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CityLife is one of the leading manufacturers, exporters of Battery Operated E-Rickshaws With the help of high-end technology and well-trained expert, company is designing and manufacturing international standards e rickshaws which are well known for its efficient design and sturdy construction.

One of the top producers and exporters of environmentally friendly battery-operated e-rickshaws is CityLife. Quality has always been a top priority at CityLife since the company has always held the view that products' quality has a critical role to play in promoting the expansion of any business. So, by effectively utilizing cutting-edge technology and qualified professionals, we have been able to create and develop rickshaws that adhere to worldwide standards. Our produced E-Rickshaw is renowned for its simplicity of use, effective design, and robust construction. As a result, the available selection of E-Rickshaws is greatly needed as green transportation options. Additionally, the supplied selection of E-Rickshaws is offered at the lowest costs in the industry.  

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Top FAQs About City Life Commercial Vehicles

City Life manufactures 3 wheeler type commercial vehicles.
City Life commercial vehicle consists of three wheelers. is the right place to find City Life Commercial Vehicles.
You can also find out the nearest City Life Commercial Vehicles dealers at along with their contact details.
Some of the popular and high demand City Life 3 wheelers are City Life XV Max Loader and City Life Butterfly electric 3 wheeler.
The City Life XV Max Loader 3 wheeler is an electric vehicle with an 850W motor and a payload capacity of 400 kg. It has a wheelbase of 2100 mm and an overall length of 2770 mm, with 3.75x12 size tyres and 200 mm ground clearance.
City Life Commercial Vehicle Electric Auto ex-showroom price in India starts from Rs. 1.14 lakh.

About City Life Commercial Vehicles

City life commercial specifications : 
We can divide the performance parameters for engine and motor-related things and the configuration-related parameters when it comes to City Life commercial vehicle standards. City Life Standard commercial vehicle’s 850W electric engine serves as its power source. In terms of design and construction, the City Life Standard 3 wheeler has a GVW and a seating capacity of D+4. The City Life Standard 3 wheeler provides better space for passenger comfort with a wheelbase of 2100 mm and an ideal 2770 mm overall vehicle length. City Life School Type XV850's strong motor produces a lot of power and torque. A auto rickshaw's electric motor offers exceptional performance when doing duties. Maximum speed of the City Life School Type XV850 is 23 kmph. This auto rickshaw has 3 tyres and a GVW of KG.
City life commercial features : 
City Life commercial vehicle comes with a standard for driver along with few other utility features that make the journeys comfortable. Handle bar type steering does the steering wheel in this City Life Standard 3 wheeler. City Life Standard 3 wheeler offers a seating capacity of D+4, with its gross weight of. The power machine behind this Passenger City Life commercial Electric Motor, 850W, producing a maximum power of and a peak torque of. City Life Standard 3 wheeler auto comes with a top speed of 25 Km/Hr. A excellent Telescopic Hydraulic Shockers front suspension and a Double Movement Leaf Spring with Hydraulic Shockers rear suspension are also included in this Auto Rickshaw's features. Additionally, it boasts excellent Drum Brakes that shield the driver from accidents and slipping. There is no longer a need for extra clutches and gears thanks to the effective automatic transmission.
City life commercial vehicle model and price : 
● City Life XV Max Loader  1.6 Lakh Onwards
● City Life Loader Closed Body  1.8 Lakh Onwards
● City Life School Type  1.35 Lakh Onwards
● City Life Standard  1.3 Lakh Onwards
● City Life Butterfly XV850  1.4 Lakh Onwards
● City Life LI Prima  1.14 Lakh  Onwards
City life commercial vehicle price in India:  
In India, the City Life Standard ex-showroom pricing ranges from Rs 1.3 Lakh. For various configurations, versions, and optional fitments, this City Life commercial vehicle's pricing varies slightly. The cost of the City Life Standard on the road varies as well depending on where you are.
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