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A reputed and renowned brand for two wheelers, Kinetic has made its impeccable impressions in the segment since decades.With its popular products like Kinetic Luna and Kinetic Honda, now the company has stepped towards eco-friendly possibilities in the segment by the name of "KINETIC GREEN". KINETIC GREEN is the first Indian auto brand to enter into Joint Venture with Lamborghini group. Kinetic Green started its journey in 2015 with manufacturing of top quality e-vehicles which include e-Scooters, battery powered cycles, buggies and electric 3 wheelers.

About Kinetic commercial vehicles In a world grappling with ever increasing pollution and carbon emissions, Kinetic stepped in as a change maker with its commitment to environment friendly technology. Kinetic being the brand synonymous to innovation and excellence started its green journey in 2015 to provide green mobility to masses in India. Kinetic has sold over 75 lakh vehicles and established itself as an innovative and progressive company. Riding on the most advanced technologies, Kinetic is ready to take on the world forward with its range of Electric 2 & 3 wheelers; the designs of which are smart, sophisticated and most importantly sensitive to future requisites. Aim is to be leaders in Green Mobility for the Masses. To help build a strong PAN India EV ecosystem and promote use of green mobility and to make a difference to the environment and reduce cost of transport for people through affordable and zero emission vehicle technology solutions.  

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FAQs about Kinetic Commercial Vehicles

There are many options for buying a Kinetic commercial vehicle in India, but is one of the best online platforms. Which can tell you all the details of the vehicle in a single click.
Kinetic Group's commercial three-wheelers come equipped with safety features such as a strong chassis, rearview mirrors, seat belts, parking brake, and headlights/taillights to ensure the safety of the driver, passengers, and other road users.
You can visit the, go to the dealer locator tool, and fill in your location details to find the nearest Kinetic commercial vehicle dealer. You can also call TrucksBuses.
Some of the popular and high demand Kinetic 3 wheelers are Kinetic Safar Passenger and Cargo 3 wheeler.
The Kinetic Safar Jumbo EV Auto 3 Wheeler is equipped with a BLDC, 8100W engine and has a payload capacity of 500 kg with a GVW of 990 kg. It also offers a spacious body size and 295 mm ground clearance.
The Kinetic Safar Jumbo EV Auto 3 Wheeler comes with handlebar type steering and Mechanical Drum brakes. It also offers additional utility features for driver comfort.
The Kinetic commercial vehicle price in India starts from Rs. 2 Lakh.
Average maintenance costs for Kinetic commercial vehicles vary by vehicle age, condition, and owner's maintenance and repair practices.
Kinetic manufactures a range of three-wheelers.

About Kinetic Commercial Vehicles

Kinetic commercial vehicles

Today the company, Kinetic Green is a leading player in Battery operated vehicles- 3 Wheelers, scooters, E-Cycles and Buggies. Electric scooters with a top speed of 25km/hr do not require a driver’s licence. The three-wheelers are substantially powerful with a speed ranging from 45kmph to 55kmph. Hence a valid driver’s licence is required. The average charging time for the cycles is 5 hours. This ensures that the charging cycle is completed safely, extending the battery’s life. The two-wheelers and three-wheelers charge on an average of 3-4 hours. This completes the charging of the vehicle in a safe manner, which in-turn elongates the battery life. The recommended weight that can be carried on our electric two-wheelers is up to 150 kg. The electric 3-wheelers are designed and qualified to transport a load of up to 400 kg-500 kg.

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Kinetic commercial vehicles list

1. Kinetic Safar Smart 
2. Kinetic Safar Shakti 
3. Kinetic Safar Jumbo 
4. Kinetic DX

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Kinetic commercial vehicles give the best mileage as compared to other 3 wheeler vehicles in India.