Force Traveller 26 : A Reliable and Versatile People Mover Bus

Force Traveller 26 bus has a wheelbase of 4020 mm & designed with a ground clearance of 190 mm which helps the traveller to drive on any surface easily.

Force Traveler 26 bus comes with a monocoque chassis which is light in weight, thus improving fuel efficiency and lower body roll.

The Force Traveller 26 bus carries 26 passengers along with a driver, and has a seating layout of 2x2.

Force Traveller 26 bus mileage is 8-10 KMPL which makes it a fuel efficient vehicle to make your people’s transportation business profitable.

Force Traveller 26 bus has a synchromesh gearbox, which provides the vehicle with effortless gear shifting.

Force Traveller 26 bus has ABS, hydraulic disc brakes with auto slack adjuster & has hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers at the front & rear for better ride comfort.

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