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Gayam has a large dealer network in India that serves transporters throughout the country. Gayam truck / bus dealers or showrooms sell the company's commercial vehicles in a number of locations. Gayam electric three-wheelers include both passenger and cargo vehicles. Gayam 3 wheelers' most popular products are the passenger electric auto and the loader electric auto. EVs are now more innovative and environmentally conscious than ever before, making them safer, more streamlined, and more thrilling to drive. Electric vehicles (EVs) have cheaper fuel and maintenance expenses while also boasting characteristics like instant torque, a quiet ride, and superior performance.

Consumers ultimately get social duty and pride from making the world a better, healthier place. EVs have drawn the attention of commuters for all of these reasons and more. The Gayam commercial vehicle is a three-wheeled electric goods carrier designed to have a favourable effect on the owners' and drivers' quality of life. It is the only car of its kind with a 12-month warranty and is made to make loading, transporting, and unloading small cargoes simpler and faster. With a minimum purchase requirement, it may be ordered in custom colours and has a sturdy frame that supports tall and big items with ease.

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Top FAQs About Gayam Commercial Vehicles

Gayam commercial vehicle consists of three wheelers.
Commercial vehicles Gayam manufactures are three-wheelers including both passenger and cargo vehicles.
You can find the best Gayam commercial vehicles for you on our site with the best the offers and best pricing.
The safety features of a Gayam commercial vehicle are steering handle bar and a standard driver seat.
You can locate the nearest dealer on We will provide you with the best dealers near you along with their contact details.
The popular Gayam commercial vehicle is Gayam Loader E Auto.
The specifications of Gayam commercial vehicles are Power of 1.34HP, Seating Capacity of D+6 and Additional is 110 Km range.
The features of Gayam commercial vehicles are power of 1.34 HP, Electric Fuel.
Price range of Gayam commercial vehicles is Rs.1 lakh to Rs.1.4 lakhs.

About Gayam Commercial Vehicles

Gayam Commercial vehicle model:
•Gayam Passenger E Auto starting from Rs 1.4 Lakh Onwards.
•Gayam Loader E Auto starting from Rs. 1.4 Lakh Onwards.
Gayam  Commercial vehicle specifications:
When it comes to Gayam commercial vehicle specifications, we can divide them into two categories: engine / motor performance parameters and configuration parameters. Gayam Passenger E Auto commercial vehicle is powered by an Electric Motor, 1000W engine. In terms of design and construction, the Gayam Passenger E Auto 3 wheeler has a seating capacity of D+6 and a GVW of. Gayam Passenger E Auto 3 wheeler provides superior space for passenger comfort with a wheelbase of and optimal overall vehicle length. This Gayam three-wheeler is outfitted with tyres that provide excellent ground clearance.
Gayam commercial vehicle features:
With a gross weight of, the Gayam Passenger E Auto 3 wheeler has a seating capacity of D+6. This passenger Gayam 3 wheeler auto is powered by an Electric Motor, 1000W, with a maximum power of and a peak torque of. The Gayam Passenger E Auto 3 wheeler auto has a top speed .For some people, the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) from conventional gasoline-powered vehicles has been a long process; for others, it has been a thrilling leap.
Gayam commercial vehicle price:
Gayam commercial vehicle ex-showroom price in India begins at Rs 1.4 Lakh. The price of this Gayam three-wheeler varies slightly depending on configuration, variant, and optional features.
Gayam commercial vehicle dealer near me:
You can locate the nearest dealer on