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Exide Commercial Vehicles stand at the forefront of innovative and sustainable transportation solutions, reflecting the brand's unwavering commitment to excellence. With a wide range of vehicles catering to diverse commercial needs, Exide's offerings encompass both electric rickshaws and heavy-duty trucks, showcasing a holistic approach to addressing the modern demands of various industries.

The Exide Neo Auto Rickshaw, equipped with a 1.34 HP electric motor and running solely on electricity, underscores Exide's dedication to environmentally conscious mobility solutions. This electric vehicle embodies both efficiency and performance, making it a favoured choice for urban transportation, and its availability on TrucksBuses.com provides customers with a reliable platform to explore its features and benefits.

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FAQ about Exide Commercial Vehicles

Exide recommends regular maintenance of commercial vehicle batteries, including cleaning terminals, checking fluid levels, and keeping the battery charged.
The warranty on Exide batteries varies depending on the product and the region in which it is sold. Typically, Exide batteries come with a 1-5 year warranty.
Exide Industries manufactures passenger three wheelers.
Exide commercial vehicle batteries are available in various voltages, capacities, and technologies, including flooded lead-acid, sealed maintenance-free, and lithium-ion batteries. They are designed to fit standard commercial vehicle battery compartments and come with a warranty period that varies depending on the specific battery model and region.
Exide commercial vehicles batteries offer features such as high durability, high capacity, maintenance-free design, vibration resistance, extended life, fast recharge, compatibility with a wide range of commercial vehicle brands, and models. These batteries are designed to meet the specific power and performance requirements of different commercial vehicle applications.
The most popular Exide commercial vehicle model in India is the Exide Neo.

About Exide Commercial Vehicles

Exide's influence extends beyond individual vehicles, as the brand's ethos of reliability, safety, and eco-friendliness resonates throughout its commercial vehicle range. The collaboration between Exide and TrucksBuses.com ensures that potential buyers are empowered with comprehensive information to make informed decisions. 

TrucksBuses.com's dedication to customer satisfaction, evident through its support in finding authorised dealers, presenting key specifications, and offering post-purchase support, aligns perfectly with Exide's commitment to delivering not just vehicles, but complete transportation solutions. The synergy between Exide and TrucksBuses.com ensures that businesses seeking reliable, efficient, and sustainable commercial vehicle solutions can confidently rely on Exide's offerings, and in turn, experience a seamless journey towards enhancing their transportation needs.

Exide Commercial Vehicle Price in India

The Exide Neo, a standout model in the Exide Commercial Vehicle range, is competitively priced starting from Rs. 1.65 lakh*. This pricing strategy positions the Exide Neo as an attractive option for businesses and enterprises in India, offering a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality and performance. As a testament to Exide's commitment to delivering reliable transport solutions, the Exide Neo combines affordability with the brand's trusted reputation, making it a compelling choice for various commercial applications.

For a more comprehensive understanding of the Exide Neo's pricing tiers, features, and specifications, interested parties can turn to TrucksBuses.com. This platform provides an in-depth exploration of Exide's commercial vehicle offerings, allowing potential buyers to access detailed pricing information, compare different models, and gather insights into the features that best suit their operational needs. With TrucksBuses.com's comprehensive resources, prospective buyers can make informed decisions, ensuring that they select the right commercial vehicle solution that aligns with their budget and requirements, while benefiting from Exide's established reliability and performance standards.

Exide Commercial Vehicle Mileage

Exide Commercial Vehicles have gained recognition for their commendable mileage, setting the stage for economical and sustainable transport solutions within the commercial sector. These vehicles are engineered to optimise fuel consumption while maintaining peak performance, making them a practical choice for businesses seeking both efficiency and reliability. The emphasis on mileage underscores Exide's commitment to addressing the operational costs and environmental considerations that often play a crucial role in the commercial vehicle landscape. For a deeper dive into the specific mileage capabilities of different Exide Commercial Vehicle models, individuals can explore the comprehensive resources available at TrucksBuses.com. This platform serves as an invaluable hub of information, offering detailed insights into the mileage performance of Exide vehicles across various categories. Potential buyers can access side-by-side comparisons, explore technical specifications, and ultimately make informed decisions based on their unique operational requirements and budget constraints.

Exide Commercial Vehicle Dealer

Securing a reliable dealership for your Exide Commercial Vehicle procurement is crucial for a seamless and satisfying purchasing experience. At TrucksBuses.com, we have forged strong partnerships with authorized Exide dealers across India, granting you direct access to trustworthy sellers. Our platform proudly offers a dedicated section meticulously crafted to assist you in locating authorized Exide Commercial Vehicle dealers conveniently located in your local area. We provide essential contact details, comprehensive insights about the dealerships, and invaluable customer feedback, all aimed at empowering you to confidently make well-informed decisions. You can confidently depend on our extensive network of authorized dealers to streamline your purchasing journey and provide exceptional post-sale support, ensuring your overall satisfaction and peace of mind at every step of the process.

