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Raj Automotive is an India based electric vehicle manufacturer company who offers the most versatile range of Battery Operated vehicles across Asia and is into its manufacturing since 2011.Raj Automotive claims itself as a provider of largest range of battery operated vehicle. Gulmohar is the brand name of the company’s electric vehicle products.

Community who cares for surroundings know the importance of Electric Rickshaw. The fact that plans why this rickshaw has link with atmosphere is that this rickshaw is electrically controlled on account of which it doesn't emit pollution, no fuel wastage is done and no noise concoction takes place. Electric Rickshaws are ideal and most effective when it comes to moving people and goods to nearby districts. Contributing little in conditional environment and aiding people move to short-medium extents using no air pollution conceiving vehicle is Raj Automotive, a Kota, Rajasthan (India) legendary company. They are a producer of Electric Cart Rickshaw, Loader Rickshaw, Auto Rickshaw and Chinese Loader, a dealer of Electrical Motor, Electrical Harness Wiring and Chinese Loader Body, and a service provider.

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FAQs About Gulmohar Commercial Vehicles

Gulmohar commercial vehicle consists of three wheelers.

Gulmohar manufactures both passenger and loader commercial vehicles.

You can find the best Gulmohar commercial vehicles for you on our site with the best the offers and best pricing.

The safety features of a Gulmohar commercial vehicle are a steering handle bar and a standard driver seat.

Dealers of Gulmohar commercial vehicle can be found on our website We will provide you with the best dealers near you along with their contact details.

Best Gulmohar Commercial Vehicles includes Gulmohar E Cart Butterfly 600 Kg.

The features of Gulmohar commercial vehicles are Power of 1.3 HP something with Electric Fuel.

Gulmohar 3 Wheeler is available at a price range of Rs. 1.0 Lakh - Rs. 1.5 Lakh.

About Gulmohar Commercial Vehicles

Gulmohar commercial vehicles
Gulmohar in India manufactures a wide range of electric vehicles like Gulmohar commercial vehicles, loading autos as well as auto rickshaws. Some of the popular and high demand Gulmohar commercial vehicles are Gulmohar E Cart Loader electric commercial vehicle. Gulmohar commercial vehicle and e rickshaw has a wide range of payload options, starting from 400 Kg and going up to 600 Kg. The seating capacity of Gulmohar e rickshaw is Driver only since these all are loading commercial vehicles. The biggest Gulmohar commercial vehicle with maximum loading capacity is Gulmohar E Cart 600 Kg. This Gulmohar commercial vehicle has a payload capacity of 600 Kg. The smallest Gulmohar commercial vehicle with minimum loading capacity is Gulmohar E Cart 400 Kg. The warranty period of Gulmohar commercial vehicle battery is 12 Months.
"Gulmohar commercial vehicle price
The price range of Gulmohar commercial vehicles start from Rs. 1.1 lakhs. Gulmohar E Cart 400 Kg Loader is the least priced Gulmohar commercial vehicle, whose price starts from Rs 1.1 Lacs. The most expensive Gulmohar commercial vehicle model in terms of pricing is Gulmohar E Cart 600 Kg. This Gulmohar commercial vehicle is priced at a whopping Rs 1.4 Lacs.
New Gulmohar commercial vehicles
The most recently launched Gulmohar commercial vehicle in India is Gulmohar E Cart Butterfly.
Gulmohar commercial vehicles in India displays a broad range of GULMOHAR commercial vehicles available for sale in India with best price offers. With TrucksBuses, you can buy a new GULMOHAR vehicle at the comfort of your home and at best price.
Gulmohar commercial vehicles list
1. Gulmohar E Cart Butterfly 600 Kg
2. Gulmohar E Cart 600 Kg
3. Gulmohar E Cart closed body 600 Kg
4. Gulmohar E Cart closed body 400 Kg
5. Gulmohar E Cart closed body 500 Kg
Gulmohar commercial vehicle dealer near me
You can check the most updated GULMOHAR commercial vehicle dealers list all around for all loading auto, tempo, scooters and auto rickshaws in India at along with best commercial vehicle price offers.
Gulmohar commercial vehicles mileage
The mileage of any Gulmohar commercial vehicle depends on its gross weight, battery capacity, driver behaviour, load in the vehicle, road condition, etc. Gulmohar E Cart 400 gives 100 Kilometer range in a single charge. To get information about the mileage and other features of Gulmohar commercial vehicle you may definitely check out our website i.e., We ensure you to give you the correct information about the products with the best offers.