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Our 8.5-acre, ultra-modern plant in Roorkee is where BAXY commercial vehicles are made. The building has a state-of-the-art assembly line run by knowledgeable workers. With an annual production of more than 24,000 commercial vehicles, it has a huge manufacturing capability. The production unit is there, along with a special space for quality control where we test our goods to guarantee they meet the highest requirements. The BAXY pledge is that every car that leaves the factory will have good fuel efficiency and little maintenance. In addition to our manufacturing facility, Gurugram, Haryana, also has a cutting-edge R&D facility. Our team of automotive specialists here is continuously working to take use of cutting-edge technologies to give our clients better services. 

A well-known brand in the Indian three-wheeler industry is Baxy commercial vehicle. Super King Cargo and Express Passenger, two new powerful CNG variants of the company's three-wheeler line-up, are now available at ex-showroom pricing of Rs 3.00 lakh and Rs 2.90 lakh, respectively. According to Mr. Naveeth Menon, Vice President of Market Operations at Baxy Mobility, who spoke at the introduction, Baxy 3 wheeler has introduced CNG Cargo & Passenger models that offer significant acquisition cost benefits for the price-conscious consumer. These goods are the outcome of a thorough product development process that we use at our Roorkee manufacturing facility, which is actually founded on user insights at the conceptualization stage.  

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Top FAQs About Baxy Commercial Vehicles

Baxi manufactures 3 wheeler type commercial vehicles?
Baxy commercial vehicle price starts from Rs. 2.10 Lakh onwards.
Baxy commercial vehicles come with a standard chauffeur as well as a few other utility features that make traveling more comfortable. The steering wheel in this Baxy commercial vehicle is controlled by a handle bar.
The Baxy commercial vehicle features a four-stroke, air-cooled engine that powers its three wheels, with a GVW of 990 kg and a payload of 435 kg. It boasts a body size of 3140 mm overall length, 2130 mm wheelbase, and 175 mm ground clearance provided by its tyres.
Popular Baxy Commercial Vehicles in India include the Superior EV, Express, Cargo Super King Twin Cylinder, and others.
You can locate the nearest Baxy Commercial Vehicles dealer in India.
Baxy commercial vehicles are equipped with a standard driver's seat and other features to ensure a comfortable ride, such as a handlebar-designed steering wheel. The compact commercial vehicle also features drum brakes for its service brakes.
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About Baxy Commercial Vehicles

Baxy commercial vehicle price in India :
In India, the Baxy 3 wheeler ex-showroom pricing ranges from Rs 3.05 Lakh* and more. The cost of this Baxy commercial vehicle varies a little depending on the configurations, variants, and add-ons that are chosen.
New Baxy commercial vehicle :
With a gross weight of 990 kg, the Baxy commercial vehicle has a payload of 435 kg. This heavy-duty Baxy three-four-stroke, wheeler's air-cooled engine has a maximum output of 7.4 HP and a maximum torque of 18 Nm. The load body size of the Baxy commercial vehicle allows the owner of the vehicle to transport a wide range of loads. This Baxy commercial vehicle has a strong motor and a top speed.
Baxy commercial vehicle features : 
A conventional driver's seat and a few other useful features are included with every Baxy commercial vehicle, ensuring a comfortable ride. The steering wheel on this Baxy commercial vehicle has a handle bar design. Drum these brakes are the service brakes included in the Baxy commercial vehicle, a compact commercial vehicle.
Baxy commercial vehicle model : 
● Baxy cargo super king diesel 
●  Baxy express  G auto rickshaw 
● Baxy express Cng  passanger  
Baxy commercial vehicle specifications : 
Engine and motor performance metrics and configuration-related performance parameters make up the Baxy commercial vehicle specifications. The four-stroke, air-cooled Baxy commercial vehicle 's three wheels are powered by an engine. The Baxy commercial vehicle is designed and built with a GVW of 990 kg and a payload of 435 kg. With a perfect 3140 mm overall vehicle length and a great 2130 mm wheelbase, the Baxy  commercial vehicle has a great body size. The tyres on this Baxy three-wheeler offer an incredible 175 mm of ground clearance.
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