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Omega seiki mobility is a part of Anglian Omega Network, which has global presence. Omega Seiki Mobility aims to be the most agile clean company at the cutting edge of the India 's sustainable solution. Company has factories in Chennai and Faridabad. It makes high end product.

Omega seiki manufactures electric commercial vehicles in India, including the Rage, Rage+, and Rage+ Frost, and the company unveiled the Omega Seiki M1KA, India's first electric small commercial vehicle, in September of last year. Omega Seiki Mobility was founded in 2018 by the Anglian Omega Group, a Faridabad, Haryana-based Company founded in 1971. With the goal of becoming the Tesla of the East for cargo vehicles, the company has begun producing electric vehicles Rage & Rage+, as well as electric three-wheelers.

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About Omega Seiki Commercial Vehicles

Omega Seiki manufactures a range of commercial electric vehicles, including three-wheelers, cargo trucks, and SCV.
Omega Seiki prioritizes safety in their commercial vehicles with features like Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Hill Start Assist (HSA), Reverse Parking Sensor, and Rearview Camera. These features ensure safe driving and help prevent accidents while maneuvering through challenging urban traffic conditions.
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Some of the popular and high-demand Omega Seiki commercial vehicles are the Omega Seiki Mika 1.0 in SCV and Omega Seiki Rage and Omega Seiki Rage+ Electric in 3 wheelers.
The Omega Seiki commercial vehicle has modern and stylish exterior design with a compact cabin, offering comfortable seating and premium-looking interiors. It has a length of 6040 mm, a width of 2160 mm, a height of 2270 mm, and a top speed of 90 km/h.
Average maintenance costs for Omega Seiki commercial vehicles vary by vehicle age, condition, and owner's maintenance and repair practices.

About Omega Seiki Commercial Vehicles

The topic of using electricity as a fuel has reached every Indian household. With the rising cost of gasoline and diesel, the discussion of E-bikes and E-cars has turned into a reality, with companies producing such vehicles. Small Commercial Vehicles, a subset of vehicles, account for nearly 76% of India's automobile industry (SCV). These are the vehicles that move goods and loads from a manufacturer to a consumer. In particular, these vehicles serve as the foundation for the vast majority of Omega Seiki Mobility was founded in 2018 businesses. SCVs, like cars and motorcycles, should be converted to electric vehicles in order to reduce the use of gasoline and diesel.
Omega seiki commercial vehicle specifications
The M1KA light commercial vehicle is designed for urban applications, and its specifications indicate increased power and efficiency. The truck's permanent magnet synchronous type driving motor, 130 kW of power, and 415 Nm of torque make it capable of carrying a wide range of cargo/logistics deliveries. The truck has a GVW of 5.5 tonnes and is equipped with a 537.6V, LiFe04 type battery pack with a capacity of 99.77 kWh. Top truck manufacturers are developing strategies to bring robust electric trucks suitable for Indian last-mile and regional cargo operations at an affordable price point. In addition to the Ultra truck, market leader Tata Motors has introduced a fully electric version of the legendary Tata Ace. Similarly, Ashok Leyland is developing a few EV light trucks. OSM, a new player, has taken the lead in introducing a fully electric, zero-emission truck in M1KA.
New omega seiki commercial vehicle
Omega Seiki Mobility's new electric four wheeler LCV commercial vehicle is powered by a 96.77 kWh battery. The battery has a maximum power output of 170 HP and a maximum torque output of 415 Nm. The maximum gradeability of this light omega seiki commercial vehicle electric OSM M1KA 3.0 is approximately 30%. Any LCV cargo truck with 30% gradeability is excellent; gradeability refers to the ability to climb slopes and is useful in off-road situations. Gradeability is the most important factor in construction vehicles.
Omega seiki commercial vehicle price
  • Omega Seiki commercial vehicles Price in India as of 2023
  • The Omega Seiki commercial vehicle is priced at Rs. 15.00 Lakh in India.
Omega seiki commercial vehicle features
The omega seiki Commercial Vehicle has a length of 6040 mm, a width of 2160 mm, and a height of 2270 mm. The wheelbase is 3360 mm, the top speed is 90 km/h, the gradeability is 90% for steep and higher climbing, and the turning radius is 15m for quick turnaround. The omega seiki commercial vehicle appears modern and stylish from the outside, with contemporary design cues. The appealing front design, combined with the compact cabin, makes this truck quite appealing; the cabin is 1995mm wide, providing plenty of room for comfortable seating. The cabin is elevated by the premium-looking interiors, which include foldable seats and a multifunctional steering wheel.
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