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Tejas E-vehicles. Co is a producer of battery managed three wheelers, headquartered in Gooty, Andhra Pradesh. Tejas E-vehicles offer most advanced level battery operated vehicles specific for our Indian clients and run at marginal costs and smooth serviceability. Built on the principles of client satisfaction and affordability, we at Tejas trust electric manoeuvrability is the future and our solution to a cleaner world.

Tejas commercial vehicles
  Hyderabad-located Tejas is a 3-wheeler vehicle maker that retails a range of conventional and all-electric three-wheelers to Indian clients. The company is immediately extending its footprint across India by establishing a powerful dealer network and also gaining market share accompanying a key focus on offering reliable vehicles that are high quality, full with modern technologies at an inexpensive price point.

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FAQs about Tejas Commercial Vehicles

Tejas 3 wheeler plant is located at Gooty in Andhra Pradesh.
Tejas E-vehicles. Co is a producer of battery managed three wheelers.
Tejas Kale is the owner of Tejas motors.
Depending on your location and preferences, there are many places you can find Tejas commercial vehicles. But TrucksBuses.com is one of the best platform to buy any brand commercial vehicle in India.
The most expensive Tejas 3 wheeler model in terms of pricing is Tejas Passenger closed body. This Tejas 3 wheeler is priced at a whopping Rs 1.35 Lacs.
Some of the popular and high demand Tejas 3 wheelers are Tejas Passenger and Tejas Cargo electric 3 wheeler
The price of Tejas commercial vehicle is Rs. 1.39 Lakh* - 1.46 Lakh.
Average maintenance costs for Tejas commercial vehicles vary by vehicle age, condition, and owner's maintenance and repair practices.
Tejas commercial vehicle consists of three wheelers.
The most recently launched Tejas 3 wheeler in India is Tejas Cargo cart E Rickshaw.

About Tejas Commercial Vehicles

The company retails products including adequate electric cargo three-wheeler to serve the growing demand in the full electric cargo carrier segment. In the conventional IC engine classifications, the company offers HANDY CARGO, HANDY PASSENGER and HANDY CNG diesel and CNG powered cargo and passenger three-wheeler. Tejas auto in India planned to run at low costs, making it a very inexpensive alternative to fossil-fuel powered three wheelers. Tejas electric vehicles come with a 1-year warranty for the complete vehicle containing batteries and chassis
Tejas commercial vehicle price
The price of Tejas commercial vehicle is Rs. 1.39 Lakh* - 1.46 Lakh*.
Tejas commercial vehicles in India
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Tejas commercial vehicles list
Tejas Rugd 152 is the Tejas commercial vehicle.
Tejas commercial vehicle dealer near me
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