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Real bus platforms were bought in India by Ashok Leyland decades ago. And since then, Ashok Leyland buses have been ruling the Indian roads and are the preferred choice of transport owners. Ashok Leyland Cheetah and Ashok Leyland Viking, the MDV bus platforms for stage carriage and inter-city application, are the biggest brands in the history of Indian buses. Over the years, Ashok Leyland bus portfolio has improved way beyond just Cheetah bus chassis and Viking bus chassis, and includes some hot selling models like Ashok Leyland Oyster, Oyster Wide, Sunshine & Mitr range of ILCV buses. All these Ashok Leyland buses are available in different wheelbase options, with different seating capacities and suitable for different applications. Ashok Leyland bus price in India starts from Rs 18.49 Lakhs for the BS6 range. All these Ashok Leyland buses are manufactured at its state of the art plants located at Chennai and Alwar in Rajasthan.

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FAQs about Ashok Leyland Buses

Some of the popular and high demand Ashok Leyland Buses are Ashok Leyland Viking bus chassis, Ashok Leyland Cheetah bus chassis and Ashok Leyland Lynx / Oyster
Ashok Leyland Mitr is the lowest price Ashok Leyland Bus
You can check the most updated Ashok Leyland Bus price list in India at along with best price offer
Ashok Leyland has a wide range of buses, starting from entry level LCV buses and going up to 16.2 tons GVW
The most recently launched Ashok Leyland Bus in India is Oyster
The most expensive Ashok Leyland Bus model in terms of pricing is Ashok Leyland Viking bus chassis which is used for intercity and stage carriage applications
Ashok Leyland in India manufactures a wide range of commercial vehicles like Ashok Leyland HCV trucks, tipper, tractor trailers, ICV trucks, Ashok Leyland buses and the small commercial vehicles division has LCV trucks, pickups and vans
The biggest Ashok Leyland Bus with maximum seating capacity is Ashok Leyland Oyster school bus which offers 64 seats to ferry school kids
The smallest Ashok Leyland Bus with minimum seating capacity is Mitr range of LCV buses
The mileage of any Ashok Leyland Bus depends on its gross weight, engine technology used, driver behaviour, passenger load in the vehicle, road condition, etc. None the less 6 wheel Ashok Leyland Mitr bus offers maximum mileage displays the widest range of Ashok Leyland Buses available for sale in India with best price offers. With TrucksBuses, you can buy a new Ashok Leyland Bus at the comfort of your home and at best price.
Ashok Leyland Buses are available in 6 wheeler options with 4x2 axle configuration
Ashok Leyland Viking TF 2512 is the most powerful Ashok Leyland Bus with a maximum power of 250 HP
Ashok Leyland bus plant is located at Chennai and Alwar

About Ashok Leyland Buses

To meet global demands, the Ashok Leyland Family has introduced a new trend setter with modern technology. Within a decade of its introduction, the 12M front engine bus had captured one-fourth of the country's MDV bus business.All stakeholders' needs are met by a 12M front engine bus.Operator: Profitable and dependable partner who increases revenue while decreasing operating costs.Driver: An easy-to-use cockpit area ensures a confident and comfortable drive.Passenger: A comfortable and continuous journey at an affordable price.Ashok Leyland, India's market leader in M&HCV buses and the world's fourth largest bus manufacturer in terms of volume, helps millions of people get to their destinations every day with its diverse product range of 9 to 80 seater buses, truly living up to its ethos of serving national interest through every business venture.

Ashok Leyland bus specifications

With Full Air Suspension and direct drive for AC, the 12M provides best-in-class passenger comfort. Properly packaged EATS and other aggregates provide additional space for luggage storage. For a safe and secure journey, the electromagnetic retarder ensures jerk-free braking and a shorter stopping distance. Driving with ease and precision.
Ergonomically designed driver areas keep drivers alert and allow them to make more trips. The combination of an air assisted hydraulic clutch, a pendant pedal, and a smooth cable gear shift system allows for easy speed changes in challenging road conditions. Drivers can take precise turns and manoeuvre the bus through all traffic conditions thanks to the smaller turning circle diameter.The larger, the better.Longest in its class, with the option of more legroom or more seating capacity, ensuring higher returns for the operator. The powerful drive train reduces turnaround time and increases the number of trips and revenue. Longer maintenance intervals on modern heavy-duty aggregates reduce operational costs.

Ashok Leyland bus features

With a gross weight of 9000 kg and an overall length of 8740 mm, the Ashok Leyland Oyster 4200: 32 / 34 Seater bus is ideal for staff, tourist, and stage carriage applications. This Ashok Leyland bus is powered by a 3839 cc 4 cylinder H series CRS, iGen6 technology engine. It runs on diesel fuel and has a maximum power output of 147 HP. A 6 speed (6F+1R) gearbox powers the transmission in the Ashok Leyland Oyster 4200: 32 / 34 Seater bus. The ladder chassis has a wheelbase of 4200 mm. When it comes to seating, the Ashok Leyland Oyster 4200: 32 / 34 Seater bus has a 2x2 seating layout. The Ashok Leyland Oyster 4200 is a 32/34 seater bus with sliding glass (non-ac) and fixed glass (ac) side windows.The front parabolic leaf springs and rear parabolic leaf springs provide superior ride comfort to the passengers of this stunning Ashok Leyland bus. Air Brakes, with Ddu, ensure driver and passenger safety in the Ashok Leyland Oyster 4200: 32 / 34 Seater bus. 

New Ashok Leyland Bus

Ashok Leyland is India's second largest manufacturer of medium and heavy commercial vehicles (M&HCVs), with a global presence in 50 countries. Founded in 1948 as Ashok Motors, the company was renamed Ashok Leyland in 1955 following equity participation from Leyland Motors Ltd. Globally, the company is the fourth largest bus manufacturer and the sixteenth largest truck manufacturer. Ashok Leyland buses serve the commuting needs of more than 70 million people every day due to their high durability and dependability on the road. Ashok Leyland, a market leader in the bus segment with an extensive range of 18 to 80 seater buses, also has a number of dealerships, spare parts centres, and service centres under its umbrella.

Ashok Leyland truck price in India

In India,Ashok Leyland manufactures bus models. The Oyster Wide School Bus is the most expensive Ashok Leyland bus model, costing Rs. 33.02 Lakh. On the low end, the 12M FE Staff Bus is the least expensive bus model, costing Rs. 16.89 Lakh. These are indicative prices that may change.

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