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Mayuri commercial vehicle is built with cutting-edge technological solutions to deliver high performance. This model is made by Mayuri House, which is known for producing high-quality commercial vehicles E-rickshaw, Auto Shape, and Pro 1000 are some of the best Mayuri Commercial Vehicles. Let's take a look at the Mayuri Commercial Vehicles. This model's cylinder and BLDC, 1050W engine produces 1.4 horsepower. The Mayuri E-rickshaw produces Nm of torque, which is sufficient for a wide range of applications. Mayuri Auto Shape is a cutting-edge Auto Rickshaw designed with high mobility in mind. Because it is a Mayuri vehicle, this Auto Rickshaw is loaded with high-quality features.

Mayuri commercial vehicle specifications:   Mayuri E-rickshaw is equipped with a BLDC, 1050W engine for trouble-free operation. The payload capacity of this Auto Rickshaw is kg. Mayuri E-rickshaw is a high-performance vehicle. The Mayuri Company launched it in accordance with the emission standards. Mayuri E-rickshaw is a strong Auto Rickshaw that does efficient work. Mayuri E-rickshaw is available as an option. The chassis of the Mayuri E-rickshaw is monocoque. Construction is one piece. All of the Mayuri Auto Shape Auto Rickshaw specifications work to increase mileage and work output. Furthermore, it ensures that Mayuri Auto Shape Auto Rickshaw performs optimally in all difficult terrain conditions.

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Some of the popular and high demand Mayuri 3 wheelers are Mayuri Deluxe and Mayuri Grand electric 3 wheeler.
Mayuri Deluxe Auto Rickshaw is a 3-wheeler vehicle that features a handlebar type steering wheel and drum brakes. It also comes with standard driver features and other utility features to ensure comfortable journeys.
The Mayuri commercial vehicle ex-showroom price in India starts from Rs. 1.5 Lakh.
Mayuri manufactures 3 wheeler Electric Rickshaws & E- Loaders in India.

About Mayuri Commercial Vehicles

Mayuri commercial vehicle features:
The new Mayuri E-rickshaw has a length of 2580 mm, a width of 970 mm, a height of 1800 mm, and a wheelbase of 2010 mm. The Mayuri Company meticulously designed the Mayuri E-rickshaw to catch everyone's attention. Mayuri E-rickshaws are designed with maximum gradeability and a tight turning radius. It also has an Ltr fuel tank capacity and three tyres. This Auto Rickshaw has a GVW of kg and a top speed of mph. Mayuri E-rickshaw has brakes and parking brakes. It has a gearbox for steering. In addition, the Mayuri E-rickshaw has a Hydraulic Front Suspension and a Leaf Spring Rear Suspension.
Mayuri commercial vehicle price:
The Mayuri E-rickshaw price is Rs 1.02 lac*, which is determined by the customers.
New Mayuri commercial vehicle:
Mayuri commercial vehicle has 3.75 x 12 front and 3.75 x 12 rear tyres. Furthermore, the mileage of the Mayuri commercial vehicle is excellent, which helps to save money by saving fuel. Electric Engine & Transmission: Saera Mayuri E Cart Loader commercial vehicle: The -Saera Mayuri E Cart Loader Electric/Cargo is powered by a -cc engine and comes with an Automatic transmission. Saera Mayuri E Cart Loader Electric/Cargo Fuel Tank Capacity:-It is available in an Electric version with a fuel tank capacity of - litres, a - gear box, and it complies with - emission standards. Cabin Type for Saera Mayuri E Cart Loader Electric/Cargo commercial vehicle- The Saera Mayuri E Cart Loader Electric/Cargo is available in Deck Body with Day Cabin. Electric/Cargo Wheelbase and GVW - The Electric/Cargo Wheelbase and GVW are 2030 mm and - kg, respectively.
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