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Celletron is a daughter company of VAPI TECHNO FAB ENGINEERING CORPORATION which has always followed the rule of 3 R - reduce, reuse and recycle. The parent company always had its mind towards a greener environment thus it conceptualized Celletron. It is a leading manufacturer of the most stylish e-Rickshaws which are available in both segments: passenger and loaders.

The Celletron Motor Works are a famous Manufacturer of a high quality variety of Battery Operated Rickshaw, Battery Operated Loader, and Electric Cart. We were established as a Sole Proprietorship organization in the year 2018 at Vapi (Gujarat, India). We sell these items at fair pricing and deliver them within the promised time frames. With a gross weight of and a seating capacity of D+4, the celletron commercial vehicle is available. This passenger Celletron commercial vehicle is powered by an electric motor with a 900W output that can produce up to and peak torque of. The top speed of the Celletron 3 wheeled car is 25 km/h. OAF passenger EV and PKUP E Cart are the two 3 wheeled electric vehicle ranges offered by Celletron that are registered under the 1999 Trademark Act.  

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Top FAQs About Celletron Commercial Vehicles

Celletron commercial vehicle consists of three wheelers.
Celletron 3 wheeler electric vehicles include the Celletron Passenger EV and the Celletron E Cart Loader.
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The safety features of a Celletron commercial vehicle are steering handle bar and a standard driver seat.
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Some of the popular and high demand Celletron 3 wheelers are Celletron Passenger and Celletron E Cart Loader electric 3 wheeler.
The specifications of Celletron commercial vehicles are top speed of 25 km/h and tyres of 3.75x12 size and an electric motor engine of 900w and power of 2.7 hp with a max speed of 25km/hr and an electric fuel type and an electrical battery with 48V, 110Ah.
The features of Celletron commercial vehicles are seating capacity of D+4 passengers, payload capacity of 400 Kg, mileage- 100 Kilometer range and a warranty period of Celletron 3 wheeler battery is 12 Months.
The price range of Celletron commercial vehicles starts from Rs. 1.0 lakhs to Rs. 1.03 lakhs.

About Celletron Commercial Vehicles

Celletron commercial vehicle specifications : 
We may divide the performance metrics for engine- and motor-related things and the configuration-related parameters when it comes to Celletron commercial vehicle specs. Celletron three wheeler's power source is an electric motor with a 900W engine. In terms of design and construction, the Celletron commercial vehicle has a GVW and a seating capacity of D+4. Celletron commercial vehicle provides greater space for passenger comfort with a wheelbase of and an ideal 2750 mm overall vehicle length. The 3.75x12 tyres that come on this Celletron commercial vehicle provide better ground clearance.
Celletron commercial vehicle features : 
Along with a few other practical features, the Celletron commercial vehicle includes a standard for the driver to ensure a comfortable ride. This Celletron 3 wheeler's steering wheel is a handle bar kind. The tiny commercial vehicle Celletron commercial vehicle has drum brakes as its available service brakes.
● Engine : electric motor , 900w 
● Power : 2.7 hp 
● Max  speed : 25km/hr 
● Fuel type : electric 
● Eletricals battery : 48V, 110Ah 
● Steering handle bar
● Driver seat standard 
 New Celletron commercial vehicle : 
The biggest manufacturer and supplier of electric vehicles in India is Celletron Motor Works, which was established in 2018 and is based in Gujarat's Vapi INA. One of Trade India's certified and reputable dealers of listed goods is Celletron Motor Works. Celletron Motor Works has built a solid reputation in the market for high quality Electric Rickshaw for Passenger, 5 Seater Battery Operated E Rickshaw, Three Wheel Type Five Seater Battery Operated E Rickshaw (Maximum Load Capacity 480 Kg), etc. thanks to their extensive experience in supplying and trading Electric Rickshaw for Passenger.
Celletron commercial vehicle price : 
Price for the Celletron ex-showroom in India begins at Rs. 1.3 Lakh*and above. For various configurations, variations, and extra fitments, this Celletron 3-wheeler's pricing varies slightly. The on-road cost of the Celletron three wheeler varies as well depending on where you live. Price for the Celletron Passenger EV 3 Wheeler Auto starts at Rs. 1.3 Lakh. State by state and city by city, the cost of the Celletron Passenger EV 3 wheeler may differ slightly in 2023.
Celletron commercial vehicle  model : 
● Celletron passanger EV commercial vehicle 
Celletron commercial vehicle dealer near me:
You can locate the nearest dealer on TrucksBuses.com."