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Around the world, public transportation is essential to the survival of many metropolitan centers. Buses play a crucial role in crowded cities where millions of people utilize public transportation every day. Among the several businesses that produce buses, Ashok Leyland stands out as a testament to excellence, dependability, and innovation.

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FAQs about Ashok Leyland Buses

Some of the popular and high demand Ashok Leyland Buses are Ashok Leyland Viking bus chassis, Ashok Leyland Cheetah bus chassis and Ashok Leyland Lynx / Oyster
Ashok Leyland Mitr is the lowest price Ashok Leyland Bus
You can check the most updated Ashok Leyland Bus price list in India at along with best price offer
Ashok Leyland has a wide range of buses, starting from entry level LCV buses and going up to 16.2 tons GVW
The most recently launched Ashok Leyland Bus in India is Oyster
The most expensive Ashok Leyland Bus model in terms of pricing is Ashok Leyland Viking bus chassis which is used for intercity and stage carriage applications
Ashok Leyland in India manufactures a wide range of commercial vehicles like Ashok Leyland HCV trucks, tipper, tractor trailers, ICV trucks, Ashok Leyland buses and the small commercial vehicles division has LCV trucks, pickups and vans
The biggest Ashok Leyland Bus with maximum seating capacity is Ashok Leyland Oyster school bus which offers 64 seats to ferry school kids
The smallest Ashok Leyland Bus with minimum seating capacity is Mitr range of LCV buses
The mileage of any Ashok Leyland Bus depends on its gross weight, engine technology used, driver behaviour, passenger load in the vehicle, road condition, etc. None the less 6 wheel Ashok Leyland Mitr bus offers maximum mileage displays the widest range of Ashok Leyland Buses available for sale in India with best price offers. With TrucksBuses, you can buy a new Ashok Leyland Bus at the comfort of your home and at best price.
Ashok Leyland Buses are available in 6 wheeler options with 4x2 axle configuration
Ashok Leyland Viking TF 2512 is the most powerful Ashok Leyland Bus with a maximum power of 250 HP
Ashok Leyland bus plant is located at Chennai and Alwar

About Ashok Leyland Buses

The rise of Ashok Leyland from its modest origins to its current position as a world leader in the bus industry is evidence of the company's consistent dedication to quality and innovation. The corporation has had a lasting influence on the worldwide bus industry in addition to shaping public transportation in India. Ashok Leyland is in a good position to keep setting the standard for effective, dependable, and environmentally friendly transport solutions for cities all over the world because of their focus on sustainability and technology. It is impossible to overestimate the role that businesses like Ashok Leyland have had in determining the direction of public transit as urbanization increases.

Ashok Leyland continues to develop and adjust to the changing requirements of public transport as we advance deeper into the twenty-first century. To address environmental concerns and lessen the carbon footprint of public transport networks, they are actively involved in the development of electric and hybrid buses. In addition to their dedication to sustainability, Ashok Leyland is looking at smart bus systems and autonomous driving technologies to improve the effectiveness and safety of public transit. Partnerships with multinational businesses have resulted from Ashok Leyland's reputation for excellence. The global bus manufacturing business has benefited from this since it has allowed the sharing of technology and knowledge.

Ashok Leyland Bus Price in India

Buses by Ashok Leyland are reasonably priced, with average model prices falling between ₹ 18 lacs and ₹ 35 lacs. This price range makes Ashok Leyland an alluring option for a variety of demands in both public and private transportation. Ashok Leyland buses are well-known for their excellence and durability, and they are highly regarded in both the Indian and international markets. Whether it's luxury coaches for interstate travel, specialized vehicles for niche applications, or urban transit buses, Ashok Leyland offers a wide range to satisfy the changing needs of the transportation industry while providing outstanding value for money. In order to meet the changing needs of the transport sector while guaranteeing value, Ashok Leyland offers a wide range of solutions, from luxury coaches for long-distance travel to city buses for urban commuters.

Ashok Leyland Bus Mileage

With a normal KMPL range of 5 to 12, Ashok Leyland buses have an amazing range of fuel efficiency. This broad range of mileage underlines the company's dedication to providing adaptable transportation solutions that satisfy various fuel economy requirements. Ashok Leyland makes sure that its buses strike a balance between performance and efficiency, whether they are city buses built for frequent stops and short routes or long-haul coaches built for fuel economy on extended voyages. With so many different mileage choices available, operators may select the models that best suit their unique routes and operating needs while also lowering their environmental impact and total cost of ownership.

