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Dandera is the most stylish electric 3 wheeler vehicles ever experienced by the nation. These e-vehicles are not only  exclusively good but have all those features which a customer would want in an affordable E-vehicle for commercial use in this competitive Era of business. These e-vehicles can speed up  and easily race with a fuel powered vehicle.

Dandera Ventures plans to launch its first commercial electric vehicle in September. Start-up for sustainable mobility Dandera Ventures announced on Tuesday that it is preparing to launch its first commercial Electric Vehicle in India in September 2022. According to the official statement, the company is currently setting up charging stations and finalizing service locations ahead of its EV launch after completing EV testing. According to the company, Dandera's first commercial EV will be aimed solely at last-mile delivery companies and independent delivery operators. Furthermore, it was stated that the parts and components of the upcoming commercial EV, such as batteries, will be manufactured in India for both domestic and international markets.

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FAQs on Dandera Commercial Vehicle

Dandera manufactures basically three wheeled electric vehicles.

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The safety features of a Dandera commercial vehicle are repair and maintenance tracking, geo fencing and an in-built incident reporting system.

Dandera Otua + is the popular Dandera commercial vehicle.

The specifications of Dandera commercial vehicles are power output of 17hp, 15 KWh lithium ion batteries with motor capacity of 12.8 Kw and 150 kms on a single charge.

The features of Dandera commercial vehicles are GVW of 900 kgs with a 183 cc of interior space volume and GPS + navigation.

The Dandera Commercial vehicle starts at Rs 3.5 lakh to Rs 5.5 lakh.

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About Dandera Commercial vehicle

Dandera Commercial vehicle features
The Dandera Otua has a GVW of 900 kgs and an aerodynamic design and sturdy build that make it ideal for last-mile cargo transportation. With 183 cc of interior space volume, this vehicle can carry a lot of loaf. Repair and maintenance tracking, a driver management system, GPS + navigation + geo fencing, and an in-built incident reporting system are among the features available on the Dander Otua.
Dandera Commercial vehicle specifications
Dandera is a leading manufacturer of green electric vehicles, and the Dandera Otua is the brand's most recent electric three-wheeler. The electric cargo carrier has a futuristic design that is completely unique and innovative. The one-of-a-kind electric three-wheeler is designed to meet last-mile mobility needs while providing maximum comfort and convenience. The dandera meets commercial vehicle the - emission standards. Other important specifications include a wheel base of - mm, a fuel capacity of - litres, and a power output of 17hp.The Dander Otua offers excellent performance and smooth drives with a range of over 165 kms on a single charge, thanks to 15 KWh lithium ion batteries and 12.8 Kw motor capacities. The vehicle also has swappable batteries to ensure that there is no downtime when carrying a load.
New Dandera Commercial vehicle
Dandera was founded with the goal of creating world-class sustainable mobility products from the ground up.” The successful completion of road tests for our first EV is a happy culmination of four years of research and development efforts in creating a fully indigenous electric vehicle and platform from scratch, and we are really proud that our very first EV will redefine industry benchmarks in design, performance, and capacity,"" says Kanav Manchanda, Dandera Ventures' Founder and COO. The commercial EV market in India has grown significantly in recent years. According to a Vaahan survey, approximately 47% of electric three-wheelers were sold in the previous fiscal year. According to the official release, the Indian government is also supporting the EV industry through favorable regulations and policies, subsidies, improved charging infrastructure, and 100% FDI approval as per the FAME policy budget document in FV23.
Dandera Commercial vehicle price
The Dandera Commercial vehicle starts at Rs 3.80 Lakh. Electric Cargo is the most affordable model. Dandera Otua is a commercial vehicle with three wheels. It comes in one variant. 
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