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Keto Motors is a electric vehicle manufacturer company fouded by a group of Indian entrepreneurs.Their manufactured vehicles are equiped with all the necessary features to make ride not only comfortable but also safe. Keto Motors claims itself as first fully ground up electric vehicle manufacturing company of India. 

Keto Commercial was founded by Indian entrepreneurs dedicated to the cause of clean mobility in India, with the first step being the introduction of BYD electric buses to the country. Factory tests of the Keto EP1 revealed that it could reach a top speed of 45 km/h and travel 130 km on a single charge. Keto vehicles are entirely designed from the ground up, with safety, comfort, aesthetics, the environment, and Indian urban transportation conditions in mind. They have a patented unique design and can travel at speeds of up to 45 KMPH and climb 30 degree gradients.

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Some of the popular and high demand Keto 3 wheelers are Keto Bulke E cargo 3 wheeler and Keto EP1 passenger electric 3 wheeler.
The Keto EP 1 Auto Rickshaw has a 5000W electric motor and a seating capacity of D+3 with a GVW of 820 kg. It also offers superior passenger comfort with its 3130 mm overall length and 155 mm ground clearance with 12-inch tires.
The Keto commercial vehicle Electric Auto ex-showroom price in India starts at Rs 2 Lakh.
Keto Motors mainstream product is 3 wheeler electric autos which are further classified into Keto EP1 passenger and Keto Bulke e cargo.
Keto Motors mainstream product is 3 wheeler electric autos which are further classified into Keto EP1 passenger and Keto Bulke e cargo.
You can find Keto commercial vehicles at who also may list Keto vehicles available for sale. This is a best online marketplace for commercial vehicles in India.
The Keto EP 1 Auto Rickshaw comes with a standard driver seat and handlebar type steering. It also features Front Disc and Rear Drum brakes for reliable stopping power.

About Keto Commercial Vehicles

They provide luxurious space and comfort to passengers and are equipped with numerous safety features such as seatbelts, a strong rear bumper, a bucket seat for the driver, and a high back rest for passengers. Keto Commercial has regenerative braking, which allows it to conserve energy and travel farther. KETO Commercial, powered by the most advanced Powertrain and Lithium-ion battery technology, rides into a better and cleaner future. At Keto, we are a group of engineers with a vision fueled by innovation, dedication, and hard work to bring next-generation electric vehicles to Indian roads. Keto intends to lead the technological revolution and transform the need for auto driving into a love for auto driving.
Keto commercial vehicle mileage:
The Keto commercial Auto Rickshaw has a fantastic mileage of 100 km/charge. All of the specifications of the Keto commercial Auto Rickshaw work to increase mileage and work output. Furthermore, it results in the best performance of the Keto commercial Auto Rickshaw in all difficult terrain conditions.
Keto commercial vehicle specifications:
The Keto commercial's powerful motor produces a lot of power and torque. The motor of an Auto Rickshaw performs well in tasks.
The maximum speed of the Keto commercial vehicle is 45 kmph. This Auto Rickshaw has a GVW of KG and three tyres. Keto commercial features an advanced Auto Rickshaw built with high mobility solutions. Because it is a Keto vehicle, this Auto Rickshaw is loaded with high-quality features.
The Keto commercial has a strong motor that is powered by a 168 battery.
Keto commercial vehicle features:
This Auto Rickshaw also has a good Telescopic front suspension and a Spring and Dampers rear suspension. It also has excellent brakes that keep the driver safe from slippage and accidents. The Direct Drive transmission eliminates the need for extra clutches and gears. The Auto Rickshaw model has a spacious cabin and a gradeability of 30%.
To ensure comfort during the ride, the Keto commercial cabin has an adjustable seat.
Keto commercial vehicle price:
The Keto commercial vehicle costs between Rs 3.25 and Rs 3.50 lakh. Keep checking back for an updated Keto commercial vehicle price. The Keto commercial vehicle on-road price may vary by state due to a variety of factors.
Keto commercial vehicle dealer:
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