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Force Mini Trucks, Pickups & Vans

Force Motors commercial vehicles in the passenger vans and pickups segment are class apart. The company has bought forward a lot of new models in the small commercial vehicle range.

Force Traveller & Passenger Vans Force Traveller, widely referred to as Force Tempo Traveller, is the most commonly used passenger van in tour travels segment and is an undoubted leader in its category. Owing to availability of multiple wheelbase options, Force Tempo Traveller seating capacity varies from variant to variant and seating configuration. Force Traveller 20 seater van comes in 4020 mm wheelbase whereas the commonly purchased Force Traveller 17 seater option comes in 3700 mm. Similarly, in the slightly lower seating capacity, Force Traveller 14 seater comes in 3350 mm wheelbase whereas Force Traveller 9 seater van is offered in 3050 mm with both flat roof as well as high roof options. As far as the performance is concerned, FM 2.6 Litre diesel engine in Force Traveller 3050, 3350, 3700 & 4020 produces a moderate 91 HP of power and 250 Nm of torque. This gets mated to a manual gearbox and runs through rear wheel drive. Light weight monocoque body structure and Mercedes origin engine ensures that Force Tempo Traveller is the best in class. Under normal operating conditions with AC running and passenger load, Force Traveller Super mileage has been reported between 9 kmpl to 13 kmpl, varying from wheelbase to wheelbase. Not only diesel, Force Traveller CNG range is also available in most of the seating capacity options. Recently, Force Motors had launched an upgraded version of the earlier Tempo Traveller with some changes and rechristened it as Force Traveller Super. While the driveline remains unchanged in Force Traveller Super, the famous Force Motors van now comes with broader windows, better seating comfort, power window option for driver, including other cosmetic changes. Force Traveller School is also available in similar seating capacities on each of the platforms. Force Toofan & Cruiser are also the passenger vans widely used in remote areas. Powered by a frugal 3 cylinder engine, Force Toofan mileage stands higher than the rest in this category. Force Tempo Traveller price varies from wheelbase to wheelbase and seating capacity. Force Traveller 14 Seater price starts from Rs 11.35 Lakhs onwards for Traveller 3350 base variant. Going a step higher, Force Traveller 17 Seater price starts from Rs 12.75 Lakhs onwards for Traveller 3700 base variant and Force Traveller 26 seater price starts from Rs 13.93 Lakhs onwards for T2 base variant. Force Toofan price in India starts from Rs 8.38 Lakhs onwards whereas Force Cruiser price starts from 7.70 Lakhs onwards (ex-showroom price for base model).Force Pickup Trucks in India Force Motors operates in pickups segment with the Kargo King brand. Available in 2 variants, Force Kargo King pickup offers 2 payload options. While Force Kargo King Grand pickup offers 1500 Kg payload, Force Kargo King Star offers 1250 Kg payload. Both the Force Pickups are powered by FM 2.0 CR 3 cylinder engine which ensures class leading mileage. Force Kargo King price in India starts at Rs 6.23 lakhs onwards for its base variant (ex-showroom).

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