric powertrains that can reduce emissions and improve air.

Volvo Bus Dealers

Volvo Buses has a global network of dealers and service centers that can provide support and assistance in purchasing and retaining a Volvo bus. The company has dealers in more than 130 nations, including the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia. If you are looking for a Volvo Bus dealer in India, visit TrucksBuses and use the dealer locator tool to find a Volvo Bus dealer near connects consumers with reputable Volvo Bus dealers to meet their transportation needs, whether it's for a single bus purchase or to accommodate a fleet demand.

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In summary, Volvo Buses is a leading global producer of high quality, reliable and safe buses and coaches. The company offers a number of innovative and advanced features that make their buses the safest, most convenient and most efficient on the market. Whether you're looking for a city bus, intercity bus, or school bus, Volvo Buses has a wide range of options to choose from, and their global network of dealers and service centres provide assistance and support in purchasing and maintaining a Volvo bus.