Ashok Leyland Bus Dealer

Buses made by Ashok Leyland are easily accessible across India thanks to a wide network of licensed dealerships. These dealerships are renowned for their expertise and unshakable dedication to customer satisfaction, much like for Eicher Tippers. They go above and above to offer knowledgeable advice to clients, helping them choose the best bus models for their unique needs. Additionally, the dealership network of Ashok Leyland provides thorough after-sales services, such as maintenance assistance, the availability of original replacement parts, and effective repair options. Due to their worldwide presence, which guarantees quick access to Ashok Leyland buses and professional service assistance, these dealerships are the first choice for enterprises looking for a trustworthy commercial vehicle partner.

Ashok Leyland Bus Specifications and Features

GVW: Ashok Leyland buses have a wide Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) range that ranges from 6500 kg to 16200 kg, guaranteeing that they can accommodate a variety of payload and application needs.

Power and Torque: These buses have engines generating power ranging from 100 HP to 250 HP, giving drivers a choice of several degrees of performance. Furthermore, they provide a powerful 450 Nm of torque in a low and effective range of 1250-2000 rpm, guaranteeing exceptional pulling power and fuel economy.

Seating Capacity: These buses are available in a variety of seating arrangements that may hold anywhere from 25 to 60 passengers, providing flexibility to meet diverse transportation demands.

Fuel options: Ashok Leyland buses are typically powered by diesel engines, which are renowned for their dependability and fuel economy, making them appropriate for both short urban routes and long-haul trips.

Safety measures: These buses come with a number of safety measures, such as anti-lock braking systems (ABS), air brakes, and sophisticated suspension systems, which improve passenger safety and overall roadworthiness.

Latest Ashok Leyland Bus

The Ashok Leyland Oyster 4200, a flexible 32/34 passenger bus created to satisfy a multitude of transportation demands, is the newest model to join Ashok Leyland's remarkable roster. It has a powerful 3839 cc diesel engine under the hood that produces a strong 147 horsepower and 450 Nm of torque between 1250 and 2000 rpm. This bus's 9000 kg Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) displays its capacity to effectively transport a range of cargoes.

The 6-speed gearbox (6F+1R) of the Ashok Leyland Oyster 4200 enables seamless gear changes and a top speed of 80 kmph. This bus complies with BS6 standards and the most recent emission regulations, demonstrating Ashok Leyland's dedication to environmental sustainability. Additionally, with a large 115-liter diesel tank capacity, it guarantees lengthy trips with fewer fuel breaks, making it an affordable and dependable option for operators seeking a high-performance bus with a roomy 32/34 seating capacity.

Best Ashok leyland Bus

The Ashok Leyland TF 2512 is a fantastic example of how dedicated the firm is to offering top-notch buses for diverse transportation requirements. This bus is designed to handle heavy-duty tasks with ease and has a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 16,200 kg. A genuine workhorse among buses, it houses a potent 250 HP diesel engine under the hood. The TF 2512 will have the strength and endurance to function superbly even in difficult circumstances thanks to this durable engine.

The TF 2512 excels in efficiency and dependability in addition to power. Its diesel engine is renowned for its fuel economy, which enables operators to reduce operating expenses to the absolute minimum. This bus offers a strong combination of power, dependability, and efficiency for long-haul trips, intercity routes, or industrial transportation demands. The TF 2512 from Ashok Leyland is proof positive of the company's dedication to producing top-notch buses that meet the varied and changing demands of the transportation sector.

Customer Reviews for Ashok Leyland Bus

Due to their reliable and effective performance, Ashok Leyland buses have gained the faith of their patrons, becoming a key component in the optimization of transportation operations. These buses are well known for their strong engineering, which ensures excellent toughness and dependability even under the most demanding working circumstances. Ashok Leyland buses excel in their load-carrying capacity thanks to strong engines and cutting-edge technology, ensuring the safe and effective transportation of people. Buses made by Ashok Leyland have been the go-to option for companies looking for dependable transportation. Their place as the best option for companies with demanding transportation demands is cemented by their robust structure in combination with their ability to traverse a variety of terrains. Buses from Ashok Leyland constantly deliver on performance and dependability, whether they are used for interstate travel or urban transit, making them a valuable asset for a variety of enterprises and public transport systems.

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