Exide Commercial Vehicle Specifications and Features

Power: The Exide Neo Auto Rickshaw is powered by a 1.34 HP electric motor, offering efficient and eco-friendly mobility for urban transportation.

Fuel: It operates on electricity, making it an environmentally conscious choice with reduced emissions and lower operational costs.

Steering: The vehicle features a steering handlebar design, enabling easy manoeuvrability through city streets and crowded areas.

Steering Adjustment: The steering system does not include an adjustment feature, maintaining a standard configuration for driver comfort.

Driver Seat: Equipped with a standard driver seat, the vehicle ensures a comfortable driving experience for operators during their shifts.

Safety Feature: The Exide Neo Auto Rickshaw boasts service brakes with both disc options, enhancing braking performance and overall safety.

Engine: The vehicle is powered by an efficient 1000W electric motor, contributing to its energy-efficient operation.

Electric Motor Power: The electric motor generates 1.34 HP of power, providing sufficient performance for urban commuting and short distances.

The Exide Neo Auto Rickshaw is a sustainable and convenient solution for urban transportation, featuring an electric motor that produces 1.34 HP of power. Its electric propulsion ensures reduced emissions and operational costs, aligning with environmental concerns. The vehicle's steering handlebar design allows for easy navigation in urban environments, while the standard driver seat ensures operator comfort.

Latest Exide Commercial Vehicle

The newest addition to the Exide Commercial Vehicle lineup is the Exide Neo Auto Rickshaw. With a power output of 1.34 HP, this electric vehicle represents Exide's commitment to sustainable mobility solutions. Operating solely on electricity, it aligns with environmentally friendly practices and reduces overall operational costs. For further details and comprehensive information about the Exide Neo Auto Rickshaw's key specifications, interested individuals can visit TrucksBuses.com. The vehicle is equipped with a 1000W electric motor, generating the aforementioned power of 1.34 HP, and running solely on electric power, making it a promising option for urban transportation that prioritizes efficiency and eco-friendliness.

Popular Exide Commercial Vehicle

A widely favoured choice in the Exide Commercial Vehicle range is the Exide Neo Auto Rickshaw. With a power output of 1.34 HP, this electric vehicle embodies Exide's commitment to sustainable and efficient transportation solutions. Operating solely on electric power, it not only contributes to a greener environment but also offers cost-effective operations. For detailed insights and a comprehensive overview of the Exide Neo Auto Rickshaw's key specifications, interested individuals are encouraged to explore TrucksBuses.com. The vehicle comes equipped with a 1000W electric motor, generating the mentioned power of 1.34 HP, and operates exclusively on electric energy, making it a promising option for urban mobility that values both performance and eco-consciousness. Additionally, for those interested in exploring more models within the Exide Commercial Vehicle lineup, TrucksBuses.com provides a wealth of information to aid in making well-informed decisions.

Customer Reviews for Exide Commercial Vehicle

Customer reviews for Exide Commercial Vehicles reflect a consensus of satisfaction, highlighting the vehicles' reliability, performance, and value. Users frequently commend the vehicles' efficient fuel consumption, robust power output, and eco-friendly features, showcasing Exide's dedication to sustainability. The positive feedback extends to the vehicles' safety measures, comfort, and post-sale support, underlining a holistic approach to customer experience. With consistent praise for the vehicles' durability and their alignment with various business needs, these reviews serve as a testament to Exide's commitment to providing dependable and commendable commercial transport solutions.

Why buy Exide Commercial Vehicle from TrucksBuses?

TrucksBuses.com takes immense pride in presenting a diverse selection of Exide Commercial Vehicles, thoughtfully curated to cater to a broad array of commercial mobility needs. Our unwavering commitment to delivering outstanding customer service ensures a seamless and well-informed journey, guided by experts who facilitate a smooth process when procuring these vehicles. Renowned for their reliability, innovative designs, and efficient energy solutions, Exide Commercial Vehicles excel in addressing various business requirements across industries. Beyond the point of acquisition, TrucksBuses.com offers attractive financing options and comprehensive post-purchase support, enriching the overall ownership experience. Count on TrucksBuses.com as your trusted partner for accessing versatile and dependable commercial vehicle solutions, epitomized by the esteemed range of Exide vehicles.