Passenger Vans / Maxi Cabs in India

For a long time, passenger vans and maxi cabs used to carrying childrens, touristers and passengers whether for intercity or intracity transportation. The most popular van manufacturers in India are Tata, Force and Mahindra. The top vans and maxi cab models in this lineup are the Tata Magic Express, Force Traveller School 3700 and Mahindra Jeeto Mini Van.

The starting price range of the vans and maxi cabs starts from Rs 11.03 lacs and goes up to Rs 21.79 lacs in India. The cheapest passenger van is the Force Trax Cruiser Deluxe van ranges between Rs 11.03 lacs to Rs 12.92 lacs in India.

Vans and Maxi Cab Models

Top FAQ About Vans and Maxi Cabs

A passenger van or maxi cab is a type of vehicle designed to transport people in larger groups.
Depending on the model, passenger vans or maxi cabs can carry anywhere from 8 to 20 people.
Passenger vans or maxi cabs are often used for airport shuttles, school transportation, group tours, and corporate events.
Passenger vans or maxi cabs typically have comfortable seating, air conditioning, and ample luggage space.
Yes, passenger vans or maxi cabs are designed to meet safety standards and are regularly inspected to ensure their safety.
Depending on the size and weight of the vehicle, a special license may be required to drive a passenger van or maxi cab.

About Vans and Maxi Cabs

The latest passenger vans are known for their different types of seating options. These vans and cabs are very popular in the Indian market and also highly demanded. These vans and maxi cabs come with 44 horsepower to 115 horsepower depending on model and brand. These passenger van models offer various seating options and advanced comfort features. Passenger vans and cabs are used for tourist travel, staff, school and college purposes.

Passenger Van and Maxi Cab Price in India

The price of passenger vans is based on brand and model. It also depends on RTO, insurance, and vehicle accessibility. The price range of maxi cabs and passenger vans starts from Rs 7.27 lacs and goes up to Rs 21.79 lacs in India. The passenger van on-road price range may vary depending upon seating capacity. If you want to know about the price of these passenger vans, then click on your desired vehicle check price button. You will find the latest price list in your nearby location.

Top Passenger Van and Maxi Cabs Price List 2024

  • Force Traveller 3050 Super: Rs 12.9 lacs to Rs 16.32 lacs
  • Force Traveller 3350 Super: Rs 15.44 tp Rs 19.32 lacs
  • Tata Winger Luxury 9 Seater: Rs  15.33 lacs
  • Force Trax Cruiser: Rs 12.54 lacs to Rs 14.51 lacs
  • Tata Winger School: Rs 15.19 lacs

Passenger Vans and Maxi Cabs Specification

The latest passenger vans and maxi cabs have powerful engines with a displacement range of 600 cc to 2600 cc. These vans and cabs produce power ranges from 44 HP to 115 HP and high-end torque from 110 Nm to 350 Nm. This power and high fuel economy come from the torque. These maxi cabs offer different seating options. It helps customers choose the best one for their requirements. Every brand of vans and cabs offers high safety and modern cabins. They have adjustable seats, manual and auto gearboxes. An air conditioner is provided if required. We all know that these vans are used for tourism and long rides. If you are looking for the features and specs of these vans and cabs, you can visit

Passenger Vans and Maxi Cabs Features

The latest features of these passenger vans and Maxi cabs depend on their brand and model. Here are some basic features listed below that you can expect. Following are some features of the latest vans and maxi cabs:
  • The passenger vans have various seating capacities and are comfortable for customers.
  • The vans and cabs have a seating capacity of 7 people to 25 people. The number of seating capacity depends on the model and configuration.
  • Passenger vans and Maxi cabs offer safety features like air brakes and ABS for driver safety. And also comes with front disc and rear drum brakes. 
  • Passenger vans and maxi cabs have modern cabins and attractive looks. They make sure to provide extra road presence.
  • Passenger vans and maxi cabs offer different wheelbase sizes. These sizes give them extra ground clearance and a smooth ride.

Passenger Vans and Maxi Cabs Mileage Per Litre

The mileage of passenger vans and maxi cabs depends on how they are driven on the road. It also depends on seating capacity, maximum speed, and the vehicle model. Every buyer demands accurate mileage details, but if we estimate the passenger vans then it ranges between 9 kilometres per litre to 29 kilometres per litre. So to get the accurate mileage of cab and passenger vans then seek practical feedback from active users of the van.

Latest Passenger Vans or Maxi Cabs in India

Tata Magic Express school van is the latest model of the passenger van segment. It produces a power of 44 HP and a high-end torque of 110 Nm. The brand new Tata Magic Express school van has an adjustable driver seat along with 9-passenger seats. The Magic Express school van offers a wheelbase of 2100 mm and offers a ground clearance of 150 mm. This 9-seater Tata Magic van has top-notch power and performance. The mileage range of the Tata Magic Express school van is 21.84 kilometres per litre. The price of the Tata Magic Express school van starts from Rs 7.34 lacs in India. This school van comes with a warranty period of 2 years on 72000 kilometres.

Passenger Vans and Maxi Cabs Dealer

Passenger vans and maxi cabs are available to all over India dealers. At TrucksBuses, van and maxi cab dealers are listed from all the specific cities. If you want to find a trusted dealer near you then you can explore the TrucksBuses dealer segment. To get a reliable van and maxi cab dealer, use the TrucksBuses dealer locator tool and get all the details of your nearest dealer. You can also get details about the latest model and best offers on passenger vans and maxi cabs.

Best Passenger Vans

The Tata Winger Deluxe 12 and 13-seater van is the best choice for passenger transportation. It has a 4-cylinder engine of 2179 cc displacement that produces a power of 99 HP and a torque of 200 Nm. The Tata Winger Deluxe van offers 2 types of seating options. You can get a 12-seater or 13-seater both have comfortable seating. This van comes with a tyre size of 195 R15 with both tube and tubeless tyres. The wheelbase of the Tata Winger is 3200 mm which gives a good ground clearance and expandable seating option. The Tata Winger Deluxe 12 and 13-seater van runs on diesel. This van has a high mileage of 11 kilometres per litre to 13 kilometres per litre and also advanced features. The price range of Tata Winger Deluxe lies between Rs 14.36 lacs to Rs 16.31 lacs in India.

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Users' Feedback on Passengers Vans and Maxi Cabs

Customer reviews say these passenger vans and maxi cabs are very useful for passenger transportation. These vans and maxi cabs performed outstandingly in every department such as staff, students and regular passengers. Many customers give five-star ratings for safety, mileage, and seating capacity. Customers are very satisfied after buying these passenger vans and maxi cabs. Because they are earning more and more from them. Attractive looks and low prices are big talking points.