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Zoomroo is a manufacturer of electric 3 wheeler vehicles which are powered by Lead-acid and Lithium-ion technology and the vehicle has bagged a position amongst the top such products in the electric 3W segment.The company benefits its customers by offering vehicles on affordable prices and the environment by helping reduce the carbon footprint due the premium technology used in it.

Zoomroo Electric organized by Jenish Shah and co-organized Vishal Abrol, manager of VFincom Limited. Vani Fincom Limited is the outlay spouse of Zoomroo Electric. Zoomroo, an energetic bicycle brand of the Surat-based Zoomroo Electric, started the energetic three-wheelers for various use classifications such as appliance for grinding garbage, transportation loaders, and tourist automobile on January 5.

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Top FAQs about Zoomroo Commercial Vehicles

Zoomroo commercial vehicles come with a range of features, including fuel-efficient engines, advanced safety features, comfortable cabins, modern styling, and connectivity options. They are also designed for versatility and durability, making them suitable for a wide range of applications, from cargo transportation to construction and mining.
Zoomroo commercial vehicle consists of three wheelers.
You can check the most updated Zoomroo 3 wheeler & e rickshaws price list in India at TrucksBuses.com along with the best price offer.
Zoomroo commercial vehicles come equipped with a range of safety features, including strong and sturdy build quality, advanced braking systems, seat belts, hazard lights, and more.
You can find a Zoomroo commercial vehicle dealer by visiting TrucksBuses.com and using their dealer locator tool. You can search for dealers by entering your location details, and the tool will display a list of Zoomroo commercial vehicle dealers in your area along with their contact details.
Zoomroo DX E Rickshaw is the popular and high demanded Zoomroo 3 wheeler.
The specifications of Zoomroo commercial vehicles can vary widely depending on the model and configuration. Generally, they offer a range of engine options, varying cargo capacities, and different safety and connectivity features to suit a variety of commercial needs. Please consult with a local Zoomroo dealer for specific specifications on a particular model.
The price range of Zoomroo Commercial Vehicles can vary widely depending on model and specifications. However, to give you a rough idea, its price range start from Rs. 1.50 to 1.80 lakhs.
Zoomroo manufactures a variety of commercial vehicles, including 3-wheelers such as auto-rickshaws and cargo carriers.

About Zoomroo Commercial Vehicles

After four- and two-wheelers, India is aiming to convert a big portion of the 6 heap three-wheelers on the way to electric by 2030, as some allure energetic aim of converting 30% of all tools near energetic. Going energetic helps three-wheelers save services on their money needed to run a business, from carriage loaders to waste disposal vans. Zoom Motor offers flattery of energetic 3W tools that meet the demand for last-5 mobility, recognising the solid progress potential in the last-mile maneuverability manufacturing. The energetic 3W boats are built utilizing contemporary science and determine outstanding services worth.
Zoomroo commercial vehicles
Zoomroo commercial vehicles with low-end maintenance cost yet give high-end performance, extreme comfort and easy access by featuring easy navigations and fleet maintenance.
Zoomroo commercial vehicle price
The price of Zoomroo commercial vehicle ranges from Rs. 1.5 Lakh to 1.76 Lakh.
New Zoomroo commercial vehicles
The newly produced Zoomroo commercial vehicle in India is Zoomroo G Max i Garbage Loader.
Zoomroo commercial vehicles in India
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Zoomroo commercial vehicles list
1. Zoomroo FX Loader
2. Zoomroo HX Loader
3. Zoomroo DX E Rickshaw
4. Zoomroo G Max i Garbage Loader
Zoomroo commercial vehicle dealer near me
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Zoomroo commercial vehicles mileage
To get information about the mileage and other features of Zoomroo commercial vehicle you may definitely check out our website i.e., Trucksbuses.com. We ensure you to give you the correct information about the products with the best offers.