Top 5 Most Famous Electric 3 Wheeler Commercial Vehicles In India

Kinetic Safar Smart 3 wheeler comes with maximum GVW of 679 Kg. This Kinetic 3 wheeler comes with D+4 of seating capacity. This electric Kinetic 3 wheeler offers a range of 100 KM per charge.

Mahindra E Alfa Mini Auto is a new range of Electric Vehicle. E Alfa offers best ride quality and best interior. This electric Auto 3 wheeler comes with D+4 seating capacity with comfortable seats for both driver and passenger.

JSA E-Rickshaw King comes with 4+1 of seating capacity. This E Rickshaw takes 8 hours for full charging. JSA E-Rickshaw maximum speed is 25 Km/Hr.

Omega Seiki Rage+ 3 Wheeler comes with 500 Kg of payload. Omega Seiki Rage+ has single driver seating capacity. This electric 3 wheeler available in cabin with load body variant option.

Kinetic Safar Shakti is designed in a way that customer can customize into different make use of depending on the category. This Kinetic 3 wheeler battery charging time is 2 hours. This Kinetic electric 3 wheeler operational cost is 50 ps/km.

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